Tweet #StationsoftheCross 4-6 Today

Tweet #StationsoftheCross 4-6 Today March 20, 2015

So a @SrMaryK in Lincoln Nebraska who tweets had the idea that we start tweeting #StationsoftheCross on Fridays in Lent. (I met her when Catholic Voices USA went out there last year.)

She’d love to make it trend.

I don’t do campaigns, but I think it is a worthy idea. Share a little of parish life. I’d love to see a little momentum going this week in the hope that next week it could really become something with a little more effort.

This is all a long way of asking: If it’s remotely plausible for you to tweet an image of a station of the Cross today, from your parish church or a church you might pass in your travels today, would you consider it?

Alternatively: Post a link to stations online, noting where a service might be tonight, or a prayer from one of your favorite Stations prayers?

@SrMaryK proposes 4-6 Eastern time tonight. But post when you can, there are always retweets.

I don’t expect to trend this week, but get some moment going so people take pictures this weekend at church, at the very least for next Friday.

Thanks for considering!

Some examples:

Don’t forget the hashtag — #StationsoftheCross

More importantly, don’t forget to pray. Looking at so many different stations, I find myself reflecting on the faces — some are so expressive. You see the devotion in some the artist must have had. Walk with Christ, watch his face, be drawn into His life, so that yours may be His.

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