BREAKING: Bishop Tony Palmer, Pope Francis’ Friend, Dies in Motorcycle Crash – UPDATED

BREAKING: Bishop Tony Palmer, Pope Francis’ Friend, Dies in Motorcycle Crash – UPDATED July 21, 2014

R.I.P.  Bishop Tony Palmer

Died July 20, 2014


Tony Palmer, the charismatic young preacher who enjoyed a friendship with Pope Francis, has apparently died in a motorcycle accident.

Not a Catholic, Palmer was bishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, a group that is inspired by the “middle way” of classical Anglicanism and considers itself part of the Convergence Movement.

News is spotty at this point; but according to Archbishop Charles Hill, presiding prelate at Ambassadors for Christ Ministries of America (AFCMOA) in Atlanta, Palmer was in an accident while riding a motorcycle in the U.K.  After hours of surgery, Bishop Palmer died on Sunday, July 20, 2014.

Archbishop Hill asked for prayer for the family of Tony Palmer, in a message posted on his Facebook page:

In January 2014, Tony Palmer visited with Pope Francis at the Vatican.  During that meeting, Palmer used his iPhone to record an impromptu greeting from the Holy Father to an American Pentecostal conference.  In that video, which was released publicly in February, Pope Francis says to the Pentecostals gathered at a meeting of Kenneth Copeland Ministries in the United States, “Let’s give each other a spiritual hug.”

Bishop Palmer’s respect for the Holy Father and for the Catholic Church is evident in his remarks in introducing the video to Kenneth Copeland’s conference.  The message is one of brotherhood, unity and love.  “Brothers and sisters,” Palmer said to the group, “Luther’s protest is over.  Is yours?”  

I published a full report regarding the papal video in February; click here to read about it, and to watch the Pope’s informal video message as well as Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s return message.

*     *     *     *     *

Requiescat in pace, Tony Palmer.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and may his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.

*     *     *     *     *

UPDATE: The Ark Community, an internet-based, Inter-denominational Christian Convergent Community with which Bishop Tony Palmer was associated, has now posted an official announcement regarding his death. James Green, a U.K. photographer who is a member of the Community, invites people to post condolences for the family and friends of Bishop Palmer on a special page.

The message reads:

Dear Friends and Companions,

It is with deepest sadness that I inform you that +Tony Palmer went to be with Jesus yesterday evening. +Tony died from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident yesterday morning and although surgeons tried to save him for 10 hours, they were unable to do so. We humbly ask that +Tony’s family be given space to grieve at this incredibly difficult time but we encourage you to leave your condolences on this page for them to read as a source of encouragement and strength. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Peace & Good +


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  • Vivian Ruth Sawyer

    Abp. Hill’s Facebook post is the only source I’ve been able to find of Bp. Tony Palmer’s accident. Does it seem odd that it hasn’t been reported elsewhere at all?

    • kathyschiffer

      Tony Palmer’s own website (Ark Community) now has a notice, and is inviting people to post their condolences. I’ll post an update with that link when I can.

      • kathleen
      • Cynthia Aplaceinthesun

        Maybe he ain’t dead,, they could bring him back and say it was a miracle from God..ppl plz do not be fool by the papal system..the bible clearly tells you what they are all about, read revelation..and they lie to..the bible clearly tells you that when you die, Jesus says that death is like sleep, and that the dead no nothing, the only thing that goes up to heave is the last the last breath you breathe goes back to heaven.. And they have changed Gods 10 Commandments…

        • Marcelo

          I agree with you. The papal system hates the God’s law. It uses many ministers of evangelical churches to deceive the whole world in terms of unity among Christians. Remember that Tony Palmer was Catholic, and never he was a Christian. Please read the Bible about the state of the dead. The doctrine of dead taught by Catholicism is not a biblical one. Somehow, my condolences to his family.

  • Bishop Gerard O’Flaherty

    Dear Fr., you appear even at +Tony’s death to be misinformed as to his heart and Church.. The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches is not a breakaway Church from classical Anglicanism or a movement in protest to it. The convergence movement is a movement among evangelical Christians which has come to appreciate and love the wisdom of the “middle way” of the Anglican solution to Reformation issues. We hold historic Orders and seek to serve in a spirit of respect and unity towards our brothers and sisters in the greater Body of Christ. We are simply a Christian Communion of Churches who seek in our imperfection to follow the path of love exemplified by Jesus. Bishop Tony was a beautiful and pure hearted representative of that path. Please treat his memory with kindness and respect. For some of us he was our beloved brother and we grieve his passing.

