Sarah Palin Apologizes for Remarks About Pope Francis

Sarah Palin Apologizes for Remarks About Pope Francis November 15, 2013

Sarah Palin has taken to social media to issue an apology for her recent criticism of Pope Francis.

On Tuesday, November 12, Palin spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper about her new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.  During the interview, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate admitted she was “taken aback” by some of Pope Francis’s remarks as reported in the press.  “He’s had some statements,” she said, “that to me sound kind of liberal, has taken me aback, has kind of surprised me.”

Palin went on to say that she needed to dig deep into what his messaging is and do her own homework, rather than just trusting what she heard in the media.

    *     *     *     *

That disclaimer fell short for many Catholics, however; and the Internet blazed with criticism of Palin for believing media distortions or oversimplifications of the papal messages, rather than learning what the Pope really teaches and believes.

On November 14, Palin turned to social media to issue an apology.  According to a statement on her Facebook page:

Just to clarify my comment to Jake Tapper about Pope Francis, it was not my intention to be critical of Pope Francis. I was reminding viewers that we need to do our own homework on news subjects, and I hadn’t done mine yet on the Pope’s recent comments as reported by the media. Knowing full well how often the media mischaracterizes a person’s comments (especially a religious leader’s), I don’t trust them to get it right when it comes to reporting on the Vatican. I do, however, trust my many Catholic friends and family, including some excellent Catholic writers, who have since assured me that Pope Francis is as sincere and faithful a shepherd of his church as his two predecessors whom I admired. I apologize for not being clearer in my response, thus opening the door to critical media that does what it does best in ginning up controversy.

– Sarah Palin

*    *     *     *    *

Palin’s new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy, promises to become a bestseller just like her earlier titles, New York Times bestsellers Going Rogue and America by Heart.

In Good Tidings and Great Joy, Palin calls for bringing back the freedom to express the Christian values of the season. She asserts the importance of preserving Jesus Christ in Christmas—in public displays, school concerts, pageants, and our expressions to one another other—and laments the over-commercialization and homogenization of Christmas in today’s society, and the assault by atheists who would deny Christians the right to celebrate the holiday in the public square.

The book includes more than a dozen family photos, along with personal memories and family traditions, illustrating why the celebration of Jesus Christ’s nativity is the centerpiece of her faith.

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  • Good for her. She’s not Catholic, so she doesn’t see the details of what is spoken in the media, she only gets the mainstream press’s version. It was a cheap shot to take at her for that comment.

    • Bubba

      If ANYONE should know better than to believe anything in the MSM…

      • True.

      • jcsmitty

        She did not believe what was reported, but questioned it. Big difference.

  • Jake5577

    In my opinion as a Catholic and a Conservative, a better response would have been, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

    • TruthWins

      In my likewise Catholic and Conservative opinion, Palin made NO mistake for which she needs to apologize, even though she clearly DID say she was sorry. What more do you, or others, expect of her? To have responded as you suggest would be an admission of guilt by her even though, clearly, she did nothing wrong.

      In the Tapper interview, she merely said Pope Francis has made some statements which have “surprised” her. I certainly say the same! But I have sought to find the truth of what the Holy Father has said from
      reputable and trusted sources since I know better than to trust the secular
      media about much of ANYTHING, most especially matters concerning the Catholic Church. (And since you self-identify as “Catholic and Conservative,” surely you’ve done similar due diligence…?)

      Palin plainly and eloquently conceded she needs to do more research to find out what Pope Francis has truly said. So, no harm–no foul! She was brilliant to conclude her statement with this: “Iapologize for not being clearer in my response, thus opening the door to critical media that does what it does best in GINNING UP CONTROVERSY.” [my emphasis] It’s obvious that’s what this entire issue is about…generating MORE Palin controversy. Frankly, I don’t see how she keeps trusting ANYONE to quote her fully and correctly in context after all she’s been subjected to at the hands of the press.
      And, by the way, this little “controversy” was a win-win. After all, in one, fell swoop, the liberal media was able to take a swipe at Pain AND the Catholic Church. It’s a predictable and malicious cycle.

      • Florin S.

        By the way, Palin is a Catholic but left the Church in order to find something more…the Catholic Church holds the ‘fullness’ of faith – every other Church has gone apart and holds an aspect of the faith…it is really essential to take time to read exactly what Pope Francis has said and to go back and see what he has said and done in the past…his heart is a heart of mercy and forgiveness….and his approach has always been and will always be to call his people home, to embrace them, to let them know that they are loved, to heal their wounds – then to teach them about the Lord and help them understand that He gave their life for them in love…and then to ask them to ‘go and do likewise’….if we start by reprimanding people we get nowhere especially since people are so lost – start by loving others as Jesus loved them , and us…and miracles will happen.

