Nothin’ Like the “Patron Saint Generator” to Instill a Little Humility

Nothin’ Like the “Patron Saint Generator” to Instill a Little Humility December 31, 2013

OK, I finally did it.  Everyone’s been using Jennifer Fulwiler’s Saint Generator to choose his/her patron saint for the year 2014, so I finally clicked on the button to find out what the hullabaloo is about.

And I got my patron saint.  It’s St. Guntramnus.

WAIT:  WHO?  My patron saint is St. Guntramnus?  Patron of divorced people, guardians, and reformed murderers?

This is a guy who had his ex-wife Mercatrude’s doctor murdered!

What’s an aspiring saint like me going to learn from a criminal like that?!

 *     *     *     *     *

But look again:  Guntramnus, besides having a terrible and unpronounceable name, was the son of King Clotaire and St. Clothildis, and the grandson of Clovis I.  King of Orleans and Burgundy, he was transformed by his acceptance of the Christian faith—so much, in fact, that his loyal subjects were so enamored of him that they declared him a saint immediately after his death.

Once Christ touched his heart, Guntramnus was so overcome with remorse for the evil acts he had committed that he devoted the rest of his life to building up the Church.  He became a protector of the oppressed, care-giver to the sick, and a tender parent to his subjects.   He gave generously to the poor, especially during times of plague and famine.  He strictly and justly enforced the law without respect to person, yet forgave offenses against himself, including two attempted assassinations.

I guess maybe he’s a pretty good patron saint, after all.

St. Guntramus died on March 28, 592, and was buried in church of St. Marcellus, which he had founded.



Father in heaven, you are so merciful. We are given great hope in the life of King Guntramnus. We shall not despair, Father, knowing that when we turn to You in true repentance, You will not only forgive us, but also give us the opportunity to extend that same mercy and kindness to others. Thank You, Father, for Your great love and forgiveness. Amen.

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  • LeticiaVelasquez

    I got St Martha, patron of cooks, laundresses and travelers. Yup, that’s me!

  • I got St. Paul Miki, a Jesuit missionary from Japan.

  • anna lisa

    Oh Mylanta,
    I got a Saint John, patron of youth and altar boys, His feast is my sixth child’s b-day–the kid who has been begging me two years running,,,,!

  • anna lisa

    oops, I meant to say “begging me to be an altar boy”,

  • CP OP

    I got St Thomas Aquinas. I’m a lay Dominican. Hmmm…not random.

  • IRVCath

    St. Josemaria Escriva.

  • ucfengr

    I got Blessed John Paul II. Surprised to find out that his feast day is my birthday. Coincidence?

  • Fr. Frank

    I drew St. Augustine – guess it’s time to find my copy of his “Confessions” again!

  • Dennis Neylon

    I got St. Thomas Becket….hmmmm.

  • Patricia

    I got St. Joseph Calasanz of Spain. Very fitting for me as I’m a Catholic school teacher and he’s the patron of school children and students!

  • Biff Spiff

    Wow. Been praying all morning for help getting my finances and books straightened out for my business. I drew St. Matthew the Apostle– the tax collector! Random? hmm.

  • Miguel

    I got St. John Lwanga whose feast day is June 3, which is my wedding anniversary! Also his patronage includes converts which my wife is a convert to the Faith.

  • Carlos Echevarria

    I got Saint Luke, which is the writer of my favorite gospel !!! This is too much of a coincidence, 🙂 Saint Luke~Ora Pro Nobis

  • Kathleen

    I got St. Barnabas, master encourager. Delighted.

  • I’ve said this elsewhere, but I might as well say it here too. Last time I did the patron saint generator was a couple of years ago when I drew St Guy of Anderlecht, who among other things is the patron saint of outhouses…lol. All year long I kept looking for some significance in picking up my dog’s poop every day. 🙂 As it turned out it was the year we finally had our two bathrooms completely redone, so there was divine significance somewhere in there.

  • KyPerson

    I got St. Scholastica. Since one of my favorite places in the world is St. Meinrad Archabbey and I am thinking about becoming an oblate there, this is a good choice for a patron for me.

  • Janet

    I have been doing this for the past few years and finally got someone I already knew – St. Clare of Assisi. I have always gotten obscure saints but on closer examination, they definitely had something that spoke directly to me. Sts. Acca and Damasus were involved with religious art and the Latin language. I study both. And as a fiber artist, I appreciate the patronage of Clare who is the patron saint of needle workers! There are no coincidences…

  • I got St John the Baptist