Vatican Says No, Non Preoccuparti, They’re Not Worried: The Pope Is Safe

Vatican Says No, Non Preoccuparti, They’re Not Worried: The Pope Is Safe November 14, 2013

Earlier today, I reported on a story which appeared in the Catholic Herald, quoting Italian magistrate Nicola Gratteri.  Gratteri believed that the Pope’s life was in danger due to his recent criticisms of organized crime.

Now, though, the Vatican has addressed Gratteri’s fears directly and has dismissed the judge’s concerns.  Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican Press Office, told ABC News,

There is no concrete reason that would lead us to worry.  There is no reason to fear alarmism.  We are very calm.

It is business-as-usual in Vatican City. 

And after all, the Pope has his own personal security force:  The Swiss Guard has been protecting the pontiff since the late fifteenth century.

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  • I’m certainly no expert on organized crime, but I find it hard to believe the mafia would kill the Pope.

    • Dan

      There are people who believe (or at least, in comboxes, pretend to believe–tongue in cheek snarkiness isn’t exactly uncommon) that JPI was assassinated by (1) evil Vatican insiders looking to prevent reform or (2) the Mafia (no doubt prompted by Godfather III).

      Of course, this means that they reject the most plausible reason for JPI’s death–that the stress and pressure of being pope was too much for his body to handle.

  • Mary-Pat Sherman

    It has been my impression that the Mafia, especially in Italy, is populated by ‘devout’ Catholics! They might assassinate all kinds of people, but the Pope? I doubt it!