What Are We So Afraid Of?

What Are We So Afraid Of? November 5, 2021

I’m not leaving the faith.

I never have been.

It’s actually the opposite.

You could say I am diving deeper.

My whole life I’ve been frolicking in the shallow.

Staying near the water’s edge.

My eyes on the shore.

Horrified of what may be out there in those deep waters.

Just deep enough to have little waves rolling in over my ankles.

Maybe even up to my knees.

But definitely not deep enough where I can’t see what might be lurking in there.

Steering clear of those dang jellyfish.

Or worse yet?

Well, I mean… have you seen Jaws?

About ten years ago, I started to wade a little deeper.

Believing God was with me in this scary journey.

Big enough to protect me and my precious little faith.

I began by backing into it all.

Eyes still on the shore.

While the waves crashed over me.

Nearly drowning.

So afraid.

“Why am I doing this?

“Maybe I should just go back to building my own little castle in the sand?”

“At least stay near the dry land.”

“I’m not even a good swimmer.”

But, something was calling me.

Out… out into the vastness.

It would probably be easier if I could just turn around.

Take my eyes off the shore.

Face my fears.

Dive into those crashing waves.

Head on.

And then?

Just keep swimming.

Out into the deep.

The ever expansive blue waters.

Asking questions.

Humbled by how naive I’ve been.

Yes, there are sharks lurking.

Scary creatures all around.

Maybe even a whale that could swallow me whole.

But the beauty is worth the price.

The freedom to explore.

The adventure of it all.

So, I ask the questions.

The really deep ones.

The crazy ones that it seems no-one wants to ask.

Deeper and deeper I go.

Not looking back.

Believing there is more.

My faith expanding as I go.

And the best part?

There is a God whose love is deeper than anything I could venture out into.

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