Getting Hekate’s Attention

Getting Hekate’s Attention February 15, 2018

Calling upon Hekate is a vital part of devotion and witchcraft. There are several considerations that can help ensure you have success when seeking Hekate’s attention and there are many ways to go about getting it.



Hekate’s Messages

Many devotees of Hekate talk about experiencing intense spontaneous communication from her. These messages can come in many forms, including:

  • hearing Hekate speak to you, either through a voice or seeing a written message in your mind’s eye
  • having a vision of Hekate
  • unexpectedly seeing one of Hekate’s symbols
  • our interpretation of events
  • a knowing

Like I wrote above, the video gets into more detail about these five basic types of spontaneous messages from Hekate. The key thing is to remain open to your inner world and to be a skilled observer of your surroundings.

Having this intense experience happen out of nowhere is a wonderful thing, but there’s many times when I want to get Hekate’s attention.

Calling Hekate

There are three basic situations that motivate me to call upon Hekate:

  • Guidance
  • Spells
  • Devotional rituals

In addition, I may seek to find her through a metaphysical experience, such as the Hekate’s Key Journey. I’ve already mentioned the five categories of messages that we can receive from Hekate. These can be received through spontaneous transmission or by intentional efforts of our part because we are in need of her guidance. While I always want her guidance, in magickal workings I want more than this – I want her help. Since my goal is her intervention, I want to seek her favor on my witchcraft in a way that both honors her and assists me in getting the job done. Then there are times when I am only seeking her presence only to express my devotion.

For all three of these circumstances, I want to involve Hekate in a way that is appropriate for my intention. Seeking guidance needs to be done, at least for me, in a reverential manner. I see her as a wise mentor who can provide me with sage advice. In witchcraft, I see her as more of a force that I can petition for favors. Finally, when expressing devotion, I seek her as a devotee.

Considerations When Calling Upon Hekate

Regardless of what the situation is, there are important considerations:

  • Preparation is everything
  • Confidence is a must
  • Hekate knows best
  • Blocks happen

Be Prepared for Hekate

The likelihood of me be able to involve Hekate in my magick greatly depends on my preparation. Even with spontaneous messages, the more open I am, the more tuned into my inner world and my surroundings, the more likely I am to not miss Hekatean communications. By being open, I am referring to establishing a energetic capacity to recognize Hekate’s energy. I can become more open through various methods, such as learning about Hekate, honoring her and developing my witchcraft skills.

There’s also the side of devotion that some people don’t care much for – living a virtuous life. I think they don’t like this approach, at least partly, because it implies that Hekate’s favor can be earned. I happen to believe that it’s true – virtuous living does, in a sense, elevate our position with Hekate. But not in the way a good child might get rewarded. It’s because we become better in every way, including devotion and witchery, through the values of love, truth and faith.

Confidence is Required

Having faith means believing that Hekate can be present at my working. More importantly, I need to have faith in myself. If I don’t believe that I have the ability – and perhaps the right – to Hekate’s presence, then I am not going to be very successful in my working.

Hekate Knows Best

Even if I am very sure that my desired outcome is in my own best interests, there are times when Hekate doesn’t give me the message I want or my spell fails. There’s even times when my devotional rituals don’t get her attention. Or at least it appears that way. I think she is always there, but may remain in the shadows instead of coming out in force. However she presents herself – or doesn’t – is sometimes her call, but there are others when the responsibility lies entirely with me.

Blocks Happen

There are times when Hekate seems to be nowhere to be found. Personally, I view this as a problem on my end rather than hers. You can think of it like a lamp that’s both plugged into the wall outlet and on a wall switch. Hekate is the plugged in lamp, it’s up to us to flip the switch. We’ve got to get up and go turn on the light. Of course, she can override the switch as she does when she sends us spontaneous messages.

Now, for me, turning on that switch can be difficult. There can be obstacles, like my shadow self or energetic entities that seek to block me from connecting with Hekate. I know when this is happening because I feel a wall going up between myself and Hekate. Just this morning when I was out hiking, I had to ask myself what was going on because I was feeling distant from her. Turns out, I had some gunky energy stuck to me. I got rid of the problem and then had a powerful Dark Moon ritual.

Ways Hekate Can be Involved in Magick

In my Dark Moon or Deipnon ritual, I called upon Hekate by calling her energy into the space. I have my own take on how this works. When I seek Hekate’s attention, I both evoke her as an external force and invoke her through my own divine soul-spark. I want her presence in my surroundings and within my being. Sometimes I do this through petitioning her directly or I use her symbols and activate their energy. The latter only applies to spells.

Methods of Calling Upon Hekate

I always create a sacred space whenever I am calling upon Hekate whether it’s through casting the strophalos, energetic cleansing before prayer, or creating a movable space that goes with me on a pilgrimage.

If I am using energy alone, then I can access the powers within Hekate’s symbols (fire, Hekate’s Wheel and keys are the three I use the most) or by using correspondences (like herbs, locations, colors). I don’t tend to use the “energy only” approach very often. What I almost always do is to use symbols and correspondences in conjunction with voces magicae to seek Hekate’s presence.

Words of power are perhaps the most sure-fire way to connect to Hekate, although I believe the symbols and the correspondences help. There are lots of types of words of power that can be used to communicate with Hekate:

  • Ancient chants
  • Writing chants
  • Saying her name
  • Epithets
  • Ephesian letters
  • Sacred sounds

I have used all of these types of words of power. There are powerful chants in The Greek Magical Papyri. This is a brief section from one of my favorites:


My Approach to Calling Hekate

I typically write my own chant using carefully selected epithets. I usually start out by reciting her name many times and then getting into the specific aspects that I am calling upon. These scripts can be heavily influenced by those found in the ancient texts or not at all. I tend to stick to the existing epithets from the ancient texts because there are so many of them, but I often interpret them in a way that makes sense to me.

The Ephesian letters are used by some devotees. I typically reserve them for prayers only. These ancient letters with obscure meanings are a type of sacred sound that can be used for calling upon Hekate. There are other sacred sounds that I use that can be from an ancient text or another source. You can watch this if you’re interested in seeing me call upon Hekate using this approach.

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