Tweet a Station of the Cross During the #DivineMercy Hour (3 P.M. EST) Today

Tweet a Station of the Cross During the #DivineMercy Hour (3 P.M. EST) Today March 27, 2015

Today is the last Friday before Good Friday. At three P.M. next week I certainly hope Christians have the opportunity to turn electronics off and go offline, entering into the kind of deep in prayer appropriate to recalling the day Christ died for us.

Today, though, as we’re out and about — maybe during lunch stop by the nearest church and say a prayer. Pray, say, in thanksgiving for who Christ is and what He has done for us and for the peace and protection of those who suffer because they are Christian.

This tweet, perhaps says it all:

We have real witnesses in our world today, walking the way of the Cross with Christ today in the most dramatic and grave ways. In solidarity with them today, tweet a station of the Cross with the hashtag #StationsoftheCross and maybe add #PrayersforthePersecuted if there is room. Do it to share Catholic culture. Do it to point to Christ. Do it because we can, because we are free to. And thanks be to God for that. May we never take any of this for granted.

(A little backstory and activity on #StationsoftheCross here and here and here and here.)

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