Lady Gaga's a Fake & You aren't great

Lady Gaga's a Fake & You aren't great June 6, 2011
The real Lady Gaga: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Listen up all you monsters. You know who you are — Lady Gaga is a fake.

There is nothing, I repeat, nothing authentic about her, not even her ability to bamboozle you. Oh, sure, she can sing, but then again so can American Idol’s Scotty McCreary. But I bet you won’t see him prancing around on-stage in his BVDs the way Lady Gaga does in her bra and panties.

Some people are willing to let their music speak for themselves. Others, more insecure types, feel like they have to sex it up or you won’t pay attention to them and Lady Gaga needs you to pay attention to her in the worst way. She’s afraid if she just offers you a song without the visual intercourse, you’ll abandon her for the next pretty little shiny thing that comes along — which you will, of course, because as devoted as you are to LG now, you come from a long-line of fickle people.

We all do.

Oh. I know. I know. She makes you feel special– just like everybody else in the world. When she tells you to “Free Yourself” it’s like the first time you ever heard those words, right?

But what exactly does she mean by that? Most of you are white people. You don’t have a clue what it means to be in bondage, or to live out your life in servitude.  So what is it she’s advising you to free yourself from exactly?

Your insecurities, she claims.

Yeah. Good luck with that. Insecurity is like your shadow. It’s there for a purpose. To remind you that you ain’t the sun and the world doesn’t rise and set on you. Get over yourself. How about embracing some humility, instead?

Lady Gaga goes around spouting all this ridiculous rot: I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be – and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.

Listen, the last thing we need in this world is another generation of self-obsessed, pot-smoking, whoring-around delusional little monsters.

The truth is you aren’t great. You are just ordinary, like the millions of other ordinary people in the world. And one day, hopefully, you’ll appreciate the wonder of being ordinary. There is nothing to be ashamed of in that. In fact, being ordinary may be one of life’s greatest gifts. That’s what we call “finding our humanity.”

Instead, too many of us are trying to live lives that set us apart and by that we mean above everyone else. It’s not affirmation we are seeking as much as it is adulation.

Lady Gaga is about as authentic as Pamela Anderson’s boobs. She is the harlot of Wall Street — that glitzy Pimp that keeps pushing its false gospel all up in our faces.

She whispers in your ear, “I’m just like you. All my little monsters.”

What a crock-of-dookey that is.

Exactly how is it Lady Gaga is like you?

She was raised in New York City and attended private girls school. She claims to have been oppressed because she didn’t come from a wealthy family, but trust me, she ain’t poor in that way of people who “don’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of” poor. Have you priced out private school tuition lately? Especially in New York City?

She had one sibling and two parents who, ohcrymeariver, had to work. Seems what they worked the hardest at was turning their child prodigy into a mass media starlet. Dad, afterall, was an internet entrepreneur. At age 17 Gaga entered New York University’s School of the Arts.  Which means the girl had to work her butt off to get into that school, or else somebody did some fancy finagling and worked a deal for her. What do you think tuition costs there?

What Lady Gaga is good at — really good at — is not her music as much as it is her marketing. She says it best herself:  “I’m telling you a lie in a vicious effort that you will repeat my lie over and over until it becomes true.”

I want to gag-a-maggot every time I see someone like Gayle King, or Anderson Cooper or Barbara Walters fawn all over the fake Lady Gaga. Are there no journalists left in the world or has everyone of them given themselves over to the role of sycophant to the famed-and-fabled?

I’m not saying her tunes aren’t catchy. They are, but then again so is the munchkin song from the Wizard of Oz. (Come to think of it, there’s a lot of similarities between Dorothy’s munchkins and Lady Gaga’s monsters.)

But imagine for a moment a world in which future little Hitlers, Pol Pots, Stalins, or Osama Bin Ladens go around singing the chorus of Gaga’s Born this Way:

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret

To be sure, Lady Gaga wasn’t born that way. She has a multi-million dollar marketing machine that works full-time creating the image that she was born this way.

Lady Gaga claims, “I don’t want the $5 in your pocket, I want your soul.”

The truth is without that $5 in your pocket, Lady Gaga would have no interest in you. The reason Lady Gaga is in love with Judas is because she has so much in common with him.

Don’t be fooled. Lady Gaga is just a remixed, repackaged sexed-up version of Madonna and Marilyn Manson.

And the only relationship Lady Gaga is interested in is the one she is having with your pocketbook.

Karen Spears Zacharias is author of Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide? ’cause I need more room for my plasma TV.

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  • Steve Taylor

    Karen, well Sister, I’d say you went and stirred up a Hornet’s nest of fuax outrage. Apparently, the Master Monster is correct. They are like her. Self-absorbed, sadly narcissisticand and captured by a culture that simply regurgitates its own egomania. Wonder where has been the outrage when you’ve discussed poverty or hatred or racism or a hundred other issues of injustice addressed here. Lady Gaga is at least more honest than much of the diatribe here. She says she is fake! Lawd.