    • kathyschiffer

      Bishop O’Flaherty, thank you for your contribution and for your correction, which I accept humbly. Please accept my condolences on your loss, which is a loss to all people of faith.

      So far there’s been no further information available in the media. I’d appreciate it if you’d share details as they become available, so that I can in turn share them with my readers. God bless.

      • Bishop Gerard O’Flaherty

        Thank you Kathy for your kind and understanding response. I deeply appreciate it.

    • Chris

      Gerard–I will pray Tony’s departed soul–you have my sincere condolences for your departed brother.

      I invite you to research history and to compare the solutions to ‘reformation’ issues of St. Charles Borremeo to the ‘middle way’ of Anglicans who disemboweled abbots and crushed housewives to death.

      Historic Orders mean little if they are anyone other than Christ’s orders–the Mystical Body of Christ has a visible head on earth. I will pray that you come to see that.

    • guesto3

      Amen….and God bless you. The language of the heart was the language used to converse between Pope Francis and Tony. Perhaps Tony can do even more for such understanding from above. He certainly accomplished much while here, being guided by the Holy Spirit in love.

    • Heather

      I am sorry for anyone who grieves a loved one in this world. But God is not happy with the binding of religions as one. Many of God’s elect see what is happening. There is a huge push for a one world religion. We know who is behind it and we know what the Bible says about it. We also know in the end, that the Lord is going to crush the Harlot!

    • Flame of Truth

      I would advise everyone participating in this forum to view the following video, and see for yourself what type of deception Tony Palmer was spearheading:

      P.S. As you view the video, please remember Jesus’ own words in:

      John 14:6
      Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

      …..and also

      Acts 4:12
      Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

      Remember, JESUS CHRIST is the only way to heaven. There is no other way, NO other god, and no other form of religion that can get you there.

      I do not believe that Tony Palmer had this in mind when he set out to merge different religions.

      This is super class deception.

  • That is a terrible. May he rest in peace. It seemed he would have been a positive force to bringing Catholics and Protestants together.
    On a separate note, motorcycles are very dangerous. They don’t handle the road like a car and once in an accident you have no protection around you.

    • Cynthia Aplaceinthesun

      Why would protestants want to be joined with Catholic’s..have some of you forgotten, how the catholic church mattered many Christians..wake up.. They will do it again once they have this one religion

      • Please take your bigotry elsewhere.

    • David Turk

      Why would Christians want to get together with a satanic cult?

      • How rude. Don’t you have manners?

  • jhon

    sad, he done a good job .,now the world is a little closer to the middle ages, Holy inquisition perhaps? when all the religions of the world unite in one and return to the pope, the pope will have the power that was taken away from him..then we will see the darkness and true face of the catholic church ,,,the gospel is going to be this one: UNITE WE US OR DIE….

    • Cynthia Aplaceinthesun


    • Heather

      Perhaps that is exactly why he chose the name “Francis”. God gave His children eyes to see, and we SEE what is going on.

  • Conscience PFLI

    Palmer is a lay man who was a fallen away Catholic. He is no more a “bishop” than I’m the King of France. God have mercy on his soul, I hope he had time to repent of his heresies before passing on

    • Anonymous

      This kind of snobbery is exactly why people leave the Church. Unbelievable.

      • AugustineThomas

        People leave the Church because Satan leads them to the vile heresies he refers to or else an even uglier apostasy.

        • Conscience PFLI

          Bingo! And Palmer is a layman and a heretic at the end of the day. Just sayin’!

      • Juan Pablo

        Are you saying that speaking with certainty on religious matters is snobbery? Are you not doing the same thing in dogmatically condemning the catholic church’s official stance on these matters (however much Francis wants to pretend they don’t exist)?

        • Conscience PFLI

          Egg-zactly, Pablo, the Catholic church is the ONLY church founded by Jesus Christ with directly roots back to Christ & the Apostles, All other “churches” are schismatic and broke off from the one true Church founded by Our Lord. Anything else is a lie and a delusion.

          • Friend

            hahaha!… then you woke up, right?

          • Friend

            I sincerely apologize for my comment above, tried to delete it I was unsuccessful. Sometimes the first things that come to mind should not always be spoken…. I didnt agree but I dont like leaving sarcastic comments. God Bless you!

