In Pursuit of Self-Indulgence

In Pursuit of Self-Indulgence February 20, 2013


So you heard about this fellow in Washington State who ordered the most expensive Starbucks drink ever?


For one drink.

Beau Chevassus didn’t actually pay for the drink. It was his 27th birthday so he got the drink for free.

And it wasn’t like he was going to drink the drink anyway.

It was all done in the name of narcissistic fun.

Because we are the society that rewards excess and sings the praises of those who practice it.

So instead of Mr. Beau doing something really remarkable, say raising monies for communities where clean water is considered a luxury, he managed to make the headlines for doing something utterly and completely all about him.

What I don’t understand is if your goal is just to do something expensive, why not just go fill your car up at the gas station?



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  • Preach, sista!

    • I have to give up either the Starbucks addiction or the gasoline addiction. Which one should go first?

  • John in PDX

    I admire the guy. Maybe he drank his 3.6 grams of caffine and volunteered to paint the entire hospital. It doesn’t really say.

    • Maybe he drank the 3.6 grams of caffeine and then got into a telephone booth and exited as Superman. Maybe he kept that asteroid from crashing into earth.