Poncho the Parrot Prays the Hail Mary

Poncho the Parrot Prays the Hail Mary September 27, 2014

Poncho the ParrotAh, the Internet:  Ain’t it grand?

I stumbled upon this wonderful clip of a green parrot that’s mastered the Hail Mary.  I thought you’d enjoy it, too!


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  • Coral Levang

    There are many questions I have as a non-Catholic, and a writer. Perhaps you and your readers can assist me. I recently wrote an article on the wearing of rosary beads as jewelry. Thank you and your readers, in advance, for reading my questions and for your/their thoughts.


    • Sev

      There are certain types of people who wear the rosary: those who do it as a devotional and to have it close to their hearts, those who wear it out of superstition, and those who wear it as jewelry.

      I have a devout Catholic uncle who wears the rosary. He is very dedicated to Our Lady. To him it serves a purpose of having the gift of her rosary close to him and since demons hate it, my uncle likes to “shove it in their faces” so to speak.

      On the other hand, I have a non-Catholic cousin who at one point wore it because he thought it brought him good luck while playing sports.

      When in college, there was a girl who wore a rosary around her neck and wrapped a scapular around her ankle. I asked why she would choose to wear a scapular on her ankle. To paraphrase what she said: I’m Catholic, it’s a cultural thing, I wear it as jewelry. She claimed she was a practicing Catholic, but she obvious was ignorant that wearing a rosary or scapular as jewelry is disrespectful because she isn’t wearing it correctly.

      Here are three different people wearing it for different reasons. Obviously, my uncle is the one who wears it correctly. My cousin used it in the same way he would use a rabbit’s foot, which is disrespectful to Our Lady’s rosary. The jewelry-girl, through ignorance, wasn’t aware of the word “respect”. Then, of course, there are always the gang members who wear them, but they obviously don’t have a clue either.

      Now as for Catholics who chose NOT to wear the rosary, I can give the opinion of myself: the rosary is meant to be prayed with, an “aid”, so it really makes no sense having it around my neck. Ever hear of chaplet beads? http://www.giftsofaith.com/rosary-chaplets3.htm
      It would be pretty silly stringing a bunch of those around my neck. The same goes if I were to string a statue around my neck: silly. Religious orders aside… I believe wearing a rosary isn’t proper.

      • Coral Levang

        Thank you for your response, Sev. I’m not sure what a scapular is so just one more thing I need to look up! 🙂

    • ElizD

      The rosary is not jewelry, usually you keep it in your pocket or in a pouch or case. I have occasionally seen Catholics who were very devoted to praying the rosary who would put it around their neck basically because it was their constant companion and a convenient way to carry it, one sees this even in the portrait of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, a profound man of prayer who was a homeless person in Rome in the 18th c. In these cases it’s not a showy-looking rosary but a very basic useable one. Many/most devout Catholics I know routinely carry a rosary with them, but never around their neck. Usually when I see people on the street wearing a rosary, it’s a very safe bet they are not Catholic, have never prayed the rosary, and have very little idea what the rosary is. They aren’t trying to be disrespectful and don’t realize this misuse of the rosary as a fashion accessory might offend Catholics (yes, I am in my 30s and it does bother me–in fact I volunteer with the homeless and am close to them so I know locally homeless men have often taken rosaries from our Eucharistic Adoration Chapel that are not meant to be removed from there, and wear them as jewelry! I actually think they probably assumed they were free necklaces being given away), they just have no idea. I have found that often protestants think it is a type of cross necklace and are very surprised if you explain what it really is. Often people who aren’t Catholic have never actually seen anyone praying the rosary, this is where a generational aspect comes in since the younger generation (even of Catholics) would have had less exposure to the actual practice of praying the rosary.

      • ElizD

        Some rosaries are not long enough to put around the head. It is funny seeing the bafflement of a person who assumes it is a necklace and tries to put it on only to find it is “too small.”

      • $121596887

        My wife, a teacher who works with at-risk youth, when finding one with a rosary around his neck will say, “I do hope you pray your rosary daily!” When the question mark is drawn across their face, she tells them that she would be glad to teach them how.

  • Coral Levang

    I LOVE Pancho, by the way. 🙂

  • ElizD

    As a parrot owner, I highly enjoyed this. 😀 My bird was also listening.

  • Guest

    Go Poncho! Helping us all out!
    Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis peccatoribus!

  • LOL, he’d be great in a group prayer of the rosary.

  • Stitch Peplow

    What a sweetie!!! I’d love to say the rosary with Poncho!