          • Heather

            Is that why they worship Mary above Jesus? Is that why they decided on their own to change God’s Sabbath day from Saturday to Sun-day? I don’t get it. I keep seeing comments that the Catholic Church is The One True Church. How could that be when her preist, in different places, all over the world, have molested young boys in the Church? The truth absolutely hurts. Isaiah 47:3 Your nakedness will be uncovered. Your shame also will be exposed; I will take vengeance and will not spare a man.
            Come out of her while you still can. We are living in the end times. God is coming to put away all this evil!

          • Juan Pablo

            I guess your logic is the true church has no sin. In fact I would expect to find the most sin in the true church, because the devil would fight hardest against that church to the exclusion of all others.

          • Heather

            We are all sinners. But we are saved by God’s Grace for those who believe that God gave His only son and that Jesus died for our sins. Not by good works so that no man can boast. And also in reply to your comment, Matthew 16:18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!

          • Korou

            The will of man, however, did.

      • Conscience PFLI

        tsk, tsk, so intolerant

      • Phil Steinacker

        Anyone who leaves the Church over a truthful statement like that is shallow in their understanding of Catholicism, not to mention that their faith – if it exists at all – is thin.

        What’s unbelievable is the idiocy of your comments.

    • irena mangone

      My God where is your compassion. And you are a catholic without sin perfect in everyway except.

      • Conscience PFLI

        No, not without sin, not perfect (that’s why we have the graces of the Sacrament of Confession given to us by Christ on Thomas Sunday. It is compassion to share the truth so others in error will not go to hell, but rather die in the state of grace so they can eventually get to Heaven. That’s real love & compassion, not a man-centered touchy feely “religion”.

    • Chuck

      Hey King of France…genius, do some actual research. Palmer was never a Catholic. He started his own self funded ministry, focusing on bringing Jesus to the streets. He was invited to join the Anglican Church, as they offered to help fund and continue his ministry. His relationship with the Pope is not something I would endorse or understand, since we have (including you) no real substance about the relationship other than surface criticism. But his devotion to bringing the message of salvation to the streets is undeniable, and quite frankly is probably light years in volume above what you’re doing for God. So I’m guessing he’s with Jesus now…with no need to repent of what you in your infinite actual research of the facts would classify as heresy.

      • Conscience PFLI

        Tsk, tsk, so unwelcoming, so uninclusive, so intolerant…shame, shame! Palmer remains a heretic and Christ reminded us one sin has no forgiveness: presumption against the Holy Ghost. You, nor any human knows where Palmer is–only God does– and it is presumption to think it’s in heaven. These feel good tele-evangelists are not self funded, but rather absconding $$$ from people looking for some hope, taken advantage of by the likes of these. Palmer remains a layman and no “brother bishop” of Pope Francis or anyone else.

        • Chuck

          Once again, clueless proves clueless…nice research… but that would be too intellectually honest, and too much actual work to that might decrease your penchant for criticism. You act as if by accepting the Gift of Salvation, that you’ve done some special and unique. You might want to consider that without the Grace He extended to you to show you the truth, you’d be in deep doodoo…But hey, why should we interrupt your pious delusions that you actually had a hand in your redemption.

        • Rafael Salazar

          tsk tsk “intolerance” a very antichristian word to use… i feel you as a postmodernist being more papist than the pope.. I feel kinda sorry for you, but the pope never refer to tony palmer as an heretic, and i kinda feel the catholic church moving into an attempt for ecumenism since Second Vatican Council.. a council wich i think you may find heretic also 😉 because it isnt accord to your personal views.

    • Sola Christus

      Heresy is Roman Catholicism. You worship Mary as an idol, you rely on your own works and not the merit of Jesus Christ the Savior. Jesus is merely a footnote to Rome, you put your faith in your self righteous works theology. Salvation is by faith alone, in Christ alone, by God’s grace alone, for God’s glory alone, and Scripture is the only authority, not your ‘Vicar of Christ’ Francis.

      • UAWildcatx2

        I would have said that before you embarrass yourself that you should do a little research on what the Church *really* teaches, but too late…

  • Yankeegator

    Mercy on him… He was in rebellion and is not a Bishop…

  • Bill Russell

    This death is to be lamented, especially as it could easily have been avoided. It is imprudent for a grown man with a family to ride a motorcycle.

    However: Mr. Palmer was not a bishop not was he an Anglican. But in both cases – his peculiar sect or the Anglican Communion, the Catholic Church considers them by canon law “ecclesial entities” and not churches, although the latter term is commonly used in the vernacular.

    • JTLiuzza

      “It is imprudent for a grown man with a family to ride a motorcycle.”