  • Timothy

    Never once heard a Lady Gaga song or video or interview. I do know that she generates emotional, spiritual and intellectual responses. Most of the people I know react from the negative side. Should I stay in my ignorant bubble or check out a song for myself?

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Stay there.

    • Tony

      Absolutely listen to a few songs from The Fame Monster or Born This Way. She write or co-writes all of her lyrics. She co-produced everything on Born This Way. She has an amazing voice, live or otherwise. This Karen woman who wrote this article is a little extreme. It’s perfectly fine not to like Lady Gaga, but there’s no need to waste our or her own time writing all this ridiculousness.

      • lol

        absolutely listen to her live acoustic performances. she’s amazing

      • AMEN.

        If its such a waste of time to you, why bother reading? This Karen actually hit the nail on the head. GaGa did NOT come from a poor family, she is NOT orginal in anyway, and that she is starved for attention in the worst way. An GREAT artist doesn’t have to do anything extreme in order to get people to notice them. They are just are. Lady GaGa is a fad that will eventually fade out. Meat dresses and 20 inch heels just show how truly insecure and untalented she really is. She hasn’t mastered the art of fame, she’s just got it by the balls at the moment but that’ll change and her “Little Monsters” will wise up eventually.

        • Kristie

          You don’t have to be poor to be talented.

          • Karen Spears Zacharias

            No but you shouldn’t go around claiming that a poverty that never was shaped your talent and gave you drive either.

          • Anonymous

            No, you just have to have genuine life experiences to have something to write about. What could she really write about from experience?

            …That’s right: songs about “disco sticks” and purposeful mindlessness.

  • Trish

    “Exactly how is it Lady Gaga is like you?”

    I actually had the same thought this morning about all these reality shows in which people bare all about their lives. Some people haplessly follow these people and then say or think, “I know just how he/she feels; I’ve been there.” Really? You have directors and writers following you around staging what you do or say?

    Sadly Gaga and so many others are manufactured by industry professionals.

  • Melanie Stanley-Soulen

    I agree with Cliff. In general, folks don’t listen to judgment and finger-pointing (especially not teens or young adults). As a pastor and therapist who works with my youth I use Gaga’s music to teach them. They’re listening to it anyway. We watched Bad Romance and talked about the many layers of meaning it conveyed to them and others. It formed a bridge for us to then discuss God’s love and how they experience that. Today’s kids aren’t stupid or narcissistic just because they listen to entertainers like Gaga. Just like I wasn’t, even though I cried real tears when I saw Elvis in person. Her story and personna are not unique which is why they ARE relevant for today’s generation. It just means that adults who care about kids have to pay better attention and LISTEN to what their fears are. And LISTEN to why she matters to them. Please don’t assume you understand all the theological or emotional dynamics that folks like Gaga generate… don’t. This article makes you sound arrogant and all-knowing. I hope that’s not the impression you’re trying to leave us with.

  • It’s amazing to me how so many open-minded people, who’ve learned so much about love from Lady Gaga, can be so uncivil to a woman who shared a well-reasoned opinion.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Yes, it seems the Church and Christians don’t have the corner market on hypocrisy. #monsterfans have their own fair share of it. Wonder, could it just be a human factor?

    • Vervain

      Amen. Lady Gaga is a common sort of performer–one that welcomes the attention and the financial reward of pandering to the already self-absorbed. She is also a performer of a different sort—to which the heightened response to criticism of her attests. She touches a raw, unrefined part of her audience, reinforcing already inflated feelings of importance. Ms. Zacharias’ merely states the obvious, and that many think their petulance passes for reason is a testament to how far culture has reverted to age-old vices. Gaga’s cries of self-importance and acceptance “celebrate” what any civilization has seen as something to be fixed, not celebrated. Virtue is boring to this crowd, they demand to be “empowered” to act as infants, to be exalted while they debase themselves. They find an apostle in her.

      • Karen Spears Zacharias

        You said it better than I did. Thank you.

  • Matti

    Karen you come across as an extremely arrogant, disrespectful, ill-informormed women who just wants to be heard even if what you have to say is verbal diarrhea. I am great, you have the possibility of being so, as does everyone else in this beautiful world. Gaga has neve claimed to be 100% original borrowing from many artists to project her love of the Arts. The music is a vehicle for the message. Trying to deepen the shallow nature of pop.

    With so much negative enegy I’m the world of which you clearly seem to be so fond of it is impressive to see somebody of her prominence incorporate a powerful “love yourself & all others” message. Maybe you should take a cue from Gaga herself! Your caption identifies on a search for Gods poetry, Maybe you should stick to that mission instead of critiqueing pop stars.

