Drawing Down Hekate’s Moon

Drawing Down Hekate’s Moon June 25, 2018

Drawing down Hekate’s Moon is an evocation suitable for any lunar witchery, whether a ritual honoring her or when seeking her favor over a spell. 

Hekate’s association with the moon is probably as ancient as the moon itself, although perhaps the names of both were different. Since the times of the existing historical records to today, Hekate has been identified with the moon in diverse ways. From ancient history, Hekate was portrayed as a night wandering dark goddess to the moon itself.  Throughout the times since, her enduring role as Queen of the Witches has strengthened her as a Moon Goddess. In the twentieth century, Hekate was included in the pagan Triple Goddesses of Maiden, Mother and Crone which were often represented with the three-phase lunar symbol. 


Those witches in Macbeth knew a thing or two about Hecate and the moon.

“Then, earth began  to bellow, trees  to dance
And howling dogs in glimmering light advance
Ere Hecate came.”

                                                 –Aeneid, Book VL

Pale Hekate comes to us late in the evening, under the Moonlight in the blackest darkness. To me, this is the Dark Mother. Primal and fierce. However, Hekate’s many roles are reflected in her connections to the moon. Evoke her as a dark, mysterious force or as a Goddess of Mediation by directly calling upon her as a Goddess of the Moon.

Hekate as a Moon Goddess rules the moon as a mediator, Under World Goddess, torch bearer, champion of liminal places and times, and Queen of the Witches. Using all these ancient citations and my contemporary understanding of lunar energy, I can visualize the Moon as part of Hekate’s domain. While I don’t see Hekate as part of the Triple Moon Goddess paradigm, it’s entirely appropriate to call upon her as part of the trio if that’s how you perceive her. Hekate’s mighty lunar energy can be petitioned, or drawn down, for our workings. Perhaps you can gather with your witch squad to draw it down together.

Hecate: Come, my sweet sisters, let the air strike our tune
Whilst we show reverence to yond peeping moon. – The Witch, Thomas Middleton (17th CE)

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Drawing Down Hekate’s Moon

Below is an example of one way to call upon Hekate as Goddess of the Moon that I’ve used during any part of the lunar cycle, I’ve used the . This incantation can be adapted to just about any working. There’s a lot more that goes into developing any spell than this, but you already know that. In general, any lunar magick is best done outside and at night when the moon’s energy is more easily accessed. Purification of yourself and cleansing of the ritual space (especially when doing indoors or in a populated area) is required before doing the evocation. It’s helpful to have an image of Hekate and to use correspondences associated with her (especially lunar ones). Black, red and white are always suitable. Her hounds are the animal most closely linked with Hekate as a Night Goddess. Read about them here.

This petition begins with evoking Hekate as a Moon Goddess by calling upon several aspects that relate directly to the moon. Then the request is made for Hekate to release the moon’s energy for the use of the practitioner.

Hail Hekate! Goddess of the Moon!
Unconquerable ruler of land, sea and sky!
I call upon You to attend my rite!

Hail Hekate, Goddess of the Moon!
Night-wandering Chthonic Queen!
I call upon You to attend my rite!

Hail Hekate, Goddess of the Moon!
She who reigns over all liminal spaces and times!
I call upon You to attend my rite!

Hail Hekate, Goddess of the Moon!
Divine intervener and mediator!
I call upon You to attend my rite!

Hail Hekate! Goddess of the Moon!
Mighty Queen of the Witches,
I call upon You to attend my rite!

Hail Hekate! Three-Formed Goddess!
Reflected in the moon’s three faces.
Hail Hekate! Key Holder of the Mysteries,
The secrets of the dark moon are Yours.
Release unto me the energy of the moon!

I draw down the energy of Your glorious moon,
I seek Your favor for this working,
My intention is true,
And my will is strong.


I’ve written several articles about Hekate and the moon:

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  • Hekate and the New Moon: the night when the first sliver of the moon returns. In contemporary times, many witches and other practitioners use this time to make magic for the month ahead seeking Hekate’s support.
  • I also wrote about my personal exploration about the meaning of The Deipnon, the Dark Moon celebration of Hekate.
  • For a detailed historical account, read Hekate and the Moon
  • Hekate is a 21st century goddess: Hekate: Guardian, Guide and Gatekeeper



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