      So true, Bill. I had motorcycles all my life starting at 11 years old. Had my first accident with stitches and scars (no broken bones) at 13. When I became married and had a baby on the way I thought, “What am I doing with this thing?” I sold it and never bought another.

      • Perry

        It is disappointing to see comments putting down Mr. Palmers decision to ride a motorcycle. Life is not truly lived from the comfort and security of an easy chair… Motorcycling affords one much time for peace, introspection, communion with God, and experiencing the exhilaration of LIFE. God speed Mr. Palmer.

        • guesto3

          More accidents from cars….or even getting up in the morning!

        • irena mangone

          Sorry this is meant for the other people re motor bikes. It is not necessarily safe to fly over Russian held territory either. A good man has died and all you can do is sit n judgement. thank God. That God is our judge. Not you lot

      • Cynthia Aplaceinthesun

        Well I want to make it again amen

    • sassysandy12

      If you knew the Bible, you’d know riding a motorcycle had nothing to do with it. God said our days are numbered. This day was his pre-destined day to die. God knows the number of hairs on your head, he knew before he created Adam the names of all mankind. He knew who would except him and those that wouldn’t. Maybe he’s being gone helps save others, since he was leading them to follow the oh so evil Vatican

      • AugustineThomas

        God save your soul from heresy and hatred of the One True Church!

        • Heather

          The One True Church? It is the Bride of Christ who is The One true Church, not the Catholic Church with all their paganistic symbols of sun gods, rosary beads,bent crosses, and on and on I could go. Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods before me. Revelation18:4 Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plaques.For her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. May God forgive the Catholic Church for their aiding in the slaughter of our Jewish brethren. The apple of God’s eye. We love Israel and will stand with Israel forever!

          • AugustineThomas

            Huh? Martin Luther murdered Jews for not converting to his vile heresy and acknowledging him as new pope. Many other early Protestant leaders followed suit.

            The Church has a direct connection to Christ, who gave the keys to St. Peter, a direct reference to the Old Testament, wherein a Davidic king would give the keys to the kingdom to a trusted adviser, making him the equivalent of a prime minister while the king was away.

            Do you believe Christ was confused when he told St. Peter “whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”?

          • Phil Steinacker

            Do you stay up late at night dreaming up your insanities? Or do you drink copious quantities of alcohol before coming online to post them?


          • Heather

            Who is the fool, the one seeks to see truth, or the one who sticks their head in the sand and chooses to reject the truth? You are the arrogant fool! Revelation 3: 16-17 So because you are luke warm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth . Because you say,” I am rich and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing.” And you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.

          • Hugo L

            I smell the sickening aroma of advantism with a drop of zealous ignorance.
            Advantism is a cult. Leave your brain at the door type of cult.

          • Hugo L

            Sorry Heather. One day you will find out that advantism is evil inspired and Ellen White teachings are pure delusion. Hate, fear and ignorance is the fuel of this cult. I just can’t stand it’s bs anymore. I just wan’t people who read those comments to understand where your crazyness comes from and that it is not entirely your fault. You see how much of a nice guy I am.

          • Hugo

            Advantism is not the one true church, that is for sure. It is the one true cult of paranoia and propaganda.

        • EndTheMatrix

          The One True Church of Sun Worship? Love the people, hate the enemy behind the veil!! Love and sympathy goes out to Tony’s family…. a very sad end.

          • AugustineThomas

            I’m sorry that vile heresies have led you to slander God’s One True Church. (Christ commanded unity and gave the keys to St. Peter. He never commanded forty thousand warring Protestant churches, nor handed out ten million keys to every Protestant with a one-man theology.)

            God bless Anthony Palmer!

          • EndTheMatrix

            We are given, by the One and Only True Living God (of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob), the Holy Scriptures to discern and test for the truth. Tony Palmer said we should unite and sort out doctrines in heaven, did he not? We are warned in scripture of an enemy (Satan) who will try to deceive even God’s very elect. God’s true “end time remnant”, according to Rev 12:17, will bear two characteristics. They have the testimony of Jesus Christ, and keep the Commandments of God. This gives us the ability to test individuals, organizations and even the current Ecumenical movement led by the Pope, the late Tony Palmer, and joined now by some leaders of the Protestant church. If we are told to disregard instruction like Rev 12:17 by a leader of the Ecumenical movement, then in my opinion, it is a major warning bell ringing LOUDLY that this movement is false. I will trust, rely on and cling to ONLY GOD’S HOLY WORD…. Sola Scriptura (Latin ablative, “by Scripture alone”). I will continue to protest against the devil and every deceptive false religion he promotes that claim to point to God, but in the end, point to lucifer under many guises, almost always via forms of ancient Sun worship. I keep the Commandments of God, and have the testimony of the Mightly Lord Jesus Christ. Is this heresy by your standards AugustineThomas??