    • If you and I and everyone are great, then who’s left to clean the toilets? Pay the bills? Make sure the kids don’t get kidnapped? The overall point in this article, which you miss in your attack, is that humility is a good thing. What makes a person great is when they realize that they are just a person. There’s a great monologue in Fight Club about the underlying anger and disappointment in the generation coming of age as they realize not everyone can be a movie star, which contradicts the popular thought.

      ‘The music is a vehicle for the message’ – then why charge for it? Just ask for donations.

      • Karen Spears Zacharias
      • Matti

        kesseljunkie I understand your perspective, although I didn’t mean what I said as an attack, I could have been more respectful as I don’t know Karen. It is bothering to see comments such as hers and yours attempting to diminish the importance of one and all. Who is to say somebody cleaning a toilet isn’t great? Perhaps this is their beginning to better opportunities. Of what use is it to go through life with a glass 1/2 full.

  • michelle

    I really don’t know what all the surprise is. The music business is what it is. The do “market” people and personalities. That’s how they make money. I am not really a fan of hers because I usually listen to a different style of music but, the songs I have heard from her seem to be sending positive messages. I can think of many “artist” not sending positive messages. She is outrageous and unusual (some may like that sort of thing)It seems really simple to me if you don’t like it don’t listen don’t buy it.

  • Dogstar

    Sounds like you’d all love to burn Lady Gaga at the stake – that’s what you Christians do best, right? Gaga’s message is one of tolerance, equality, and self-acceptance. You know, kind of what Jesus was talking about. Many of these comments, however, seem to be about racism, homophobia, and pre-judging people because of their dialect, grammar, etc. How unChristlike. Karen Spears, you obviously don’t know your subject – Gaga donated more money than any other celebrity in 2010, including Oprah:–112397444.html. And she’s well on her way to giving even more this year.

    • “….. Gaga’s message is one of tolerance, equality, and self-acceptance. You know, kind of what Jesus was talking about….”

      FWIW I am not the least bit religious but I have to say comparing GaGa’s ‘message’ to Jesus’ message is stretching it a bit!

      • Karen Spears Zacharias


        I don’t understand your remark about comparing Gaga’s message to the Jesus message.

        Who did that? Where?

        • I was quoting from the comment I replied to. The one by ‘Dogstar’

          See it now? 😉

          • Karen Spears Zacharias

            Ahh…gotcha. I can reply to your posts without actually seeing the post you are replying to. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Jesus was intolerant to self-righteousness and put the oppressed above the oppressors. So, no, it wasn’t about tolerance, equality, or self-acceptance. It was about being intolerant to the sin in our own lives and doing so by dying to ourselves.

      So before you begin to declare anyone hypocritical, it would behoove you to actually study the subject first. My biggest pet peeve is when people say, “That’s so unChristlike!” when they’ve never taken the time to study Christ.

  • JB

    Under no circumstances is this report at all ethical or balanced. It is a gripe at a famous figure and its followers and a ridiculous emphasis of ‘I woke up today and thought I would write about Gaga and her little Hitler’s’. I ACTUALLY thought this was written by a teenager, showing more support for Katy Perry or Justin Bieber and snagging down Gaga. The entirety of the article is a fabrication on one woman’s undoubtedly vicious attack on someone who is not only reshaping the music industry, but also the charitable industry also. Karen, you’re article is quintessentially a deeming mess. You penalise and judge so incoherently, with the WORSE researching ever and justification on all counts here, do NOT support this article. It is a personal gripe at a famous figure.
    There is just so much fabrication and no fact. Total waste of time from a biased religious blogger. Oh yes, religion. Does Gaga cause war? Does Gaga preach evil or hatred… The only fool here is Karen. I would be careful with you’re words…

  • The All Seeing Eye

    Is Gaga a Fake ??

    Now there’s a question 😉

    Well I guess that all depends on ones definition of ‘Fake’. As far as I’m concerned the problem with Lady Gaga is that her persona and hence her motives are built upon a ‘lie to truth’ foundation
    In many way this is genius both in how it reflects a present day reality ( where anyone can fabricate their own truth out of a lie or imagination – say , through, a persona on youtube)
    and in the way this protects her from 1) interrogation and 2) criticism

    For example, She says she ‘loves her fans’ and publicly demonstrates her love to her monsters – But
    does she really care for them?
    This supposed care/appreciation could be 100% genuine but it could also be the Lie. Furthermore even if it where a Lie – she could by proclaiming and acting upon it be 1) hoping to make it true ( develop a greater love for her fans) or 2) dupe her fans into believing her lie ( essentially exploiting them)

    We can’t know Lady Gaga’s mind or motives but I certainly think her message ( even if it is well intentioned) is potentially destructive . Why ? because IMHO it appears to promote unchecked ‘ Self Acceptance’ and the elevation and celebrification of the’ Self’ – I agree ‘ Loving who you are’ comes across as a positive and empowering message but IMHO It’s too simplistic – it doesn’t promote or give little monster any reason to critique themselves and gain the kind of self-awareness required to really grow and develop as individuals, or indeed as a society