        • TruthWins

          Amen, Florin! I couldn’t agree more. Have I somehow led you to believe otherwise?

        • jcsmitty

          Palin was baptized Catholic but her parents didn’t practice the faith. I could be wrong, but I believe she “left” the church at a very young age–probably without ever having been catechized properly to know what she was “leaving.” I’ll take her and her sincere desire to serve God over Catholics-in-Name-Only like Nancy Pelosi any day!

          • Pippi Longstocking

            Judge not lest you be judged HYPOCRITE!

      • Pippi Longstocking

        Eloquent & Sarah Palin in the same sentence? Do you self-idenitify as intelligent? Give your arrogant head a shake??

  • Anne Cregon Parks

    She was telling us to not take what the media was saying as fact. I saw one paper that said the Pope said NOT to condemn gay marriage. That is not what he said. He was not approving of gay marriage. She is absolutely right, don’t trust the media especially when it comes to faith and Christianity, something most of them know nothing about.

    • jcsmitty

      The pope was answering a specific question about a specific situation that had nothing to do with gay marriage. Instead of reporting the facts, the media “interpreted” those facts to make it appear the pope said something he did not.

  • RCC_Soldaten

    Sarah Palin was baptized Catholic as an infant. Any other subsequent baptism was just water under the bridge.

    • Biff Spiff

      Or over her head as the case may be.

    • Sophia Sadek

      Which Church controversy settled the whole baptism dispute? There are some who still subscribe to the view that baptism by a charlatan is not really baptism. There are also those who subscribe to the idea that pedobaptism is illegitimate because it does not involve the free will of the individual subjected to the procedure.

      • kathyschiffer

        Sophia, in the Book of Acts we read how Cornelius was baptized, along with his entire household. Cornelius’ household is presumed to include his wife, his servants and his children. The parents made the decision for the children, just as parents today make decisions: to vaccinate, to take their children to school, to teach right from wrong. Later, as adults, the children must personally aver that which their parents have decided for them in their youth. How would you explain the early Church’s acceptance of the baptism of Cornelius’ children?

        • Sophia Sadek

          I am not familiar with that particular story. I will have to look it up. If the other household members submitted to baptism at the behest of Cornelius, then it is questionable whether it was an act of free will on the part of the household members. I am not concerned about whether the early Church accepted the procedure or not.

          • kathyschiffer

            Look in Acts 10 and 11. And it was St. Peter who baptized the household, after being led by the Holy Spirit to visit the house. Perhaps that trumps “the early Church” in your mind? Peter and the Holy Spirit?

          • Sophia Sadek

            Peter had his faults and so did the people who reported on what he did. I meet people everyday who profess to have a direct connection to some kind of holy spirit. They do not impress me.

      • RCC_Soldaten

        Madam. are you suggesting that the Roman Catholic Priest or Deacon that baptized Sarah was a ‘charlatan’? I believe that your Catholic bigotry may be showing a bit. ‘I am not familiar with that particular story. I will have to look it up.’ Yes please, read the entire Bible. My respects.

        • Sophia Sadek

          I cannot be a Catholic bigot because I am not a Catholic. I have no familiarity with the credentials of the individual who baptized Palin. I am also unaware whether the individual agreed to perform the procedure with the caveat that the parents be informed about the limitations of pedobaptism. I mention charlatans with respect to some of the squabbles that occurred in the ante-Nicene Church over the validity of baptism by someone who was not considered to be credentialed to perform the procedure.

  • JFX Pals

    Sarah Palin is a Catholic. She was baptized, confirmed, first holy communion and raised a Catholic but Madam Gov. left the Church on her own freewill to join an evangelical community. But once a Catholic…As far as the perversity of same-sex marriage goes, the Holy Father said this when he was Cardinal-Archbishop of Buenos Aires: “The identity of the family, and its survival, are in jeopardy here: father, mother, and children. The life of so many children who will be discriminated beforehand due to the lack of human maturity that God willed them to have with a father and a mother is in jeopardy. At stake is the total rejection of God’s law engraved in our hearts. … Let us not be naive: it is not a simple political struggle; it is an intention [which is] destructive of the plan of God. It is not a mere legislative project (this is a mere instrument), but rather a ‘move’ of the father of lies who wishes to confuse and deceive the children of God.”…father of lies and same-sex marriage go hand-in-hand and their first born child is abortion. Everything he touches dies.

    • Maggie Goff

      Will you tell me the source of your saying that Sarah Palin was “raised a Catholic” and left the Church of her own free will to join an evangelical community. I have searched now and in the past, but all I can find is reference to her whole family leaving the Church and joining an evangelical church when they moved to Wasilla in 1972 when she was 8 years old.

