‘Church Hunters’ Episode 2: Oh, No, She ‘Grew Up Catholic’!

‘Church Hunters’ Episode 2: Oh, No, She ‘Grew Up Catholic’! March 27, 2017

Church-Hunters-Episode-2As my new favorite parody series, “Church Hunters,” continues, clueless couple Nick and Molly are so over the “traditional” Baptist church they went to the last time. So, they visit a new place that takes “relevance to a whole new level.”

It’s “interdenondenominational.”

Well, Nick and Molly are looking for a “Tony Robbins-type sermon,” something like, “a TED talk with a Bible verse.”

Also, they do like it when an intern holds up your arms in case they get tired from all that waving and praising.

We also learn that Molly “grew up Catholic.” Ouch.

Image: Courtesy John B. Crist

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