    I wouldn’t expect this complexity of creative output from say Spears, but I certainly do expect it from Gaga. Why ?? Because she certainly appears to have the intelligence and creative wherewithal to rise to the challenge 2) has intentionally or not set herself up as some kind of creative embodiment of a better, more embracing society

    In this way Gaga confuses through inconsistency
    On the one hand she appears as a self-aware artist who wants the best for her fans
    yet at the same time promotes nothing but the most simplistic ( be it psychologically powerful) message of ‘Love’ and’ Acceptance’
    The former deconstructs down to a zombifying concoction of ‘ narcissistic nothingness’ and the later whilst applaud-able in theory lacks the intellectual savvy ( which Gaga herself seems to possess) that would actually make it valuable
    Hence Gaga frustrates!! – She seems to have the ( intellectual, cultural and creative) power to really be a force of good in the world. A woman who could empower a whole generation. She even pays lip-service to such a desire – yet IMHO she doesn’t deliver – If anything , intentionally or not, I think she’s eroding her little monster’s power – distracting the very people she purports to love from what makes them so special/powerful in the first place

    Hence I really don’t know whether Gaga is a fake or not.. Hardly shy of a bit of poker-facing she may very well be double or triple bluffing – Maybe it’s her way of alerting her monsters to the incongruity of Fame/Celebrity Culture/Society– Maybe it’s the best she can muster within the music industry machine

    The problem is , if the monsters, I’ve encountered are representative, they’re certainly not getting any such subtlety . By and large they’ve all quoted outward signifiers ( i.e Lady Gaga handing out cupcakes, giving to charity, crying because of the passion she has for communicating her message)
    as Proof of her’ Authenticity’ and ‘Genuine Feelings’ for them

    As for me – I’m not convinced – I always feel uneasy when I feel there is a disconnect between
    Actions, Words and Intent – And that’s how I feel about Gaga

    But Ultimately ‘Fake’ or ‘Genuine’ I think she’s certainly an intriguing pop-cultural entity – Hence I’ll continue to enjoy her music, listen to her message, whilst remaining wary/vigilant

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Thoughtful, reflective observations. Thanks for sharing. Love the remark about the mixed messages LG puts out. If this is her life at 25, what will it be at 50?

    • este

      I dig your response too. Promoting a lie as truth. Is believing a lie ever a good thing? And is this really about helping people or showing you can deceive and manipulate them? If she really wanted to help her fans, she’d speak the truth to them.

      I’m not sure where I fall on the more conspiratorial end of the pop culture discourse (think Vigilant Citizen) but I do find disturbing trends in the pop music of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kayne West, Lady Gag-me et al of death, decay, sex with aliens and/or completely divorced from any notions of love, and the misappropriation of Christian and ancient symbols (most notably Egyptian) to foster a creepy & dark world view where people are controlled “for their own good.” Only on the surface is LG’s schtick nice and inclusive. You only have to look at her videos to see a very dark and twisted agenda going on. I halfway believe Lady Gag-me when she says she wants our soul not our money. Who does she think she is? Mephistopheles? And this is the role model being pushed on our young?

      • Karen Spears Zacharias

        All good questions. Thanks for expressing them here, compelling others to consider them as well.

    • Totally awesome comment!

      I think the answer to the ‘Fake vs Real’ question is actually pretty simple. You just have to factor in the other half of GaGa which is the music industry machine which employs her and which decided to ‘hire’ her and make her famous and thus influential (without the all that promotion she would have just remained one of thousands of average singer / songwriter acts floating around in relative obscurity).

      Yes she can actually sing and play and even write music (gasp!) But beyond that she is not so much ‘real’ and simply *driven* and not so much for music but just for fame.

      We now live in a world where a lot of people now just want to make ‘it’. They want to be famous first and foremost and being a singer is how they see themselves achieving this goal.

      We live in the age of the ‘social persona’ and the ‘inauthentic person’ people who live outside of themselves, their lives exist only in the media world of celebs and trends and fashion and entertainments.

      To ‘express yourself’ these days simply means to be watched by others – it no longer necessitates looking inside, finding something unique there and bringing it out to the surface (with or without an audience present).

      GaGa is genuine in that she just wants to be famous on any terms. That IS her ‘message’. She is a ‘fame monster’ which just means a sell out. Achieving celebrity IS her business – it is her art. The singing stuff is just the picture frame.

      And paradoxically it is this honesty and authenticity in being a complete sell out that people pick up on and worship.

      Welcome, as they say, to the New World Order

      • Karen Spears Zacharias

        Mmm…good stuff here…

  • Dr. Cindye Coates

    Like I always say, ” Lady Gaga is no lady.”