    • rod masom

      I don’t think you’re correct about Sarah Palin here; I believe it was her FATHER Chuck who took his whole family out of the Catholic Church and into the Evangelical movement, and did so for whatever reason back when Palin was a child. Please check this out if you know better. But if true certainly all the more reason to pray for Sarah that she re-enter the Catholic Church.

      • LindsayPace

        According to USA Today Palin said “His message transformed my mom’s life,” Palin, one of the dinner’s speakers, said in an interview with USA TODAY.

        “In the 70s, she would tune into the Billy Graham crusades, televised. My mom was raised Catholic, and she … was yearning for something more,” she said. “His invitation for people to know that they could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ — my mom understood that from the way that he could articulate it. She became a Christian, led the rest of the family to Christ, and that I believe transformed our family.”

        • LindsayPace

          also video of Palin saying Mom left the Catholic Church to lead us to Christ and had family baptized:

          • Thanks for the video. I finally saw Sarah Palin say a truthful statement when she said her opportunities are “undeserved.”
            Elsewhere Palin’s message is that Catholics don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and only bapttism in an evangelical sense of the “Jesus movment” is valid baptism that can give the “something more” that Catholicism doesn’t give.

    • jcsmitty

      According to her book, “Going Rogue,” Palin’s family moved to Alaska during her early years. Her mother, a former Catholic, volunteered as a secretary at the Presbyterian church on weekends, then became involved in Wasilla’s local Assembly of God. “So my siblings and I attended Sunday School there and enjoyed attending the youth groups with our friends. There weren’t many churches in our small town, and though my family would eventually worship at a nondenominational Bible church, a lot of kids joined the youth group.”

      Palin goes on to say she was baptized in Big Lake by a Pastor Paul Riley.
      Palin’s father “wasn’t into organized religion so much,” but both parents wouldn’t let Sarah “skip” church for any reason.

      Caveat: I’m skimming the book to find this info, but what I found above is on pages 21-23.

    • jcsmitty

      Please see my comments elsewhere. She writes in “Going Rogue” that she was baptized in Big Lake in Alaska as a young girl by a Protestant pastor. She attended the Assembly of God church and, later, a non-denominational church.

  • VJM2

    We have fallen into viewing the Church and its leaders in terms that are political. It is not liberal vs conservative, it is unorthodox vs orthodox.

    • TruthWins

      You are correct, of course. I am an orthodox Catholic who is also conservative.

    • One person’s orthodox is another person’s paradox.

    • Howard

      Has it occurred to you that it might be both? Has it occurred to you that for long stretches of the Church’s history, the differences between factions have hinged not at all on orthodoxy but very much on politics? When the Church goes hundreds of years without choosing a Pope from outside Italy, is this to you a curious miracle that certainly has nothing to do with politics? Good grief.

      Yes, the imaginary possibilities that fascinate the likes of the New York times are all possibilities that the Pope will embrace and even teach heresy, but if you are going to pretend that nothing about the papacy has anything to do with politics, you might as well think that nothing about the Vatican bank has anything to do with economics, and that nothing about the Vatican press office has anything to do with journalism.

      • jcsmitty

        Neither politics nor man’s sinfulness can destroy the church’s teachings on faith and morals. We have Christ’s promise on that! We’ve had scandals and persecutions, but the church has survived for more than 2000 years. It is the oldest institution in history.

        • Howard

          … which has nothing to do with the comment.

          I would not have disagreed with VJM2 if he had said that the MORE IMPORTANT distinction was between orthodox and heterodox, but he seems to think that political distinctions do not exist within the Church. This shows that he is not paying attention to Church history going back as far as, say, THIS YEAR. All of the serious speculation during papal conclaves is politics. Will the Italian cardinals manage to return to an Italian pope? That’s not a question of orthodoxy. Which cardinal would be more effective in attracting the young, or influencing governments, or encouraging the Global South? … also not about orthodoxy. In fact, if you’re not an orthodox cardinal, you have about zero chance of becoming pope.

          My concern is not that Francis will teach heresy. I know better than that; even if he wanted to, God would prevent him. Orthodoxy is not the question. The question instead is, if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? I can’t think of a much more uncertain sound than, “Who am I to judge?” Did he have an orthodox meaning? Yes, the context shows he did. It was not, however, phrased well enough to be a good example of teaching, and its political consequences have been nothing but bad.

          • jcsmitty

            I think what I said does have to do with the comment, even if you don’t think it does. Catholics are Catholics because they believe what the church teaches–or should. Terms like liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican should have no bearing on whether or not you believe life begins at conception or whether marriage is the union of a man and a woman.
            Be that as it may, Pope Francis was taken out of context. if he’d been asked about gay marriage, an answer like “who am I to judge” would have been absurd. But he was not asked that! He was asked in an informal setting, in informal conversation, about specific people. One can judge a specific action to be intrinsically evil, but no one but God Himself knows what is anyone’s heart or what a given person knows or doesn’t know, every conceivable circumstance, etc.

