Banishing and Binding Those Selling Assault Weapons to Civilians

Banishing and Binding Those Selling Assault Weapons to Civilians March 2, 2018

Hexing, cursing and binding is sometimes necessary to deal with evil psychic corporate forces that conspire against regular people who are simply going about the business of life. These evil forces work their poison in the name of profit. Mass shootings are absolutely horrific. Enough. While this is a very complex issue, I do believe that strategically focusing on those who profit will have a real impact. Choosing where to spread our energy, including money, is one way to rob them of their power. Witchcraft can help, too. The binding spell included focuses on the profiteers. 

The binding spell is at the end of this article. Scroll down to find it. The spell can include the power of the planet Mars. You can read my guide to working with the red planet here.

While the root cause of this tragedy is mired in the toxic waste of the patriarchy, there are ways we can strategically work our witchery to stop the violence while we simultaneously strive for the societal change required. Assault weapons as a target for our spells can help stop the violence. I’ve also had absolutely enough of the armchair activists who love to proclaim their expertise while doing nothing to change things. Be active. Cast spells on your own. Pray if that’s your thing. Protect yourself and your loved ones. We can change things.

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear: I Am NOT Anti-Gun

I’m an  outlaw, back-country sort of witch. I am not in anyway anti-hunting. Nor am I against arming yourself to protect your family and property. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. However, having ridiculous weapons available only makes mass shootings possible while those who profit get richer. It’s a well-established fact that more guns are purchased after mass shootings and that the stocks of manufacturer’s increase in value. Think about that.

Of course there are complex individual factors fueling the actual committing of these crimes. I’ve yet to figure out a way to control the mind of people who I don’t even know. Seems too naive to me to think we can blanket the world with enough good vibes to wipe out individual rage. I’ve thought about this issue a lot. It’s complex. I wanted solutions that could help in very focused ways.

Evil Psychic Corporate Forces

What I am against are the evil psychic corporate forces who work their poisonous trickery. They spin a web of lies and deceit so intricate that it’s almost impossible to suss them out. But I know a thing or two about the things that hide in dark corners. And you know what, lifting up rocks to reveal the nasty creatures dwelling underneath is something I enjoy doing. In fact, I don’t think those insects are horrible at all. What I do think is terrible is the way that some corporations act. They way they hide the true nature of their business by using clever marketing and different names. Retailers that say they are only doing what they have to do to make a buck.

Banishing These Companies

Banishing the influence of these companies includes making choices on how we spend our money. It’s a real web of deception trying to determine if we are doing so. Here’s a couple of tips:

List of companies who have cut ties with the NRA.

Are you earning income from these companies? Many mutual funds, retirement savings plans and other types of investments include stocks in these companies. Honestly, mine do. I have no idea how to change it since my plans are entirely controlled by a professional association. I can’t take out my money and re-invest it. Another example of the hold of the gun industry on all of us.  Read more here. 

Witchery Against Sellers of Assault Weapons to Civilians

Bindings and other large-scale spells are amazing ideas, but in practice they can be problematic. Joining together in a strategic way to bring about societal change using witchcraft is definitely possible. However, these workings need to be focused on the underlying roots of the problem. Changing their symptoms only leaves space for the roots to spread in other ways. Also, large-scale spells can themselves suffer from toxic energy when those involved are not well-protected. It works the same way with our personal ones. You can read more about why spells fail here.

The root of this horrible problem lies in the patriarchal institutions and corporations that benefit from the sale of the weapons used in the shootings. I don’t fool myself into thinking that banning the sale of assault weapons will eradicate the systemic forces that fuel the situation, but it is a stop-gap until the necessary societal change happens. Stop purchasing products from companies involved in making these weapons. Hex, curse and bind these companies. Keep yourself and your beloveds safe using shielding. Build protective grids over the spaces you frequent. Be the force of change.

Binding Cord Torch Spell Against Assault Weapon Sellers

A torch spell is one wherein a created talisman is burned to release the power. A binding spell traps the energy onto a target using a symbolic representation of them to create a tether, known as a taglock. A cord spell is activated by braiding and/or knotting it while reciting an incantation.

This is a simple spell that is highly effective. You’ll be using three cords: black, white and red about 10 inches long each and images of the corporations and people being bound. The black cord is for emotions, the red for actions and the white for thoughts. A black candle for protection is good to have lit during the braiding of the cord. This is a spell can use the energy of the waning moon, but feel free to adapt it for other forces, such as I did using the power of the planet Mars. Or layer both, and other spirits and deities, to boost the power of this spell.

Correspondences: the three cords can be soaked in birch/skullcap potion in advance and these can be burned as incense. Add a protective botanical, such as oak to the incense but not the potion to eliminate the risk of spell blow back.

Keep yourself well protected before, during and after this ritual to ensure it doesn’t boomerang back on you. Do not put yourself into the spell or you’ll be attached to the binding.

Cast a circle if you need to. A minimum of a dish of salt should be placed in the space where you do the spell for protection. This is a spell of emotional witchery: get calm before casting to avoid boomeranging and misdirection. Protection is important since you are calling to mind the harm the target has done to you or others.

A binding cord is created by braiding the cords together while the incantation is recited and the energy of the damage is brought to mind, then directed into the cords. I want to stress here that you need to be in a place where you can call these harms to mind without doing damage to yourself. Use the salt to sever your ties to the energies you conjure within once you’ve deposited them into the cord.

Then the cord is tied around the taglocks, the images used. Finally, the completed talisman is burned to release the spell unto the target. As the talisman is burned, summon the element of air to carry the spell to the target. Envision the goal being accomplished, in this case, it’s returning the pain caused to those who profit from the sale of assault weapons to civilians. Use the taglock to connect to them, wrapping them in the smoke. Once complete, extinguish the talisman. Place on an outdoor shrine to a suitable spirit. I work a lot with the planet Mars, so my talisman is at his little shrine in the woods. All you need is a vivified image or symbol of the spirit. I keep this spell outside my home to be extra safe since I don’t want any of us getting unintentionally trapped in the binding.


By cord of black,
Pain, suffering and trauma I do send back
To those who profit from violence and despair.

Summon the emotional damage done, pour it into the black cord.

By cord of red,
All acts of harm done for their profit are bound to them instead.
No more can their weapons hurt the innocent.

Summon the bodily harm caused, pour it into the red cord.

By cord of white,
To bind them is my right.
No longer shall their profit cause mental pain.
As I weave, so I do claim.

Summon the mental anguish associated, pour it into the white cord.

Once the braid is complete, wrap it around the taglock three times while envisioning the person/corporation being wrapped in the cord, with their harmful thoughts, deeds and feelings bound to them. You can add a piece of birch bark around the rolled image before wrapping the cord around the taglock. When I do a “torch” spell like this I typically stuff it with appropriate botanicals, too. Skullcap would be great, and I would add baneful plants, like foxglove, pennyroyal, etc. If you do this, ensure that you tell them that they are to bind the person.

Tie three knots in the cord once it’s around the picture.

Light both ends of the “torch” on fire. Recite the incantation until the flames extinguish themselves. Direct the smoke to the target, wrapping the smoke around them until they are completely bound. Finish by petitioning your chosen spirits and deities to amplify the spell. If you can’t light the torch on fire, really concentrate on releasing it using the element of air. It’ll still work.

Sprinkle the salt around the talisman to contain it, then rub it in your own hands to separate fully from the working.

Let the talismanic tether continue to breathe so it can really work.  NEVER UNTIE THE CORD. This will break the spell.

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