Hekate and the Moon

Hekate and the Moon February 28, 2018

Hekate has been strongly associated with the moon for millennia.  From her role as an Under World Goddess to her interpretation as a heavenly mediator, her lunar aspects have always been dominant. But it’s as the Goddess of Witchcraft where Hekate’s moon connections truly shine. Building upon all these connections, we can draw down Hekate’s Moon to enhance our rituals. 

“…and yonder pale-faced Hecate there, the moon Doth give consent to that is done in darkness.”

Thomas Kyd, The Spanish Tragedy Tragedy 16th CE

I’ve been in love with the moon for as long as I can remember. The night, to me, is a time of mystery and witchery. The moonlight comforts me in a very primal way. The lunar calendar is entrenched in my magick. My devotion to Hekate also centers around the lunar cycle.

Ancient Hekate and the Moon

There are so many ways that Hekate is associated with the moon throughout the almost three thousand years of records available that it was a daunting task to summarize what I feel are the key points into one article. I know I’ve left things out, but I’ve tried to give a decent overview.

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