Are We All Just Sitting Ducks?

Are We All Just Sitting Ducks? October 19, 2022

We attended a college conference in 2006, where John Piper said if we listen to those “emergent” pastors, we would be sitting ducks for false doctrine.

Well then, no one wants to be a sitting duck.

Ok John, we will not listen to anyone who tells us anything different than you.

We will sit here.

Under your teaching.

And we sat.

And sat.

And sat.



And more listening.

We shut out all those other dangerous voices.

The ones with different ideas.

We sat like good little ducklings.

Believing we were protected.

Being told there was no Plan B.

Everything that happens, happens because God wants it to happen.

God ordains it all.

And we sat.

And sat.

And sat some more.

Being taught that God chooses some and doesn’t choose others.

And it is good for a wife to stay with an abusive husband.

And God ordains cancer.

And babies who aren’t chosen are out of luck.

And there is nothing, and I mean nothing, good in us.

And all of this brings God Glory.

We sat.

And had no idea of the danger that was surrounding us.

Engulfing us.

Drowning us.

Killing us.

John was the one who told us of the dangers “out there.”

We were the ones who believed him.

The saddest part?

We told others to take a seat with us.

Sit right here.

Listen up.

Stay away from all those other bad guys.

Stay seated.

It’s safe here.

We were so scared of “out there.”

So, we sat.

And I can honestly say we tried.

To stay seated.

And I cried out to God.

Told Him how mad I was.

Begged Him to show us the Truth.

Sitting there.

Afraid to move.

I can see now…

How gentle God was,

Delivering us from those lies.

Bringing us out into wide open spaces.

Showing us the depth of love.

Teaching us to fly.

Reminding us of our freedom.

I have to admit.

I still hear the voice of Johnny P. in my head sometimes.

Telling me to come back.

To sit back down.

And I know there are others quacking at me from their seats.

Warning me of what’s out here.

Still believing it is dangerous.

Not knowing the beauty of love.

Being driven by fear.

I am learning now.

Perfect love drives out fear.

If our faith is driven by fear?

It isn’t from God.


God calls us to freedom.

To dive on in.

Float around.

Take a swim.

And maybe even fly.


And can I tell you?

It’s Lovely out here.

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