          • HowardRichards

            Go back and read the comment at the beginning of this thread. It did not have anything to do with whether or not “politics nor man’s sinfulness can destroy the church’s teachings on faith and morals.”

            A few items are totally off the table for anyone who is orthodox, that is true; and abortion is one. Questions about support for the UN, however, are entirely political, not dogmatic, and ephemeral, not eternal, yet they have been addressed by popes over recent decades. Politics does enter the Church, and Church teachings have political consequences. That does not make the Church a political party or reduce theology to politics, but neither is the Church only interested in eternal, spiritual verities.

          • jcsmitty

            OK, Howard, you win!
            My point was simply that politics is irrelevant. You are either a Catholic or you’re not. When a person is asked if they are a “liberal” or a “conservative” Catholic, that is, in my opinion, the wrong question.
            My earlier comment was my conclusion. I didn’t feel I had to repeat all of what went before to state it, even though I feel my statement flowed from the conversation.
            When the cardinals elected Pope Francis, we all know that they considered many factors–just as did their predecessors. There were practical reasons, perhaps, that so many popes were Italian prior to JPII. This time around, the cardinals wanted a pope more in tune with the universal church outside of Europe, especially with the growth of Catholicism in the Americas and in third world countries. If being practical is political, then so be it.
            We know from interviews and coverage on Catholic media that many of the cardinals at the conclave were especially upset that the curia was governing as if the Church was limited to Italy. Cardinals outside Europe felt their concerns were not being properly addressed by the Vatican or in an efficient manner.
            If that is what you mean by political, then a better word might be practical. One definition of politics is public affairs in general, and how to make governance more expedient, etc.
            But then I’m going off topic AGAIN, so I’m outta here.

  • John Barba

    Sad thing is we also have many Catholics who receive their catechesis from the NYT. I even get friends forwarding me articles from the NYT on how Catholics are to behave – YIKES!

  • Mack

    Good for Sarah Palin. Her slip was natural and not ill-intentioned, and her apology was just right.
    I do hope that she will study for herself the faith into which she was baptized. Her parents left the faith for reasons best known to themselves (as St. Thomas More said, we have no window to look into someone else’s soul), and Mrs. Palin appears to be making an honest spiritual effort despite the handicaps put in her way when she was a small child.

    • Fr. Arii

      This is a lesson for all of us, whether you are conservative or liberal. We love to create and fan controversies as long as it will undermine the person on the other side. If we could be more chartable in listening to others, and sincerely try to understand their views, especially those who disagree with us, society will be better. What goes around comes around.

  • Brenda S.

    Apology accepted! I know Catholics that have struggled with his views .. as the media presents them. Maybe the Pope will have to be more explicit in his teachings so that the lamestream media won’t be able to twist his words so easily.

    • jcsmitty

      The pope was having informal conversations with reporters on a plane. It’s not like it was “a teaching moment.” If that’s what anyone is looking for, they need only read official writings, public statements, etc.
      It’s my understanding that during the conversations a myriad of topics were brought up. The media focused on the one or two topics covering a few minutes that it could twist and sensationalize.

  • GeneralQuarters

    I have no problem with this. Name one person who hasn’t slipped up verbally at one time or another. What Sarah did re: reading press reports, most of us do. She is a good hearted woman and I hold nothing against her. In fact, I am thankful for her.

  • GeneralQuarters

    I have noted that what the Pope has said on occasion, if properly investigated, comes from scripture and the catechism. On the surface, it seems stunning but then you have language translation and liberal rags that pick this up and distort the information. The Pope has not said anything not consistant with the gospels or the catechism. But if folks choose to get their Catholic education from liberal web sites, liberal rags or other forms of communication outside the Church then no wonder your confused and many times, downright hateful. Many take the misinformation to feed their already misinformed low information brains.

  • Vickie S. Rosker

    Thank you Sarah for your apology. You are so right regarding the press. Everyone has a leaning. We all need to lean to our Saviour, Lord Jesus. God bless and grace you and yours.

  • Fr. Arii

    This is a lesson for all of us, whether you are conservative or liberal. We love to create and fan controversies as long as it will undermine the person on the other side. If we could be more charitable in listening to others, and sincerely try to understand their views, especially those who disagree with us, society will be better. It takes grace to recognise and appreciate the truth in what others are saying especially when we do not like or agree with them. What goes around comes around.

    • jcsmitty

      Exactly! The media loves to play “Gotcha!” Their goal is not to enlighten people but to spin and brainwash to their own point of view.

  • Andy

    I couldn’t care less about Jake Tapper interviewing Sarah Palin, much less what either of those nincompoops thinks about the Holy Father.

