Cardinal Dolan Warns: You May Hear Some Things About Me….

Cardinal Dolan Warns: You May Hear Some Things About Me…. February 24, 2014

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, in his blog Gospel in the Digital Age, warned New Yorkers this week that they may soon be seeing his name cast in an unfavorable light in the media.  The Archdiocese of St. Louis, where he served as auxiliary bishop for a year in 2001-2002, has just been ordered by a court to release documents regarding clergy abuse cases.

Before you get too excited about that, though, let me assure you that the Cardinal assures us he’s been forthright and has done nothing wrong.

On February 18, just before departing for the Consistory in Rome, Cardinal Dolan published a letter to Catholics in the Archdiocese of New York explaining the situation.  He wrote:

“…you know how I always try to alert you to any potentially negative publicity about the Church, or about me.  Well, there could be some.  My home archdiocese of St. Louis just complied with a court order to release the documents regarding cases there of sexual abuse of minors.  (Cardinal Egan already did that here a decade ago, sharing all of the information we had on abusive priests with proper district attorneys, something we continue to do today.)

Anyway, since I was an auxiliary bishop in St. Louis for a year (2001-02), and vicar for priests for nine of those twelve months, I would anticipate that my name will again be highlighted in the press.  I sure have nothing to hide, and am very much at peace with law enforcements officials reviewing the files.  In fact, we already released all the documentation to them a dozen years ago!

This will be, I suspect, a repeat of last year’s attempt by the same tort lawyers to muddy my name.  A year ago, they contended- – remember?- -that while Archbishop of Milwaukee I had “hidden funds”, and they had even deposed me.  Nothing of course ever came of it, although the ever-compliant press here gave me headlines about being deposed.  (The headlines were much smaller when the Judge eventually ruled that I had acted properly.)  However, knowing how their attorneys operate, and some reporters here cooperate with them, I would anticipate some attempt at bad publicity again.  I’ll keep you posted…”

Special interest groups like the Survivors Network of  Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) also sought to accuse Cardinal Dolan of mismanagement or even criminal behavior during his years as Archbishop of Milwaukee.  In a statement last year, Cardinal Dolan defended his actions in that city.  He said,

“One of the principles that guided me during that time was the need for transparency and openness, which is why I not only welcomed the deposition as a chance to go on-the-record with how we responded to the clergy sexual abuse crisis during my years in Milwaukee, but also encouraged that it be released.”

As for the victims’ group’s allegation that he tried to hide the Milwaukee archdiocese’s money as they planned for bankruptcy, he said,

“While certain groups can be counted upon to take certain statements or events out of context, the documents released show plainly that the bishops have been faithful to the promises made over a decade ago: permanent removal from ministry of any priest who abused a minor; complete cooperation with law enforcement officials; and, strict child-safety requirements.”

The Cardinal’s schedule has been full:  On Thursday and Friday, he joined cardinals from around the world to discuss “Marriage and Family.”  The installation ceremony for the 19 new cardinals was held on Saturday; and on Sunday, the cardinals joined Pope Francis for Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Cardinal Dolan serves on the Permanent Council for the Synod of Bishops, and so has all-day planning meetings of that Council on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  (The Synod of Bishops will convene in Rome in October 2014 and 2015.)

By next weekend, Cardinal Dolan is expected to return home.  According to the Archdiocese of New York, there is already publicity about the sexual abuse by priests in St. Louis; so Cardinal Dolan may be addressing the topic further upon his return.


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  • He’s the head of my diocese. He’s a good man. I met him a couple of months ago. That bubbly smile is just natural for him. That’s the way he is. I will look for the firestorm that’s headed this way. I know the NY newspapers will try to make as much hay as possible with it.

    • Bob

      The smile and laughter of the devil.

      • What????

      • neil allen

        Exactly. He not only smiles, he protected known child rapists, paid $20K to known child rapists, lied about paying them off, and was exposed by the New York Times for doing it.

