Waning Moon Magick: A Spell To LET IT GO Using an Energy Grid

Waning Moon Magick: A Spell To LET IT GO Using an Energy Grid July 5, 2018

The waning moon is a great time for all sorts of removal magick. One type of ritual that is suitable for this time of the month is “letting go”  work. An energy grid is one way to let that s%#t go.

This ritual is created using an energy grid, an altar that is attuned to a specific purpose, that draws down the power of the waning moon for removing all manner of trouble from our lives, plus additional correspondences. The grid is an energetic vessel of the spirits and correspondences used. They are blended synergistically through intention until the vessel becomes the spell which is then released. A grid is a vessel of connection to the deeper energies of the objects included. In the grid below, I’ve included talismans of the waning moon, crystals, and botanicals to amplify the power of the altar.

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