Dancing Before the Lord — in iPhone Slo-Mo (Video)

Dancing Before the Lord — in iPhone Slo-Mo (Video) March 16, 2015


I’m off in a little bit to watch auditions for Fox’s reality-competition show “So You Think You Can Dance,” and this caught my eye. Those who decry technology and constantly want people to put down their smartphones don’t think about all the wonderful things these miraculous little devices can do, for a fraction of the cost of doing the same thing even a few years ago.

For example, take the slow-motion video feature on the iPhone 6:

Heres more on what it can do, from Wired:

Before the advent of high-quality smartphone shooters, slow-motion was largely left to movie montages, pro-sports instant replays, or pricey camera rigs. The idea that dancers, particularly freelancers and students, would have access to that sort of technology was unthinkable. When you’re making under $30k a year, that money is going towards food and rent, not a high-end DSLR. But now that a smartphone has become practically standard issue, previously high-end camera technology is accessible to almost everyone. And slow motion, while initially more of a gimmick, has slowly matured into a mainstay for some people.

For dancers, it’s become an incredibly useful tool for honing their craft. The newfound affordability of slow motion has enabled them to improve their technique, spruce up their audition reel, and isolate aspects of their performance that were once intangible.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons

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