        But as the devil, he is smarter than that. In a world where 15,000 people die of starvation every week, Dolan makes Catholics think that being grossly obese is ok. He is helping to drop the standards for Christianity so low that Catholics think that organized child rape, being grossly obese, and hoarding filthy riches is cool with God.

        Exactly as the devil would do. With a bubbly smile.

  • cestusdei

    When will SNAP release documents regarding their use of funds and when will the head of SNAP answer questions about the cover up of his brothers abusive behavior?

    • neil allen

      Did his brother confess it to him, like every single pedophile priest confessed every single child rape to another priest?

  • Danno

    Manny and Cestusi, Why don’t you do some research on whats happening to the victims in Milwaukee, then see if you can align anything that resembles actions of Jesus with the actions of the Milwaukee Archdiocese. They are continuing abuse and re abuse of victims. Cardinal Dolan and his letter to the Vatican makes very clear what his intent was,
    Use Jesus in your understanding of this issue.

    • I guess you know more than the judicial system. Anyone can make allegations. When I see charges then I’ll believe it.

      • neil allen

        Manny whose laws to you follow, US laws or God’s laws?

        I already know the answer. Now you go figure out the answer.
        Catholics got away with organized child rape for at least 50 years, and you find out exactly how much when you die. Get ready to tell God that you “didn’t see charges” because you didn’t seek the truth.

        • Neil, the percentage of pedophile priests has been shown to be pretty much the same as the general population, and if you know anything about departments of education, the same exact stuff goes on. That’s not to excuse anyone, but your “orgainzed child rape” phrase doesn’t reflect reality and reflects a warped perception you have developed. I don’t know if you were personally violated – and if you were I am sorry it happened and shall pray for you – but you’ve got to try to reach some personal peace with it.

          Peace be with you.

          • neil allen

            Wrong. You didn’t seek the truth, but if you did, that would just mean that the general population wasn’t God’s church either. And the general population never moved and hid known confessed child rapists, like Fr Martinez in LA who was hidden and protected by all of the other priests and bishops that knew about him until he admitted to raping over 100 children.

            Just curious, Manny, if he admitted it, but it wasn’t proven in a court of law, are you going to dismiss that, too? Satan loves that.

  • John Shuster

    Cardinal Dolan hid money from survivors of sex abuse by his clergy while giving thousands of dollars to predator priests in his charge. That’s not right.

    • Is there proof of that? Can I see the charges brough up against him?

      • oregon nurse

        Where there is smoke in our hierarchy there has usually been at least a little fire. Yes, people are innocent until proven guilty but some healthy skepticism during the investigation is also wise given how much truth there has been to so many similar allegations.

        If you use criminal charges as your standard of proof you would have to deny an awful lot of criminal abuse, that I’m sure you know has taken place, but was never charged.

        • I’ve also seen how inflated some of these charges have been. Pope Benedict was completely lied about. I’m going to assume our Bishops are good, decent people until proven otherwise.

          • Danno

            My mother made a similar assumption when she sent me to serve mass. She assumed that the priest that repeatedly raped me was good and decent, many of who were considered good and decent, covered up the abuse of children for the very reason of protecting the illusion of good and decent. Many have proved themselves otherwise.
            Manny, I sincerely mean no disrespect to you. All that I hope is for you to look at the evidence and make your own decision, based on the facts. Why should we let people hijack our faith because of actions that do not align with the teachings of Jesus?

            I am just one of many that has been intentionally mislead by Cardinal Dolan, as a follower of Christ, I search for the truth and feel that the truth will set the Church free.

            I have a link to a Forbes article which highlights this issue and clearly explains what the Cardinal did and why it was wrong. I also have a link to the Cardinals letter to the Vatican, the letter then Archbishop Dolan was sure would never become public. In this letter he writes asking to put 57 Million dollars into a newly created trust for the maintenance of 8 cemeteries. He then states that this will protect the funds from legal claims or liabilities.

