HHS Mandate 101

HHS Mandate 101 March 24, 2012

There is a lot of confusion out there about what all this religious-freedom talk is in regard to the Obama administration and the coercive Department of Health and Human Services mandate requiring Americans to violate their consciences if they happen to have moral qualms with contraception but sterilization and even abortion. If you did not get a chance to already, can I recommend you read my interview with Jeanne Monahan this week? She has testified on Capitol Hill about the mandate and its conscience collision, and does a helpful walk-through of some of the issues at stake in this fight.

A taste:

The HHS mandate, at its core, forces religious groups to violate their consciences and the moral dictates that animate their lives. The mandate is a profound violation of religious and conscience protections that America’s Founders fought for, and which, until now, have been considered basic, protected rights in the United States.

Can I recommend that you not only read it but pass it along? On Facebook, on Twitter, over e-mail  … the more clarity we can share, the better.

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