          • AugustineThomas

            Christ commanded you to take his sacraments. When you disregard his commands, yes, you are committing heresy. (I do believe that heretics can do good. God can make good of any wrong.)

          • EndTheMatrix

            Where is this command?

          • kathyschiffer

            Try this: “Do this in remembrance of me.”

          • EndTheMatrix

            Yes, I participate joyfully in communion if that’s what you mean. So, back to the point, why am I a heretic?

          • AugustineThomas

            He said “do this in memory of me”, not “drink grape juice and eat crackers in memory of me”. Furthermore, Judas is specifically upset with Christ because Judas thinks that Christ is ruining his chances for earthly power by telling everyone that they must literally eat Christ’s flesh and drink Christ’s blood. (Many then, as do many now, believed that it sounded too much like cannibalism and it scared them.)

      • John Wilson

        That is Calvinist heresy – enjoined with oriental “karma.” Orthodox Christianity teaches that we have a free will and, while God can call us when he wills, we can also also contradict his will by the misuse of our own free will.

  • Cynthia Aplaceinthesun

    Conscience PFLI
    I agree with you 100%

  • AugustineThomas

    God save his soul from heresy!

    Anthony Palmer, requiescat in pace! All the seven named St. Anthony and St. Antoninus pray for us!

  • Josue Fonseca

    The post above me looks amazing. I am Catholic and teacher of Church History. The Bishop Palmer was my brother. And I think this is what Jesus would have said in such a situation… No more comments! J. F. Ph D. Spain.

  • GC in the UK

    Whatever issue I have with his views, this is a tragedy where a man has had his life cut short, and his family are without a husband and father. He lived in the same town as me, and while it does not name him this is the local news report about the accident:

  • Pauline Edwards

    We pray that the death of Bishop Tony Parker will not hinder the cause for Christian unity for which he had such a heart and spoke so passionately.
    We ask the Lord to give each one of us ,who have been inspired by Tony and shocked by his death, the grace and courage to continue to play our part as ‘bridge builders ‘bringing about peace reconciliation and love across the divisions.
    May the Holy Spirit comfort his family ,friends, and his good friend Pope Francis at this time.

  • Mher

    I cannot endure another remark about the “evil papal system,” Tony’s decision to drive a motorcycle or even his credentials.
    During the last 3 years I’ve personally known him, I’ve only felt genuine and unconditional love. He was a man who had received a direct mission from God which he accomplished by His Grace. Only time will show us the magnitude of his obedience and work within the Body of Christ.
    But, in the present moment, I suggest you refrain to post here if you do not have anything kind to say. Please resist your ability to show us that you’re right just for this one thread.
    Thank you.

    • kathyschiffer

      Thank you. This is the thing about the Internet–People feel empowered to be rude, so much ruder than they would be face to face.

      • David Turk

        Kathy get out of that satanic cult. Your salvation depends on it.

  • Franny De

    They’ve killed him!

  • Bill Russell

    The sudden death of Tony Palmer lends perspective to just how much is
    at stake when it comes to the deeply troubling words and deeds of the
    current pope. Countless souls are at stake, and yet there are those in
    the Catholic media who refuse to raise their voice beyond a veritable
    shoulder shrug.

    If indeed the Holy Father’s private conversations with Tony Palmer
    mirrored his public discourse as it relates to the need of conversion,
    how terrible it must be for the pope to contemplate the disservice he
    did to his friend and “brother bishop” now that he has passed.

    On the other hand, one wonders if this pope’s manner of thinking is
    so entirely disconnected from the mind of the Church that he is even
    capable of such regret.

