Police Seek Clues in Tony Palmer Motorcycle Death

Police Seek Clues in Tony Palmer Motorcycle Death July 22, 2014

As news becomes available, we learn that it was a head-on collision in Chelwood, U.K. that led to the death of evangelical pastor Tony Palmer July 20.

Bishop Palmer caught the attention of the world in February 2014, when he carried Pope Francis’ video greeting to Pentecostals gathered at the Kenneth Copeland conference.

A reader has sent this information from the Bath Chronicle.  Although the article doesn’t name the victim, the reader–who lives in the local area–confirms that this is the accident which claimed the life of Tony Palmer:

Police have confirmed the man died at Southmead Hospital on Sunday evening and his family are being supported by a specially trained family liaison officer.

Officers are appealing for witnesses to the collision, which happened at 6.50am on Sunday on the A368 at Chelwood, to come forward.

A silver coloured Audi 4 was travelling from Blagdon towards Chelwood Bridge when it was involved in a collision with a motorcycle travelling in the opposite direction.

Police are keen to speak to the driver of a Ford Cougar, which is believed to have been on the A368 at the time of the incident, who could have useful information to help the investigation.

Please keep Bishop Palmer and his family in your prayers.

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  • GC in the UK

    Sadly, it appears that the diver of the car was under the influence of alcohol – the police have confirmed that the driver failed a roadside breath test and was arrested and released on bail.


    • Larry Wolfe

      Any word on his funeral yet? Nothing online… No one single word….

  • irena mangone

    Eternal rest grant to him o Lord and may perpetual light shine on him

  • Hin

    I’m so sorry to hear this news .
    Was this a hit and run or did the driver of the Audi stop?
    If he did, was he or anyone else injured?

  • GreatGrany5

    This is just so very sad and what a terrible waste of life to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Horrible.

  • GC in the UK

    The driver of the Audi stopped, it wasn’t a hit and run. He was arrested at the road side and tested positive for alcohol. Very sad state of affairs

  • Tony Palmer has finished his assignment for the devil & now he has been dispatched with no time to repent, so he will be where he was happy to send so many.

    • MaryB435

      I never met the man, but I have heard of him. Since I’m not omniscient like you seem to think you are, I decided to pray for his family. You decided to inflict needless pain on his family. You wouldn’t want people to treat you like that! Have some compassion! You should stop wasting your precious time criticizing people you don’t even know. Pray for his soul, and for his grieving family, and stop pretending to be God. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You should do good and keep your mouth shut.
      You must be a very wounded person to delight in such cruelty. I pray that YOU will repent and be healed. Remember, we’re all sinners who need the Lord’s forgiveness.
      Oremus pro invicem!

      • Mary I do not need to be omniscient to know that any one who has led Gods flock into the pit of hell is going there himself, & unlike Catholics like yourself I do not pray to the devil, & if you had bothered to watch Tony Palmer you would know that that is who he is, & as for his wife another Catholic like yourself who led him to where he is, so the best I could offer her is not the sop you call compassion but the cruel truth in the hope that she will repent & come to the Lord, which is what I call true love. It may not be Latin but or sacrosanct but everyone knows the truth in the saying “sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind” & in this I follow my master Jesus who was also known to be very “cruel” unlike his enemy who kills by FLATTERY.

        • MaryB435

          I will pray for you, but I will never reply to you again. Your mind and heart are closed. You are incapable of reason. You think you know everything, including the state of another’s soul. You have NO idea.
          The sin of pride is very dangerous. It’s what changed Lucifer into Satan.
          You say that Jesus is your master. Think of what Jesus says to those who call Him “Lord,Lord”, but do not follow His will. You don’t want to hear Him say “I never knew you.”
          Your anti-Catholic bigotry and hatred have blinded you. You will make yourself insane, closing yourself into an ever-shrinking world. People will avoid you because you’re so cruel and obnoxious. You will probably then think in your self-righteous indignation that you’re being persecuted!
          For your own good, I beg you to repent before you destroy your own life, here and in eternity. I actually do want what’s best for you. That’s the difference. You want to condemn. That’s the truth. It’s definitely NOT flattery. I don’t expect you to listen. I wish you would, but you haven’t given me any evidence that you actually think. I predict you’ll just explode in hysterical anti-Catholic bigotry. So, I WILL pray, but I WILL NOT waste any more time discussing this with you. Good-bye.

        • Hugo L

          You don’t even know the guy. I am tired of crazy advantists who thinks everyone will go to hell but themselves and serves all kind of sickening propaganda in the name of the Lord. You should be ashame. Advantism is a cult that bears the fruit of hatred and paranoia.

          • I suppose an “advantist” is a new word the RCC & the NWO has taught you to attach to anyone who like Luther opposes the evil corruption of Rome & looks forward to the second coming of Christ. Yes then I am guilty of the heinous crime of waiting for the Lord to come as He told us to when he will judge the “harlot” Roman Catholic Church” & all those like the apostate Tony Palmer who led his flock into her!

          • Hugo L

            Apostate? You don’t even know the guy. And we are not in the 1500 anymore wether you like it or not. You claim you know Jesus but faith is not only about waiting for Him. It’s also about learning about each other in order to love one another. Palmer never wanted people to convert to catholicism, that could never have happened. Think about it. He just wanted christians to be at peace with each other in respect and love so that the church may be strong against the enemy. Sometime, you think you know something but it is just a chimera. Heck, you may even contribute to satan plan by promoting fear and nonsense. Be responsible, be active in your community, win souls, be someone people want to look up to, build yourself in wisdom. Broader your perspective. Stop watching you tube or you will end up in need of delivrance.
            Those videos promotes fear whitch paralyzes and create hatred. Then you start to think that there is nothing you can do, that the governement is out to get you, the jesuits, the masons… You get depressed and you get whack by a demon. Then it’s delusion and pure hate. You blame the pope for everything, but really you should look at what you have in terms of freedom and possibilities. Get involve in truth, not in fear. Get out, make friends, pray together, be happy, build your community in good works. I guarantee you that if you do that, you won’t have time to post this types of comments anymore.