  • elmo

    I clicked on the video and listened to the song “Born This Way” for the first time in my life and all I kept hearing was “Express Yourself” by Madonna. Similar voice, lyrics, melody, arrangement. Even the bevy of boy dancers and their moves remind me of nothing so much as Madge circa 1991. How funny that Madonna, who was considered the consummate rip-off artist in her time, is herself being ripped off.

    I am sorry for the younger set. All they know about culture is dry humping and simulated violence. Can’t blame them. That’s all they’ve been given.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Lots of folks have compared #Bornthisway with #Expressyourself. You’re the first to note that Madonna is getting ripped off. #payback

  • John O

    Hey you’re probably right, but so what? Lighten up. I think Gaga’s a pretty good song writer, a pretty good singer (dancer – not so much) and a hoot. I like her. So sue me.

  • baha

    a britney fan wrote this article for attention

  • Alrighty then, I don’t even know who she is. The wonders of not owning a TV continue to amaze me.


    • Omg please look her up and listen to some music

    • Andrew

      Join the club, Darlene – Karen Zacharias hasn’t seen her either.

      • Karen Spears Zacharias

        Not true, Andrew. Did my research. Listened to her interviews and her music and still reached these conclusions.

  • Okay u people don’t know anything! LADY GAGA IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE POP MUSIC INDUSTRY WITHIN THE LAST 4 YEARS!!!!!! she grew up well structured and went to a catholic school. She wanted to be a singer all her life. She got her nickname off the queen song radio gaga because her friends went gaga over her performances. Her clothes are art and there is a meaning behind all of them. She spends all her money on her performances and security. PEOPLE WATCH A GAGAVISION ON YOUTUBE OR GO ON ITUNES AND RENT THE GAGA MOVIE……IT EXPLAINS HER WHOLE LIFE…..AND THEN U CAN JUDGE HER. DONT JUDGE PEOPLE BEFORE U CAN’T PUT THE TRUTH BEHIND IT…


    • The Dirty

      Lady Gaga is by far the worst cultural atrocity to come along in recent history. She spreads a message of originality and self-acceptance from a completely unoriginal and insecure platform. The conflict of her message vs. her actions are appalling, and the fact that she has a legion of followers who want desperately to believe in her lies are horrifying. Believing in yourself is important. Having self-confidence is important. Thinking that we are all unique little snowflakes that should be worshipped and appreciated is trite bullsh**. The author of this article is right, this will inspire even more entitlement and narcissism in a culture that is already overrun with it.

  • Kristie

    For people who claim to follow a loving God, you sure are a a judgmental bunch.

    • Since when is it wrong to be discerning and point out something that is fake and harmful? To be judgmental means to judge people on things they can’t help or to be overly critical of a person’s flaws. However, pointing out the harm in engaging in an activity or the harm in following a person isn’t judgmental; it’s being discerning.

      And therein lies the problem of our culture, most people in my generation and the generation after me have equivocated “discerning” with “judgmental.” And we wonder why our culture, if I dare use such a word to describe our current affairs, is in a tailspin.

  • Karen Spears Zacharias quote “The truth is you aren’t great. You are just ordinary, like the millions of other ordinary people in the world.” WTH Karen! I have Son that Isnt Ordinary and he was reminded of it every DAY! you havent a clue what is was Like for him in school. If lady GAGA can pull ONE human being from that living HELL of a world, Lady Gaga can be, Whoever she needs to BE………………………..

  • I feel bad for Karen, because she attacked a false reality, which means those trapped within the false reality will only fight back all the more. She’s going to be told how unChristlike she is, how Jesus was tolerant and accepting of people, but all of this has been shaped within the false reality. Jesus was killed on a cross after a conspiracy of powerful people was enacted against him. Let us also not forget that all of Jerusalem turned on him. No one does that to someone who promotes peace and tolerance. You can only get an entire city to turn against you if you happen to tick everyone off.

    But again, all of this is coming from reality, not a false reality…

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      See note below… from angela

