The World Needs Us Standing at the Foot of Calvary

The World Needs Us Standing at the Foot of Calvary February 23, 2013

And resting in this knowledge:

The Cross leads us spiritually to Calvary. With Mary we stand at the feet of the dying Christ. The Cross speaks to us of the mercy of God. Let us be won over by this boundless mercy that summons us, transfigures us, and saves us. It is the way to approach with respect and love the tragedy of the Son of God who offers his life for us. Beloved young people, may you know how to read in the Cross the measure of the love of God: a boundless measure! Turn your gaze toward the Crucifix and await in trepidation the message that He –- the only one with the message of eternal life –- sends out to everyone. From it draw the force to support and feed your testimony as disciples and messengers of the Gospel.

— Blessed John Paul II, Angelus, March 31, 1996

The world needs to encounter the boundless mercy of God! We need to. We need to be transformed by it. Daily. Our loving Father wants to forgive us, wants us to know we are loved with a greater love than this world understands. Are we open? What are we waiting for? We’ve got to know this and share it. The world needs it. The world needs real Catholics.

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