Another Sign That Obama Has Lost Hollywood

Another Sign That Obama Has Lost Hollywood September 10, 2013

Maybe it’s a moot point, since the success of Russian diplomacy means that the President’s plan to bomb Syria will not move forward.  His militant, pro-war stance may, though, have finally tarnished his presidency in the eyes of the Hollywood elites.

A case in point is singer and outspoken political activist Cher.

Cher has been a big Obama supporter.  With that other liberal media darling, Kathy Griffin, she endorsed Obama and produced a pro-abortion, pro-Obama video.

This week, though, she apparently changed her tune.  Over on Twitter, the pop queen expressed her concern regarding Obama’s hawkish attitude.

Cher tweeted:


Dare we hope that the rest of the entertainment industry will also sit up and take notice?  Could Hollywood’s love affair with the President be on rocky ground?


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  • Peter Calabrese

    You are right but he will not run again and most of what he does will please them so they may be lukewarm on him for a while but I don;t believe it will quench their thirst for liberal activism in the ’14 election cycle.

  • ZenDruid

    Splendid tactic on his part: The hawks can’t call him a chicken, and now that he’s called a timeout, the chickens can’t squawk.

  • JoFro

    Nope! The celebs will merely keep quiet for now and if his plan to bomb Syria come to fruition, expect them to tell Americans to support their President!