Where There’s A Witch, There’s A Way

Where There’s A Witch, There’s A Way May 24, 2018

Are you feeling cursed? Pesky neighbors harshing your witch vibe? Maybe that cute guy won’t return your texts? It might even be something more serious, like a job loss or health crisis. Whatever it is, witchcraft can help, but only if you make it SO. Resourcefulness, cunning, resiliency, and acceptance are all key ingredients in a highly effective witch’s cupboard. With these tools in hand, us witches can tackle whatever life throws at us. Where there’s a witch, there’s a way.

Step 1: The Witch Knows She Is Powerful

Many times in my life I have felt disempowered, at least as an initial response. The absolute worst was when my oldest son was randomly a victim of violence that forever changed his life. In the middle of a night in a pediatric ICU ward, my witch’s heart broke through my pain, reminding me that I could make the best out of the situation. It wasn’t perfect, but we found our way through. I did a lot of magick and mundane work. Mostly, I tried every day to stand in my own power. This permitted me to conquer quite a pack of demons, including financial chaos and the public education system. The one thing I know for sure is that witchcraft makes us powerful. We have options available to us that others don’t.

Step 2: The Witch Knows She Has The Solution

Closely connected to belief in our personal (witch) power is the knowledge that we have the solution to any problem that lands in our lap. This is heightened when we work to develop our witchery, through practice and effort. Effective witchcraft requires both. Regularly practicing witchery through learning how to manipulate natural energies and focus the mind helps prepare a witch for anything. Learning transmutation or to how to connect with plant spirits is a transferable skill that we can use in solving complex problems.

Confidence is vital to witchery. If you are struggling with yours, perhaps try this simple spell. For me, being confident in my ability to solve my own problems means that I don’t believe that any deity or entity will ever do my dirty work. To put it bluntly, Hekate (or replace with your chosen deity/entity) can’t do for us what she (they) can’t do through us. We can petition for Hekate’s (insert your chosen deity/entity here) intervention and support, but the real work is ours to do.


Step 3: The Witch Chooses Her Way Carefully

When faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem ask yourself (as a witch) “what needs to be done?” I have learned to stop myself from immediately reacting. If you curse someone out of rage, it’s highly likely that such a volatile spell will end up sticking to you like glue. Exploring the nature of the problem takes time and effort. This may not be an option in a crisis, but training our minds to not react out of fear is a skill that transfers even to the most intense, immediate situations. Perhaps the first step might be to cast a spell for not reacting inappropriately to any situation. Sounds weird I know, but I’ve done it.

Step 4: The Witch Accepts Things “As Is”

The only way to cast spells that work is to practice radical acceptance. This is the voice of experience speaking – I ran in circles for years until I finally stop fighting what had already happened. It’s ridiculous when I think about it. Acceptance is the exact opposite of giving up: it’s looking the monster right in the eyes. If you don’t know what the monster looks like, how are you ever going to slay him? 

Acceptance is the absolute first step in any magickal working. We need to put our energy into solving a problem rather than resisting its existence. When we do this, we clear the path for developing intentions that will lead to the outcomes we desire. Resistance is like spiritual or energetic dirt. We need to be purified from it through acceptance.

Step 5: The Witch Throws Away the Box

Unless, of course, the box is an inventive solution to the problem. Or if you have a hoarding issue like me. You never know when all those boxes will come in handy. Seriously. When confronted with a problem, use that witchy resourcefulness to see alternative solutions. Work at solving the problem rather than obsessing over it. Again, this is mind work that can be developed through practice. Creativity is a skill that can be developed through various activities, mundane and magickal. Once your mind gets used to making things, the neural networks that you’ve established will also work when facing problems. All my time spent making magickal things might be fun, but it also creates a mindset towards original thinking. You might get inspired by my massive list of low cost witchery.

Step 6: The Witch Gets Specific

Returning to my example about rage-hexing, reciting a general oath of misfortune when you discover that your romantic partner has been sleeping with your best friend will definitely not turn out well. What you can try instead is a very specific spell (once you’ve calmed down) that they may know the hurt they caused you first hand. A well developed spell including a great intention, a well-crafted incantation and excellent correspondences may yield just that. There are risks in hexing. You can read my thoughts about that here.

A well-woven spell takes a great deal of planning. Using a spell written by someone else can be effective, but never as powerful as one you create specifically for the task at hand.

Step 7: The Witch Sees Failure as a Challenge, Not a Defeat

So, you did the fantastic spell to no avail. It happens to us all. I’m not going to get all super spiritual and say things like, “it couldn’t have been for your highest good” or “the universe knows what you need.” Honestly, sometimes that’s a load of crap. The night that my oldest son was in the midst of complex emergency surgery, a well meaning friend said, “all things happen for a reason.” I could say I agreed or forgave her eventually, but it would be a lie. Perhaps he would have discovered the guitar without being permanently disfigured and disabled, we’ll never know.

It is him I’ve been thinking about while planning this article. Although I’ve had my share of bad mistakes and random shit storms, nothing compares to what’s he’s been through. He persists. And if you’ve ever wondered where I get inspired from, now you know.

If you lose your job, a loved one or your health, it’s a serious situation. You may quite naturally feel defeated. We all have times that we give into despair. We try to cast good spells and get no where. The witch accepts this, but knows the time will come to work her magick again.

Step 8: The Witch Tries and Tries Again

Brushing ourselves off from defeat or unsuccessful witchery can take a bit of time. Heal yourself as you need to, but always get back at it. Fake it until you make it. Examine why the “thing” happened in the first place. Is there a mundane explanation? Could you have made a poor decision? If it really was out of your hands, remember that even if your attempts – magickal and mundane – fail at the first round, get back at it. It takes courage to do this, but witches aren’t known for being fraidy cats.

Step 9: The Witch Records Everything

Steps 1 – 8 really don’t work without this last one. Writing (or voice recording, one of my fave techniques) every day about your problems and successes/disasters in life and witchery creates your own database. Consult your notebooks when a setback occurs to help guide you with a new solution. I refer to mine whenever some new disaster comes calling. In order to keep great records, we need to develop strong observational skills. The surest way to do this is through a regular writing practice:

If you are new to writing about your experiences, and this seems daunting to you, I recommend starting by setting a timer for five minutes. Write about the most mundane details – what you wore, ate, the weather, etc. – if you aren’t comfortable with writing about your feelings, plans, etc. Whatever you write about, do it for a set period of time that’s achievable. Do it every day for a few weeks. This will become a habit. Before you know it, you’ll miss it when you don’t write. Avoid getting trapped in thinking that you have to write some profound. Just write.

I’m not just talking about events, but also the moon phases, astrological considerations, the weather and other things. We need to correspond these factors to life events.

These are just the notebooks I have on the go right now.

Where There’s A Witch, There’s A Way

I hope life treats you kind and that you never find yourself in the midst of a shit storm. If you do find yourself in a mess, may these strategies offer some help. More importantly, may you know that whatever happens you’ve got the power to handle it. Always remember: where there’s a witch, there’s a way.


Quotes from The Sacred Seven: A Course in Applied Modern Witchcraft.

You can read the entire “A Witch’s Prayer to Hekate” here.

If you are currently in need of healing, you may be interested in my free class on Healing with Hekate. If you had a difficult upbringing, Healing the Mother Wound may be useful.

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