Hekate: Goddess of Relationships

Hekate: Goddess of Relationships February 13, 2018

Hekate’s complex history includes a wide variety of relationships, from the epic tale of her guiding Persephone back and forth to the Under World to her maternal bond with the ancient witch, Medea. In addition, Hekate and her many names can provide us with a source of magickal energy and personal guidance when it comes to our own relationships.

Hekate’s dominion over the Realm of the Liminal is where the energy of relationships can be found – as a co-creation between people but existing in neither person. We can turn to Hekate as a Goddess of Relationships to learn a great deal about how to manage our own interpersonal situations, even when we are lonely. It’s actually during these times of isolation that Hekate spontaneously comes to us, offering comfort and hope. 

Historical Hekate and Her Relationships

There is a common image of Hekate as a loner goddess. She is mighty, but she always seems so alone. It’s time to dispel that myth. Hekate has so many associations with other deities, entities and humans that there’s no way that I could list them all in one blog. I’d need a book to do that.

Hekate’s Many Ancient Relationships

From her most famous role as Persephone’s guide to and from the Under World to her maternal bond with the witch Medea, relationships play a central role in Hekatean mythology. As for her being the lonely one wandering the night, while she is often doing this, it’s so she can guide and protect us humans. Sometimes she’s the light through the path of our life, but she’s also the guardian of the unquiet dead.

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