A Friday Reflection on Division and Weakness

A Friday Reflection on Division and Weakness March 20, 2015

Last night, I was on Relevant Radio for a bit with Fr. Steve Grunow from Word on Fire with host Sheila Liaugminas.
We talked largely about St. Joseph and Pope Francis and the upcoming year of mercy. (Some of my thoughts on the latter are included in this Catholic News Agency piece.)

I live-tweeted some of what Fr. Grunow said:

In light of that conversation, this morning I’ve been thinking about something Pope Francis said in talking with Orthodox Christians some months ago, in the context of talking about the threats to the very existence of Christianity in the Middle East: “How can we credibly proclaim the message of peace which comes from Christ if there continues to be rivalry and disagreement between us?” There’s an urgency in that plea. This was a big theme of his journey last May to the Holy Land. And it’s not just about the Orthodox and Rome and East and West. It’s inside the walls of the Vatican, our Catholic institutions, our political engagements, our homes. it’s one, too, that is a matter for our hearts and lives. Who has done us a wrong, has hurt us, who we have not forgiven? Who do we simply refuse to talk to, resent, even hate?

Father Grunow also said:

Prayers for peace are not a pleasant sentiment. They are the power of Heaven in a fallen, conflicted, poisoned, souring world and require Lenten action.

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