    • rod masom

      What a sad, shallow comment; are you trolling here, piling on Palin for the usual “troll” reasons? And so way uncharitable.

  • Mark_Trail

    Gracious, thoughtful and appropriate comments by a great lady.

  • Megan Ryan

    Well, the sycophants who treat Palin like many treat Obama will of course say she did nothing wrong. They love this idiot as unquestioningly as the same people they criticize for not questioning Obama. It’s silly and politics means more to them than the Church. There are many of them in these comments.

    • jcsmitty

      Palin was among the first to condemn Obama’s attacks on Religious Liberty and to criticize the HHS Mandate. The liberals ridiculed her when she said there would be “death panels” under Obama, but rationing of health care to our seniors, the disabled, etc. is a daily occurrence. Millions of Americans are losing their health insurance because we have a socialist president in the White House who plays the blame game daily rather than accept responsibility for his horrible judgment. Now we are told that “Obamacare” is going to be delayed until after the mid-term elections. (Surprise, surprise!!!)
      Yesterday, with Obama’s approval, the Democrat majority broke the rules of the senate for the first time in our nation’s history by exercising a “Nuclear Option” to confirm, without allowing any discussion or opposition from the GOP, all of Obama’s liberal judicial candidates. They will stack the federal bench for a lifetime.
      I could go on and on about Obama’s illegal power grabs, from executive orders on down, but suffice it to say Catholics are in for a persecution. The Administration has already started the “marginalization” of the Catholic church and implemented laws that impede its mission to the poor, sick and orphaned, and if Catholics keep burying their heads in the sand we will not only be forced to back out of the public square, but told to compromise our faith in serving the government that is supposed to serve us!
      I am a Catholic before I am a member of any political party, and even before I am an American. Palin stands for the Constitution and our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She may not be as glib as the guy with the teleprompter, but she respects the dignity of each human life from conception to natural death.
      Obama is the most pro-abortion president in history, a congenital bold-faced liar, and an arrogant ego-maniac. Don’t even mention him in the same sentence as Sarah Palin because she ACTUALLY loves God and her country. I’m not sure what Obama loves other than power and himself!

  • She owes no one an apology.

  • Phoenix_Lion

    I love her, she would have made a great president and could have made a great vp if McCain didn’t screw it up. She has humility and an openness to truth. I pray she’ll come back home to the Church but maybe God has her where he wants her to be.

    • Biff Spiff

      I also have affection for Sarah, and she certainly injected some fresh air into the dialog in 2008. However, I don’t think she would have made a good president. She appears to lack experience, maturity and judgment, and if her response to the Alaska “scandals” is any indication, perseverance as well.

      • randyo

        do you mean ” lack experience, maturity and judgment” like what sits in the White House right now?

        • Biff Spiff

          Pretty accurate assessment of the current tenant. I don’t think the antidote to inexperience and immaturity from the left is immaturity and inexperience from the right.

      • jcsmitty

        So look what we have for a president now! Do you think O has experience, maturity and judgment? He’s an ego-maniac who is destroying our country.

      • Guest

        Sarah Palin has been attacked and scrutinized like no one else; she’s probably the “cleanest” politician out there. I doubt anyone else could have withstood the intense scrutiny that she has undergone.

        The media even went through pages and pages of Palin Emails (24,000+ pages of emails from Palin’s term as governor), looking for damning information that could wipe Sarah Palin from America’s political scene.

        What they found was the inner workings of an efficient, informed and very involved governor that mounted an unprecedented 80 plus approval rating while in office

        The Palin Emails (24,000+ pages of emails) show that Sarah Palin conducted the business of her state in a transparent, bi-partisan, and responsible manner. She worked long, hard hours and treated everyone with respect.

        There were no sex scandals, no lewd twitter photos, no misuse of taxpayer dollars, and no malicious behavior, whatsoever. Just a governor doing her job.

    • Rob Torr

      Are you for real? On what planet do you live or come from?

  • HermitTalker

    Sarah has integrity and made a mistake that Leftist and Rightist RCC members make. Check the sources, read the entire text. Stop jumping and ask- does that quote conform to the Gospel.

  • Graham

    Ms Palin does need to dig deep. Clearly she has some very personal anxiety that results in her ( sometimes very rude ) knee jerk responses. She will not win votes that way – quite the contrary.

  • Sue Kielty-Clark

    Thank you for your apology Sarah Palin. Accepted.

  • KyPerson

    I’m glad she apologized. Sarah dear, I love you but you must take any story from the MSM about the pope with a very large grain of salt.

  • LOL! Palin is a nincompoop. Who cares what this incredibly lazy thinker says? So she rolls off her tongue her actual biases and then has to apologize for them when she is told that her comments were bad for book sales. Whenever Palin appears in the media there should be a police officer there sayiing “Move on people, there is nothing here to concern youself with.”