  • Cz

    Why is there so much judgment in this world. This man was a man of God attempting to bring denominations together. If the Pope welcomed him, why are the Catholics so disrespectful toward this man. RIP

  • John Gomez

    Christianity is not based upon unity of religions, coz religion cannot push for the ONE WORLD RELIGION, we as Bible believers protest the religious practice of paganism, idolatry, etc. Our stand in what the Bible instruct us, tells us, God hates religion coz its man made. My stand is that the Bible is above all, our authority on how to live a christian life and we do not need religion to dictate us, what to do. We cannot be part of the Catholic Church cause its not what the Bible tells us, Faith in Jesus alone not the mandate of their church. I stand for what the Bible tells me and not the so called Catholic Church uniting us to damnation. Jesus set us free and we only need Jesus Christ the Son of God. Religion can never give salvation. Saving Faith is trusting in Jesus alone for your salvation. READ:Eph.2:8,9; John 3:16; 2tim.3:16; Acts 16:31; Acts 4:12; Rev.3:20 I WILL WORSHIP ONLY ONE TRUE GOD JESUS CHRIST SON OF GOD, only Him will i serve. Amen

    • Heather

      Amen! Don’t be blinded by this double minded speaking Pope. When he tells the whole world, “Athiest can go to Heaven by good works”. There is a problem here. Look how he snubbed Israel when he was in Israel. Folks the False Prophet is here before your eyes! Tribulation is knocking at the door!

  • Concerned

    Tony Palmers death was tragic. So was his work to lead bible believing christians back to Rome. He was truly a judas. He was also a liar. The protest is NOT over! Revelation says “Come out of her my people”. Read Revelation chapter 17 and 18. If this describes your church LEAVE IT !

  • Ajay D’Almeida

    Why are all of you being so judgmental? Is each one of you so perfect that he/she has never faltered? God expects us to LOVE my friends and not judge each other. You are I have the Christian Mandate to LOVE not to JUDGE!

  • harry

    there are some nasty types on here who are ‘blessed’ with the gifts of ‘judgement’ and ‘criticism’ like conscience PFLI (who clearly doesn’t have one) and Augustine Thomas. i bet you’ve done a great job of keeping people out of your churches! you okes deserve a good slap!

    I have known tony palmer for 18 years and can assure everyone that he was a man of God in the true sense of the word, not fallen away from anything, but into the arms of Jesus and that he is with the Lord now.

    his passing is very sad and he will be missed by those whose lives he touched and enhanced with his encouragement and kind words.

    my heart goes out to his family

    • Conscience PFLI

      looks like your comment is judgmental…NO kidding, discernment is a gift of the Holy Ghost.

  • Guest again

    “Bishop” Tony seems to have brought out the best in everyone…

  • Howard

    I get the impression that this was more of a professional rapport than an actual friendship; in fact, I think he would be described in German not as ein Freund but as ein guter Bekannter — a good acquaintance.

  • Sam

    Tower of Siloam people, remember Jesus talked about the Tower of Siloam.

  • Maureen

    To all my Catholic brothers and sisters, I am ashamed and saddened by your ruthless and uncharitable comments. Is this the way you shine the light of Christ in the world? You are no different then the Pharisees!

  • J. Mallord

    Liberty of Conscience Threatened

    Romanism is now regarded by Protestants with far greater favor than in former years. In those countries where Catholicism is not in the ascendancy, and the papists are taking a conciliatory course in order to gain influence, there is an increasing indifference concerning the doctrines that separate the reformed churches from the papal hierarchy; the opinion is gaining ground that, after all, we do not differ so widely upon vital points as has been supposed, and that a little concession on our part will bring us into a better understanding with Rome. The time was when Protestants placed a high value upon the liberty of conscience which had been so dearly purchased. They taught their children to abhor popery and held that to seek harmony with Rome would be disloyalty to God. But how widely different are the sentiments now expressed!

    The defenders of the papacy declare that the church has been maligned, and the Protestant world are inclined to accept the statement. Many urge that it is unjust to judge the church of today by the abominations and absurdities that marked her reign during the centuries of ignorance and darkness. They excuse her horrible cruelty as the result of the barbarism of the times and plead that the influence of modern civilization has changed her sentiments.

    Have these persons forgotten the claim of infallibility put forth for eight hundred years by this haughty power? So far from being relinquished, this claim was affirmed in the nineteenth century with greater positiveness than ever before. As Rome asserts that the “church never erred; nor will it, according to the Scriptures, ever err ” (John L. von Mosheim, Institutes of Ecclesiastical History, book 3, century II, part 2, chapter 2, section 9, note 17), how can she renounce the principles which governed her course in past ages?

    The papal church will never relinquish her claim to infallibility. All that she has done in her persecution of those who reject her dogmas she holds to be right; and would she not repeat the same acts, should the opportunity be presented? Let the restraints now imposed by secular governments be removed and Rome be reinstated in her former power, and there would speedily be a revival of her tyranny and persecution

    The Great Controversy (Chapter 35 ~ Liberty of Conscience Threatened) Pages 563-564 ~ Author Ellen G. White 1858 first edition.

  • Carlie Lynn Smith