  • angela

    wow lady, if bitter has a face, your wearing it. First and foremost your mistake was judging her in the first place, so if you think your doing Gods work, think again. All you would have had to do is post her pic there, of her in black and white, what is that her high school pic? Anyway the picture speaks a thousand words. There’s no question as to whether she is fake or not, any intelligent person who knows what they’re talking about would also know that “it’s showbiz”, this facade is nothing more than a character, or role she’s playing. That’s the point of the costumes and makeup and pretty much the act you puts on in front of the camera. But she’s probably a lot smarter than most pop singers because yes, she can market herself as a “trend” by portraying someone whom her fans can emulate, dress a bit more bold and charismatic, and label as having “shock value”. But what you don’t consider is the fact that you peel away the makeup, wigs, and freak clothing and basically you have no clue what she really looks like now. The pic you’ve shown is obviously from some years back, now her hair, nose, and probably her figure, have all changed. So think about it, what drives most singers, and pop stars to the outer limits? What ends up playing against them once they reach stardom? Exploitation maybe? The paparazzi always up in their business, catching them when they aren’t prepared to be on camera…. hmmm is it making any sense yet? She could’ve walked past you on the sidewalk and you wouldn’t have even known it was her. And she wont ever have to worry about that happening because she was smart enough to do what showbiz is all about. Putting on a great performance. I wonder if you would attack the intentions or motives of julia roberts, she portrays herself as a hooker, but she’s really not a hooker, or did you just write it off because it’s a character in a movie. Well guess what, she only took that role so she could make a film that would do well in the box office, that would be seen and liked by as many people as possible soooo in the end she’d make a lot of money for it. That is the goal and intention of anyone who’s in show-business. And pretty much everyone else in the world who follows a career, or profession as dedicated as those walking the red carpet.. I’m not saying that they are all making a positive difference in the world, some make the opposite, which is a whole other issue within itself, but they work hard to get where they are. The downfall for julia roberts, and whitney housten, and mariah carey, and brittany spears, etc…. is that when they aren’t working or in front of a camera, they aren’t as free to live accordingly as the rest of us “ordinary people”, as you put it. They aren’t allowed to make mistakes because they are made examples of. People like you, who judge them without stopping to think what if someone put your indiscretions on blast? What if they exploited your mistakes and put it on TMZ? I bet you might think twice before you cast stones if yourself had a house made of glass. Maybe you need to review your bible and re-blog, perhaps with the thought in mind to treat others as you would like to be treated, or “do unto others as you yourself would like done unto you”. Does that ring a bell? Lady gaga is just a stage name, I know she didn’t take her butt downtown to the dmv or wherever to have her name legally changed. I’m sure if Stafani ever stumbled upon your message she would be hurt, and I’m sure your not the first person to slander, and defemate this young women. She is a very wealthy and successful women who’d rise to fame in what seemed like overnight. I’m sure along with many other celebrities, she has many fans as well as “haters”. I know we go about our days so caught up in our “ordinary lives” doing our “ordinary regimes” day in and day out, that we sit our butts down in front of the t.v and get lost in what everyone else does, forgetting what we are actually watching. Yes, our kids aren’t smart enough to know it’s an act, and that there is just another 25 year old women under all that MAC, Ben Nye, Joe Blasco, different colored wigs and meat gowns. But then again they also don’t know that the man dressed as Santa Claus at your local mall during Christmas time, isn’t the real Santa. Eventually as they grow up, they learn the truth of these characters and where they descended from. But thats why it’s our responsibility to do the parental advising, and to know what your kids are watching on t.v. One thing I don’t understand is the lack of common sense that has become as common as brown hair, or blue eyes. There is a big difference between what a child hears as music than what a child watches on t.v. How many times have you liked a song, heard it all over the radio, heard who sings it and had no clue who they were, then when you finally see their face somewhere either on t.v or the cover of a magazine and your stunned. You never would have pictured them to look a certain way, but do you allow that acknowledgement to then base it’s own opinion and judgement and alter your perception of who they are? Judging someone by their appearance seems to be the hardest thing for people not to do. Just loving them for being them is too much to ask apparently, maybe because stefani isn’t a relative or close friend of yours so maybe if you can remember a little saying “To each their own”. But if your going to be Prophesying for God, you really outta learn or review His Scriptures. Right now your doing exactly what He says not too. And smacking your opinions that degrade someone who’s never done nor said a single unkind thing to you, as a matter of fact i bet she’s never done nor said anything to you at all. Maybe that’s what really compels your inner aspiring hostility and hatred for someone who has no idea of your existence. Maybe you just want a shot at fame, or maybe you always wanted to be a singer but have no talent. Kind of like your journalistic skills, and depth of perception, nonetheless I can tell you one thing, I would rather my child, niece, or students, any child, who is looking for someone to look up to, and inspiration, I would much prefer they chose Lady Gaga, than you or someone like you. She at least encourages positive outlooks, think of how many kids have committed suicide because they cared to much what people thought. Even adults have resorted to taking their own life because of others cruelty or general opinions. What would you think if you found out she read this and tried hurting herself or worse? Would you give a sh**? Hopefully this will enlighten you to a new conception, better yet I hope it results in you rekindling your relationship with your better judgement. Take care, and God bless_

  • Is it a requirement for Gaga followers to have horrible grammar? I can understand a typo here or there, and I’m quite sure every document will make a mistake or two (or three or four if you’re me), but to render something as almost unreadable due to the mistakes in grammar is a bit too much. Is this the intellectual capacity we can expect from those who defend Gaga?

    As to the reader above, if Lady Gaga read this and hurt herself as a consequence then that’s her choice. While I’m against bullying, it’s not as though we have to let the bullying get to us (and this article isn’t bullying, I’m simply pointing out a simple truth here). We’re so wrapped up on having high self-esteem without having done anything to warrant said self-esteem. We forget that low self-esteem is sometimes just good common sense.