            In the original decision on the status of these funds by Federal Bankruptcy Judge Kelly, she concluded that it should be included and not protected. On appeal Federal Judge Randa made a ruling that the current Archbishop Listecki must follow cannon law,saying that he could be punished by the Vatican. So the Judge Randa’s decision states that any religious organization can make any decision that they want, this includes Sharia law used by the Muslim religion.

            Federal Judge Randa has several close relatives in the cemeteries in question and has himself purchased tombs used by his mother and father. Law requires that he mention this to all parties involved. His ruling is on appeal, most legal scholars believe this is dangerous law an it must and will be overturned.

            Here are the links to information related to what I have said here.
            Forbes article
            Letter to the Vatican
            Randa Ruling is at the bottom of the article

            The truth is always the way!

          • I can’t answer if it was fraud or not. If it is fraud a court of law will determine justice. I don’t blame the Bishop for protecting the church from being drained of money. That money doesn’t just belong to priests and bishops. That money came from donations from parishoners, and they didn’t do anything wrong, and closing down churches would have been a horrible situation for all Catholics involved. Frankly whatever pedophile priests did is a criminal act and they should be prosecuted. If Bishops hid criminals then that too is a criminal act, and they should be prosecuted. But suing the diocese, which means depriving parishoners of their ability to worship, is not justice. By suing one isn’t exacting justice from a priest or bishop; one is punishing the parishoners.

            By the way, I’m sorry this happened to you. I will pray for your healing and may God exact justice, either in this life or the next. I understand your hurt.

      • neil allen

        Here’s the proof that you did not seek, Manny

        Again, prepare to tell God about not seeking the truth, and depending on “charges” against a church that committed organized child rape using the power of their god.

        • The article says:

          “Questioned at the time about the news that one particularly notorious pedophile cleric had been given a “payoff” to leave the priesthood, Cardinal Dolan, then the archbishop, responded that such an inference was “false, preposterous and unjust.””
          Until proven otherwise, I stand by the Cardinal. When you make charges like “organized child rape” there is no point in a discussion. Your view is warped beyond reason. When charges are brought against him and he’s found guilty in a court of law, then I’ll reconsider.

          • neil allen

            And then the New York Times proved that he lied. And he also protected known child rapists. That IS organized child rape. This wasn’t one priest raping. It involved others helping and hiding the child rapists.

            But you don’t seek the truth. You stand by the ones that brought unimaginable evil to young children, and never, ever tried to get them help.

            You get ready to tell God that He has to let you into heaven because US laws couldn’t prosecute your church, and you stood by the child rapists and pedophile protectors instead of the victims.

  • DrRosemaryEileenMcHugh

    As a physician who has met many who have been sexually abused by clergy, it is disturbing that Cardinal Dolan and others in the hierarchy lack compassion for the victims of clergy sexual abuse, choose to re-victimize the victims, and protect the sexual predator clergy as a priority. Does Cardinal Dolan believe the words of Jesus, commanding that the innocence of children must be protected, and anyone who would destroy the innocence of a child must have a millstone wrapped around his neck and he is to be drowned in the sea? What is it that Cardinal Dolan does not understand, as Jesus was clear on his priorities about children? Why did Cardinal Dolan pay predators off to leave the priesthood and not notify the police to investigate the predators, so that parents could be aware that these were on the list as sexual offenders? Cardinal Dolan’s actions in favor of the predators, has put more innocent children at risk of being sexually abused in Milwaukee.
    Sadly, Cardinal Dolan seems to lack insight into the damage that is done to victims of clergy sexual abuse and their families. Sadly, also, Catholic judges, lawyers, police, and politicians have been protecting the hierarchy and the predators from accountability. There is too much collusion between the church and state in the U.S. Therefore, clergy sexual abuse victims are not receiving justice due to the cover-ups and lack of pastoral care of the hierarchy, who continually ignore the command of Jesus.