  • I can’t recall who wrote this, but I never forget its truth ” Out of the presses of pain, cometh the souls choicest wine, and the eyes that have shed no rain, can shed but little shine”.
    People do not become monsters because they have been hurt; on the contrary, and I’m proud to be amongst those, thank you Mary Mary who value the blood of the billions who died for the faith that Tony Palmer & his ilk have cast back to Rome.

    • Hugo L

      Are you talking about the blood of the muslims that wanted to walk across christian lands and destroy its people a thousand years ago or the blood that has been spilled while the catholic church was policing countries and building states in medieval times. Or maybe in more recent political conflicts which opposes catholics against protestants. There was blood on both parties hands you know. Don’t you see that there is no point in fighting and that there will never be a new religion built from a mix of protestantism ans catholicisim. This is pure madness. You should be more aware about islam that denies the Son and the Father. That’s anti-christ. That’s my opinion.

  • As the women told Jeremiah in 44v17-26 ‘As for the word you have spoken in the name of the Lord, we will not listen to you. But we will do everything that we have vowed, burn incense to the queen of heaven, pour out our libations to her, as we did both we & our fathers…for then we had plenty of food & prospered & saw no evil. But since we left off burning incense to her we have lacked everything… Then confirm your words & perform your vows!’ But the Lord will judge you.

  • sean

    Has there been any reaction from the Pope to this tragedy?

  • MAJA

    is he really dead?????? hospital is recorded as saying he was “Discharged” 2 hours after his arrival. discharged ALIVE. Jesus warned of this… keep your eyes open and on JESUS CHRIST so you are not deceived by the “FALSE PROPHET”.

  • Well Hugo a go go, you really are an idiot & in these “last days” I don’t have time to waste mincing words on you because if you don’t know that the RCC CREATED Islam to wrest back Jerusalem & that your precious Pope is already bringing the Koran into your church, not to mention Alien’s & homosexuals then your head is too far in the sand to ever see or believe what Christ himself taught us & warned us about & that’s the only thing I’m interested in watching & following. Not the man made WORKS that you & yours contend (against Jesus’s own warnings) will bring salvation. And as the Pope is now selling INDULGENGES again I would propose that we are back in the 1500’s spiritually and nothing more needs to be said about the “falling away” from the faith which Christ promised would come before His return–which even the blindest liar cannot deny the late Tony Palmer cheer leaded, but I’m sure you will anyway. And before you start a rant about me calling you a liar, which I am, go back & reread your posts & I hope my rely to you has shown you that it is true. So don’t bother replying to me because like Mary I wont be replying to you.

  • broandrew

    As I watched Tony Palmer video, with him and the pope and Pastor Kenneth Copeland, I liked the spirit of the man. At first I was real questionable about this whole meeting. I believe now, that the (jesuits) took Tony Palmer out , because he was a threat to the Pope’s ( JESUIT) plan. For we live in a time when the pope will shake hands with the Anti-Christ, the devil incarnate person when the Sunday Law is in effect, when the USA will be over with. Marshall Law days. 90% of the Catholics love their Lord Jesus and the virgin, they live rightous lives, most well know the falsehood of the pope. The vatican is the most evil place on earth, GOD the Father hates the liars. Learn here : http://king-of-the.net/#jesuit

    • kathyschiffer

      You’re quite the conspiracy theorist, Broandrew. The Jesuits?! Good grief.

    • Crispy

      I believe you are partly right, broandrew!
      I just checked out, a week or so ago, Tony Palmer. I have much Jesuit knowledge, NWO, etc.

      Tony Palmer released 3hours after admittance to hospital.

      It appears from a utube video. Calling the hospital, right after the accident, Tony was there 2 hours and 58 minutes, and RELEASED. The operator repeated the answer and clarified the computer would have stated ” DECEASED” If that were the case.
      He may not have been a threat to the Jesuits, BUT, because he was called to UNITE the churches….by the Catholic Church…the ultimate goal to Create a ONE WORLD GOVT. And RELIGION…..like the roman empire…..
      He may have accomplished THEIR GOAL. He is either alive, or they swept him away after his release, to either, another life as they created for Hitler, after his job was done, OR, they may have KILLED him, later!
      I am not sure what the whole take was from his Italian wife…..with all this happening!
      Check more into it.
      Sometimes it takes time, but, if you are vigilant, and truly seek the TRUTH, God will provide it.
      By the way, much of what the Roman Church taught, was totally incorrect about the TRUE Jesus, Son of the ONE True God.
      We were never suppose to honor his mother the way the pagan church does…
      They killed off all the Christ followers for 300 years and then embraced for political reasons, Christianity, while incorporating their own Pagans gods into the religion.

  • Sajith Solomon

    Bishop Tony Palmer died on the feast day of Prophet Elijah…He came with the spirit of Prophet Elijah…did his ministry of communion with the spirit of Prophet Elijah…return back to our Father to receive his Eternal reward…Don’t always protest dear protestants..see the good of others..God bless you all..Hallelujah..Amen