    But I digress. Growing up I was bullied non-stop. There was a stretch where I came home from school in tears almost everyday. Yet, I’m still a productive member of society who is working towards an advanced degree and seemingly lack the psychological scars that are supposed to exist. Why? Because I grew up. Perhaps our society should do the same.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      I feel like a high school teacher reading through some of these blog posts. I keep asking myself that same question: What’s up with the grammar among the Gaga groupies?

      • yell

        They’re 12.

  • mikey

    This is simply because allot of Gaga fans are from younger generations and or because they use the internet allot. When commenting or conversing on forums people do not always pay loads of attention to their grammar because most of us just want to get our point across we aren’t writing and essay or even a blog here. if I can read it I generally don’t care about the grammar. considering how much text speak and lolcats language or whatever else there is gets used on the internet that we have to decipher I find people complaining about a few grammatical mistakes a bit over the top.

    I have already stated my opinions on this article i hope Karen at least read it 🙂

  • Tholaris


    I am with you 100%. I’ve seen the photos and footage of Gaga before she was Gaga. What a hard-core sell-out. Actually kind of sad when you think about it.

    Have you ever asked a Gaga fan to describe the difference between the “mother monster” and Madonna? It always cracks me up to hear the wild responses that question receives.

    I find it fascinating that she admits her whole act is a lie, and so many people just swallow it whole. A society hell-bent on living in denial. Gaga is proof of this concept. As is everything else on television these days. Did anyone notice anything going on in the world other than the scandal with Anthony Weiner? No, because the news cut away from Pelosi as soon as she said she would not be talking about the scandal. It is pathetic when our best balanced and informative news sources are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I guess the moral is that society/the media is such a joke that only comedic minds can truly capture and explain it.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Well, in the case of Colbert & Stewart I think they both possess more than a comedic mind. They are, thankfully, both educating an audience that doesn’t even know they are being schooled. They think they are being entertained.

      But, yes, Gaga is 25-years-old. I imagine the deal-making went like this?

      I want to be famous.

      We can do that.

      I want to be rich.

      We can do that … all you have to do is being our performing monkey.

      I can do that.

  • Miss Stef

    Check out my blog Lady Gaga – Cheat This Way?

    I agree with you Karen, 100%

  • Kaito

    Lady Gaga made us different people to be the same, and now all those bitches that used to look down on us start to ‘sympathise’ with us.
    We outcasts all know you just want to look good in front of others, fuck off, you’re not us, and you’ll never become one of us.

    • Kid82

      Pffftttt never want to be you anyway! Thank God!

    • Anonymous

      I agree. That’s actually specifically why I hate her act.

      Gaga never had to understand what it is really like to be “different”. Dealing with nasty attitudes like Kid82’s is only scratching the surface. Lady Gaga was never harassed by kids in the school hallways. Lady Gaga was never spat at. Lady Gaga was never hypocritically accused of all sorts of moral transgressions (the very same ones the people who criticized me were ACTUALLY doing!)

      She will never know what it’s really like to fight to find yourself in a world where people tell you you’re worthless. None of the real “different people” sympathize with “Born This Way” because we can smell her b.s. We’re not “different” because we’re trying to be–that’s the difference.

      I couldn’t be “normal” if I wanted to, but that’s not a reason to celebrate myself above others. It’s just something to accept about myself, like others might have to accept a grating voice or a lazy eye, or what-have-you. The sort of ego she’s promoting is just a plastic cover.

  • Em

    Sadly, it goes even further than that as she stole her entire persona from a girl named Lina Morgana. Gaga had already tried to have a music career and no one was interested in her as anything other than a songwriter. Gaga was hired to help Lina write songs by Rob Fusari and they became friends, Gaga and Rob ended up getting together and he advised her to get a complete makeover, not just visually but her entire being, everything we recognise today as being ‘Gaga’ including the name itself. She did this by completely ripping off Lina and having some plastic surgery and losing a lot of weight. Makes ‘Born this Way’ impossibly ironic.

    We already know she’s a plagiarist, her performancein drag at the 2011 VMA’s was a blatant copy of Annie Lennox performing at the Grammy’s in 1984 with the Eurythmics (see for yourself here:

    Lina later ‘committed suicide’ by ‘jumping’ from the building of a shitty hotel in NYC at aged 19 and a month later Gaga hit the scene. Check out some early Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) performances and the old music video of Lina Morgana’s and you’ll see for yourself. In fact, I shall provide the links for you: Stefani: Lina: And here’s a song they recorded together,, just to prove at least part of what I have told you, creepy ending huh. Lina’s mum Yana say’s she wont ever sue Gaga (unlike her ex Rob Fusari, who is currently suing as Gaga didn’t meet the terms of their contract which actually states he is entitled to a share of the profits as he helped make her image et al), Yana doesn’t want money, just the recognition her deceased daughter deserves from someone she thought was her daughters friend.

