Pepsi Honors Christian Musicians on Soda Cans

Pepsi Honors Christian Musicians on Soda Cans September 24, 2013

Check this out:

Available for collectors, four collector’s cans from Pepsi featuring contemporary Christian musicians.  Catholic fan favorite Matt Maher is featured on Dr. Pepper.   Matthew West is on the Pepsi can, Francesca Battistelli  is on Diet Pepsi, and TobyMac appears on cans of Mountain Dew.  Each of the limited edition cans also has a link to a free download from the featured artist.

Pepsi collector’s cans—which can bring hundreds or even thousands of dollars on auction websites—are not all faith based.  The company offers series for Star Wars, as well as for rock stars and athletic events.  For the Christian artists series, Pepsi MidAmerica released three million cans for each artist—a total of 12 million cans, 12 million new ways to change lives—in May 2013, in conjunction with their sponsorship of the inaugural K-Love Fan Awards in June.  K-LOVE, the leading Christian radio network with a weekly listenership of over 13 million people, invited their listeners to vote for their favorite Christian recording artists on-line at their website and on a dedicated Facebook page.

In announcing their sponsorship of the K-Love Fan Awards, Pepsi MidAmerica’s President and COO Lee Crisp said,

“We are proud to sponsor such an amazing event with such a positive meaning.”

This stands in sharp contrast to recent remarks by Coca-Cola Spain’s CEO Marcos De Quinto, who posted a series of anti-Catholic rants on Twitter—spawning protests and an international boycott after calling conservative  Christians “fanatics” and “intolerant” and “rabid anti-abortionists”.  (I wrote about that story and the resultant boycotts here.)


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