    • Jonenred

      LOL! You’re the prototypical moonbat; arrogant, smug, unfunny, spoiled sissy. Do you wear birkenstock sandals as well?

      • LOL for sure. Your litany of insults is hilariously ironic. What’s wrong with sadals anyway? Didn’t Jesus wear sandals? Oh, and you think I’m “unfunny.” That really hurts.

  • Here’s the truth about Paliin’s comment.

    • randyo

      Yes Jesus will return and say “yes its ok to kill my fathers children” and “yes you should steal money from people to support people who chose not earn anything themselves” yes…thats what he will say

      • Okay, so now I’m curious what demonic version of the Bible you are reading?

        • Biff Spiff

          I think that was sarcasm.

          • I read the scarcasm as being anti-abortion (i.e claiming Jesus would says it’s NOT okay to kill unborn chidren) and anti-welfare (i.e, claiming that helping the poor is just a way of stealing from the rich). I find both these views to be demonic and not at all what Jesus was teaching. Jesus would not be anti-abortion, nor woud Jesus say aiding the poor is stealing from the rich.

        • Sophia Sadek

          That sounds like it is right out of the New Redneck Version.

    • Sophia Sadek

      Nice. It reminds me of the slogan, “Christ is an eternal form. He kept returning again and again, but the Church kept burning him at the stake.”

  • Timothy Reid

    The woman didn’t do her homework because she doesn’t believe in homework. Didn’t we learn that 5 years ago in the 2008 election? She is very mentally limited and our country is so lucky that she was not elected to be a heart beat away from the presidency. I think the media is actually doing a good job by putting Pope Francis and his words and activities out there for people to see. I am thankful to God that Palin does gravitate to Francis. One more thing that separates us. Thank you, LORD, for keeping Sarah Palin far far far away.

    • Timothy Reid

      I meant “does NOT gravitate”

    • Jonenred

      God, I wish we had Palin as President. She’s practically one of the only pols that has the balls to state the truth. She said nothing incorrect.

      Don’t you belong over at the Huffington post or Slate? or Blueboy mag?

      • Timothy Reid

        Her comments were ignorant. Francis has a much better concept of Christianity than Palin ever will. Every time she speaks, I cringe.

    • randyo

      Yes now we have a vice president that is as dumb as a rock and is also “a heartbeat away from the presidency” ill put mrs. Palin up against Biden any least on voting day she, unlike biden votes against killing Gods children.

      • Timothy Reid

        Biden might say the occasional gaffe, but Palin is just a nightmare. Her ignorance and arrogance knows no bounds.

        • jcsmitty

          Did you really mean “occasional gaffe”???? Since when is “occasional” a daily occurrence?

          • Timothy Reid

            It’s all relative. G.W. Bush was a multiple gaffe a day machine who was a constant embarrassment to the whole country. Sarah Palin humiliates the human race every time she opens her mouth and tries to form sentences. Biden has some moments, but at least has a brain.

          • jcsmitty

            You mean it all depends on your political perspective. If Hollywood and the mass liberal media is out to take you down, as it did with Palin, skits on Saturday Night Live get quoted as if said by the target herself! It becomes a game where everyone needs to outdo the other in mockery and ridicule.
            Isn’t it funny that when Bill Clinton talked about the days of “Romulus and Remus” as if these myths were real historical figures, only conservatives noticed the gaffe? Obama has talked about “57 states” and made other silly references his friends in the liberal media ignore to preserve his “reputation” as so brilliant. Biden is a natural idiot, but the media is less protective of him so Obama will look brilliant in comparison. (Besides, they want Hillary in 2016 rather than Biden, so they’re setting the stage.) Nancy Pelosi wanted to pass Obamacare so we could “find out what is in it” (which, sadly, we are!)
            I see this media propaganda daily in my local newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, every single day. Every news story is slanted toward the Dems in the push to turn Texas “Blue.” The editorial page has a daily cartoon ridiculing a leading Republican or the GOP. No more pretense of balance or objectivity. It openly ridicules religion as well: got to marginalize Christians as bigots (but that’s another issue I don’t want to get into.)
            So let’s all admit that anyone can be made to look foolish if that’s the objective of that person’s enemies. Biases will always win out over fairness for 90% of people any day! (Of course, if the majority of people had integrity and respected each other, what FUN would THAT be?

          • Timothy Reid

            If and when democrats gaffe up, I will laugh at them when it’s funny or I’ll shake my head at them if they were someone I had supported through my vote. I laughed at Palin before there were SNL and YouTube parodies about her. I just had to see her in the VP debate to know what a fool she was. That’s not the media twisting her image, that’s herself.