    Some go as far to say Gaga killed Lina and that the film ‘Black Swan’ is secretly based on this… Fame monster indeed. No wonder what she most hates is “The truth.”

  • Jtyke03

    Also google her on mtv show boiling points. Obviously a regular girl and def not poor.

  • anto

    Gaga is not a Fake. It’s a Joke. A big Hoax. Like Shakira. The US response to the original Hoax…. the Shakira Hoax. 😉

  • Paul.

    Well said. She’s full of BS.

  • Ne-20112011

    love gaga

  • PunkRockForever

    Lady GaGa Is a Shallow Money Grubbing Corprate Whore And She Deserves To Die a Slow and Painful Death. She Does Not Give One Shit About The Ugly The Poor Or The Old. She Cares About The Rich The Handsome And The Big Dicked. She is a Puppet Used By The Corprate Fat Cats.

  • Hellooo. I’ve always said this about her. My main gripe is that she panders to communities she knows nothing about, pretending to be this outcast who’s faced discrimination. She gained 20 lbs and is STILL skinny, but feels hurt because the media trashed her? Now she’s the new face of the body revolution…really?. You don’t know what it’s like to be hated on for being gay….so just stop it and go suck off your man already. And thanks OP for calling her privileged life out. I miss the days when even mainstream music was good music. Now it’s all about making that money & getting famous by shock value.

  • jcrisp

    stop hating people we are all human in cluding lady gaga who i think is awesome cant we all just love one another

  • RowlandBuck

    To the author.

    It sucks to be you.. doesnt it. I believe everybody is unique and special

  • Brad

    Shes insecure because she shows off her body??? are you high??? It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to show off her body the way she does and you want to throw the word “insecure” around but truth is that YOUR the one whos insecure, Its basic psychology, people who make fun of others are the ones who are insecure. You resent the fact that she looks better than you, sings better, whatever the case may be and so you have to come on here and make fun of her and call her insecure when in fact YOUR the one whos insecure or you wouldn’t be on here writing this crap. I truly feel sorry for you, you sad pathetic little woman

  • LMJ313

    I watched a story about this. Before Stefani Germanotta became Lady Gaga, she was already a singer. Her problem was that she wasn’t selling and not catching on, at least not in a way that allowed her to make any kind of living. So one day, after reaching the boiling point, she decided to try something different. Instead of just singing her regular routine, she changed into a bizarre outfit and started carrying on with random antics while on stage. She decided to throw caution to the wind and figured she had nothing to lose. The everyday people who she had been trying to market her music to simply walked away. But she suddenly found that the freaks and misfits – those that felt out of place because of their perceived mental or sexual issues – lapped up her routine.

    Lady Gaga has repeatedly stated in interviews that the reason she caters to the homosexual community in particular is because without their devotion, she would not be where she is. They gave her the shot and the edge that allowed her to become successful, and that acting out the way she does is her way of putting their needs first.

    Now, all of that sounds good – except when you really give it some serious thought. The success Lady Gaga has enjoyed is not “fake” to be sure, but she has admitted to styling her routine around appeasing the appetites associated with a sexual lifestyle. The genuine “fakeness” of Lady Gaga is that she is a normal person with average singing talent who is pretending to be something she isn’t and promote imagery and values she associates with her homosexual fans, and it is my contention that her doing so has hurt homosexuals far more than she has helped.

    The homosexual community has repeatedly advanced the notion that they are just like everyone else, that they are sons and daughters, our neighbors, co-workers and just as normal as everyone else. Then along comes someone like Gaga – who act out and divorce themselves from any semblance of normalcy – and the hardcore homosexual community champion this woman as if she has done them a favor. Sorry – I learned long ago that you are judged by the company you keep, and if homosexuals are going to allow this calculated fraud of an entertainer to act as their ambassador and spokesperson – they are only showing the rest of mainstream society that they are not “just like everyone else”.

  • Das.

    I just read this article because i`m trying to gather information about lady gaga stefani germanotta in order to have an opinion about her. And what i honestly don`t understand is why it matters so much if she`s fake or true, or if she`s a pot-smoker (like that is a bad thing) or why is anything she does and why is actually relevant. I mean i just look at her and i see her perform and i love it, i hear her hit that piano in acoustic performances and i`m mesmerized, i hear her sing and i feel her hitting the notes perfectly. And then i hear her speak in front of young people or old people or who ever listens, and i hear her sending out this important message to the world: about equality, about love and kindness and respect and unity among all people, and i ask myself why is it so wrong that people choose to believe that and choose to follow what she says/preaches? I mean, hell, i don`t care why she`s doing it if the message leads to such positive reaction, to people empowerment and to more positive action in the world. /… I mean i don`t get the need to find out if she`s real or not or if she fakes it or i don`t know… maybe she doesn`t really exist, as maybe all that we perceive is just a product of our own minds… WHO CARES AS LONG AS IT LEADS TO PROGRESS AND LOVE AND KINDNESS ?!