This is a Witch Hunt

This is a Witch Hunt March 2, 2018

I’m a witch and I’m hunting down those who profit from selling weapons that shouldn’t be in civilians’ hands. Will you join me?

The Witch No. 3. Baker, Joseph E., ca. 1837-1914. Public domain.


I’m an  outlaw, back-country sort of witch. I live in the sticks like we say around here. I am not in anyway anti-hunting. Nor am I against arming yourself to protect your family and property. That’s how we do it ’round here.

Devils of Senseless Death

What I am against are the devils of senseless death. They spin a web of lies and deceit so intricate that it’s almost impossible to suss them out. But, I’m a witch. I know a thing or two about the things that hide in dark corners. And you know what, lifting up rocks to reveal the nasty creatures dwelling underneath is something I enjoy doing. In fact, I don’t think those insects are horrible at all. What I do think is terrible is the way that some corporations act. They way they hide the true nature of their business by using clever marketing and different names. Retailers that say they are only doing what they have to do to make a buck.

My Weapons are Mighty

I leave those bugs alone after I study them. But the corporate insects aren’t so lucky. Because I’m hunting them down. Turning over the rocks, revealing the devils underneath. I’ve got all I need to crush them. In one hand I hold the torch and in the other a sword. Not the conventional kind. My torch is my ability to reveal the truth. I carry a  sword that has the might of my consumerism, while my shield protects those who can’t speak out.

We See You

And my mouth – actually my fingers – can speak out loud and clear. It seems I’m not the only one. My various social media feeds have been full of outrage over this last senseless mass shooting. I see my fellow warriors lifting up rocks, shining light in the dark corners. We see you, corporate devils in disguise.

Those of you who hide the true nature of your business from us while we buy our water bottles and camping supplies from one of your “respectable” brands. We’ve hunted you down. Forced you out of hiding. Our sword is aimed at you. We see you retailers who sell weapons and ammunition that don’t belong in the hands of civilians. You’re in our sights. Our sword is coming for you, too.

You Won’t Win

You know the thing about witches is that we are used to a good hunt. While you were hunting us, we were learning. And guess what? You didn’t win. And you won’t now. There’s more of us now than there is of you. Our sword of consumerism can yield a deadly blow. But, we’re a compassionate lot. We don’t want blood. We want the bloodshed to stop.

Here’s the way to be spared our wrath.. You retailers out there selling these weapons. Just. Stop. Others have taken the lead. Join them.

For those seemingly innocent products being sold by soulless corporations, you’re on notice. As long as you are selling these weapons, we aren’t buying your hiking gear. Or anything else.

Sacrifices Are Part of the Hunt

In fact, this whole situation was brought to my attention by one of my soul sister’s who, until yesterday, was a brand representative for a hiking gear company. What happened yesterday? She shone her torch, revealing that this company was owned by one of the manufacturer’s of these weapons. Her sword? She quit.  Sometimes being a witch hunting down the bad guys requires sacrifice. This is nothing compared to the countless innocent lives that have been lost because of these weapons.

Using the Torch and the Sword

While giving up her position was a blow, she knew that to win this battle she had to free herself from the clutches of the enemy first. I’m following her lead. I’m committed to spending my money elsewhere until these weapons are no longer available to civilians. We can win this battle. We have the sword of consumerism. Stop shopping at retailers that sell these products and keep exposing their “innocent” brands. Shine your torch – look in the dark corners to reveal the devils in disguise.




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