          • jcsmitty

            You’re just mad Palin made Biden look like the fool HE IS during the VP debate.

            One advantage the Dems have in any debate is to just lie and deny when the question exposes their records. They know the media will ignore it. I will say that Biden is a piker compared to his boss, the Liar in Chief.

          • Timothy Reid

            Your first statement made me laugh. Palin’s the one who looked idiotic in the debate. One can also never forget the “mission accomplished” speech on an aircraft carrier.

          • jcsmitty

            I’m sure many in the nation would love to hear Obama use that phrase–and actually believe it–about the Obamacare rollout.
            You may never forget the phrase you cite spoken on an aircraft carrier, but you have apparently forgotten who actually said it. Clue: it wasn’t Palin.

          • Timothy Reid

            Yeah, I know. What’s your point? People’s hate for Obama would always be there no matter how good or bad a president he was being. If he did something bad, it’s Obama’s worse than Hitler. If he did something good it’s Obama didn’t really do that. So transparent.

          • Guest

            It seems that you are are poorly informed about Sarah Palin. Don’t believe everything the media and Hollywood is telling you about Sarah Palin.

            Sarah Palin is a self-made women with an impressive career who broke into politics without the head start of a powerful husband or father.

            City council, mayor, Governor, oil and gas commission, VP candidate, already vetted, been scrutinized every way possible and still standing strong. Long list of accomplishments and over 20 years of experience.

            Sarah Palin has offered many statements on issues such as health care, the Federal Reserve’s money printing in funding our federal deficit, Crony Capitalism, energy independence, foreign policy, etc)

            She was the first Republican to make a high-profile critique of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing, though even earlier she had marked the collapsing value of the dollar as one of her issues and has repeatedly been a leading voice—via television appearances and speaking engagements—against the dangers of ObamaCare and the risks of President Obama’s approach to energy.

            She went to India , Hong Kong, World Knowledge Forum in South Korea ,etc where she talked about the economy, the deficit, government spending, gun control,the environment, the rising cost of food, energy, Egypt and other foreign policy related issues. She did unscripted Q&A’s,etc.

          • Timothy Reid

            “Offering statements” does not make you a great person. Anyone with a twitter can make a statement. Anyone with money can travel to India and Hong Kong. She leans towards Creationism. She thinks Obama is a socialist. She blames the media for quoting her word for word.

    • Guest

      There has not been one aspect of Palin’s life and career that has not been chewed over, criticized and lied about by the media.

      Soon after Palin entered the national political scene as John McCain’s GOP running mate, she was attacked as a diva, a clothes hog, an irresponsible mother and a political mercenary. They dismissed what she achieved as mayor of her hometown, commissioner of the state’s oil and pipeline board and governor of America’s largest state.

      Sarah Palin’s enemies decided that nothing was too personal to attack-including her marriage, her children, her faith, and her wardrobe.

      The media distorted Palin’s positions and beliefs beyond recognition. And almost every word out of her mouth was spun as a “flub”.

      The media hounded her, and her family, on a daily basis, flat out making crap up (like that she, personally, shot wolves from the air). They claimed her baby was not her own; used despicable language to attack her, and her family; sent numerous reporters to Wasilla to dig up dirt on her ; AP reporters “factchecked” her book; accused her of being an accomplice to murder, her email hacked by the son of a Democrat congressman, political operatives filing endless bogus ethic charges designed to bankrupt a working family with a special need toddler and much more.

      • Timothy Reid

        I never said I believed any of the stuff about her family and her baby. I just listened to the woman’s own words in interviews and in debates and found her to be very narrow-minded, ill-informed and someone I would never vote for in a million years.

  • Randyo

    Yes the Pope is unhappy as it makes me…he is a liberal…so now is ok to kill babies and be a homosexual…Nancy Pelosi loves it, now she can say her beliefs are JUST like the church(and be telling the truth)

    • kso721

      well it’s always okay to kill as long as it was God’s will right? you know because if morality was based on the bible like Sarah Palin believes, then believers would be killing non-believers as the bible instructs.

    • jcsmitty

      Randy: Stop getting your information about the Catholic Church from the secular media that distorts everything the pope says. Pope Francis has repeatedly said that the Church has already spoken against abortion and gay marriage and that that cannot change. He has emphasized repeatedly that he is a son of the church. While a bishop in Buenes Aires he opposed gay marriage very strongly in Argentina! What the pope said is to preach the gospel of Christ and God’s love for us because people are losing the big picture! Hearts need to be changed. That happens when the focus is on Christ!

  • Micha_Elyi

    If you’re not “taken aback” by reports of what Pope Francis has said, you’re not paying attention. Alas, this includes many Catholics.

  • kso721

    She’s such an idiot. Atheists are in no way “denying Christians the right to celebrate the holiday in the public square.” B.S.

  • Sophia Sadek

    Palin’s complaints about the corruption of the holiday season reflect complaints back at the time of Macrobius before the Church took over the event and converted into a celebration of the birth of Jesus. The name has changed, but the corruption has not.

    Palin is not the only person to misinterpret what people say about what the pope says. What I find disconcerting is the fact that the pope is still an important figure. I look forward to the day when the papacy is finally dissolved and Catholics grow out of the medieval mindset.

    • Ron

      Every sycophant like Sophia imagines that he will live to see the demise of the Church. Learn from 2,000 years of history. By the way, conspiracy theories are history for stupid people.

      • Sophia Sadek

        It is not the entire Church I look forward to ending, merely the medieval aspects. That which has a beginning will have an end. The Vatican is no exception.

        • jcsmitty

          Tell that to Jesus, who promised that the gates of hell would never prevail against the church, with which he would remain until the end of time. The church remains after 2000 years, and no other institution can make that claim.

          • Sophia Sadek

            I doubt the claim that the Vatican has an authentic connection to the apostles. There was a great deal of violence committed in the establishment of its power. Jesus was mistaken in some of his other prophesies.

          • kathyschiffer

            Sophia: Jesus was wrong? No. Just, no.

            As to the lineage back to the apostles, here it is:

          • Sophia Sadek

            That list reflects more poorly on Peter than it reflects positively on the notion of apostolic succession.

          • jcsmitty

            You’re entitled to your “doubt,” but what is it based on? You state three things and offer no specifics or sources for any of them. You obviously doubt the gospels, history, archeology, etc., so perhaps you can be more specific.

          • Sophia Sadek

            I base my opinion on the history of the establishment of the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church at the expense of ante-Nicene religious experience and diversity. I base my opinion on the many times that the Church has persecuted people for disagreeing with official doctrine. I base my opinion on a Church history of banning and burning books. The sources are numerous for anyone who seeks. For those without eyes with which to see, however, those sources remain unexamined.

    • moseynon

      Sophia, visiting a religious website simply to insult that religion is crass. So is visiting a hockey team website just to insult the team or its fans. So is visiting political website just to insult followers of that political philosophy.

      Criticizing a religion, or team, or political party to which one belongs is reasonable. But to do this as an outsider who is antagonistic to the religion, or the team, or the political party is boorish and is widely considered to be trolling.

      • Sophia Sadek

        My purpose was not to insult the religion. It was to raise two points with respect to Palin’s remarks. The medieval aspects of the Catholic faith serve as a stumbling block to spiritual progress. Failure to comprehend that impediment can lead to feelings of persecution when they are pointed out.

        • jcsmitty

          Is spiritual “progress” dismembering innocent unborn babies, tearing down marriage between a man and a woman, using sex outside traditional marriage as recreation, celebrating selfishness and perversion? If it’s “medieval” to respect God and the natural law, then we need to reclaim it.

          • Sophia Sadek

            Spiritual progress will be achieved when people are free to dismember unborn “babies,” but choose not to or find no economic imperative to do so. Spiritual progress will be achieved when couples are free to divorce, but choose not to or find no economic imperative to do so. Spiritual progress will be made when people can engage in sex without the state or superstitious busybodies sticking noses into their love life.

  • Ron

    Sarah Palin has said nothing for which she needs to apologize. She, like millions of others, has been surprised by some of the extemporaneous comments of Pope Francis. And yes, some of his comments did appear to be unintended defacto sops to the political left, and at a bare minimum, the left both perceived that the comments could be used to their advantage and then proceeded to in fact use the contretemps to their advantage. Pope Francis has an awesome responsibility to speak clearly. To be sure, there is a corresponding obligation on our part to reserve judgment regarding what the Pope says, but this responsibility is not pari passu because we are not endowed with the magisterial office he has and we do not have the audience he has. Moreover, non-Catholics have even less obligation to reserve judgment. Palin’s initial comments were measured and reserved, and her apology unnecessary but very diplomatic and thoughtful. She continues to demonstrate statesmanship and sobriety in a shrill and vulgar media culture. Bravo to her, too, for using the apology to highlight media dishonesty and bias.

  • jcsmitty

    As a practicing Catholic who loves my church and this pope, I have no problem whatsoever with Palin’s statements. She wasn’t the only one who was “taken aback” by what the media originally reported on his statements, and even bishops and priests had to scurry to “correct” all the distortions in the press.
    As for those who criticize Palin for speaking publicly about anything because she, of all people, knows how dishonest the media is, get a life! There’s no escaping the liberal media and its agenda since we do not have balanced coverage. We can only hope there are some among the public who will take everything reported with a grain of salt and who will do their own research. It’s appalling how many people believe everything they are told without question!

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Please return to your Catholic roots, Sarah. We want you back.