Waning Moon Magick: A Spell To LET IT GO Using an Energy Grid

Waning Moon Magick: A Spell To LET IT GO Using an Energy Grid July 5, 2018

The waning moon is a great time for all sorts of removal magick. One type of ritual that is suitable for this time of the month is “letting go”  work. An energy grid is one way to let that s%#t go.

“Let it go” can be an annoying expression. If I say to a friend that something is upsetting me and they reply with “let that shit go,” I’m likely to feel slighted. And how many thousands of memes include this phrase? Yes, it can be pithy. But you know what? Sometimes we do need to let it go. Here’s one way to do just that.

This spell is created using an energy grid, an altar that is attuned to a specific purpose, that draws down the power of the waning moon for removing all manner of trouble from our lives, plus additional correspondences. The grid is an energetic vessel of the spirits and correspondences used. They are blended synergistically through intention until the vessel becomes the spell which is then released. A grid is a vessel of connection to the deeper energies of the objects included. In the grid below, I’ve included talismans of the waning moon, crystals, and botanicals to amplify the power of the spell-grid.


Read this article on banishing witchcraft before proceeding into this one.

Check out the dates for the lunar cycle in the 2020 Witches’ Wheel Of The Year.

Create disks featuring the waning moon. Smoky quartz to capture the waning moon as you draw it down, then release your woes into the quartz. Draw the energy from the quartz back up into the moon…having a focal point for lunar energy helps to direct the flow.

Let It Go Energy Grid

An energy grid is basically a carefully curated selection of objects that project the properties that a practitioner desires to activate in any working. An altar is a type of energy grid, for example.

I narrow my focus on what I need to let go before setting up the grid and then choose the objects to reflect my intention.

Color: Lots of black since it is very receptive of harmful energy (and doesn’t mind it one bit), including several pieces of hematite.

Candles: I used three black ones, one each for each of the moon disks. One would also work well. The candle on the moon disk-talisman is the connector between the energy of the waning moon and the grid. It is a type of sympathetic magick; the object represents the much larger force (of the moon in this spell).

Incense: frankincense and benzoin

Frankincense: removal magick – release negativity
Benzoin: Great for insight during personal development work. Also connected to the number 7, which is the number repeated throughout the grid.

Waning moon energy symbols: I made a set of disks representing the lunar phases that I use for all sorts of witchery. You can also print images.

Crystals and stones: Hematite and Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz: Absorbs negativity, especially for moods and feelings.

Hematite: Absorbs negativity, especially for thoughts and actions.

Botanical: I used white poplar branches – rebirth, hope, determination. There are many other suitable plants, including elm and birch.

Animal Energy: seagull pelvis amulet for the  liminal spaces, magick, communicating with the elements, deity and entities. Other suitable animal’s include goat and wolf.

Number: 7 Clearing of the mind. I used seven different correspondences and objects in the grid.

Representations of Hekate: keys, strophalos, statue in background. I called upon Hekate to further amplify the energy of the grid.


Waning moon magick can be performed beginning two days after the Full Moon until the night before the Dark Moon.

A candle to strengthen the spell is recommended. Black works best for this type of spell.

Create a waning moon talisman by painting the crescents on heavy black cardstock.

Select correspondences and objects that make the most sense for whatever it is you need to let go of. Add a picture if applicable.This process can be intuitive or based on knowledge of the correspondences and symbols used.

Once your grid is prepared:

Light the candle(s), ignite the incense (if using).

Envision all the objects coming together to create a vessel in which you will release what you are letting go.

See the candle become a conduit for the energy of the waning moon, linking the talisman with the force coming down. It is helpful to be able to see the moon if you are new to this practice.

You will begin to feel the energetic vessel resting just above the physical objects, with the candle infusing it.

Sit with this vessel for a few minutes.

Pour your intention into the empty vessel, feeling the release as you do so.

If you are so inclined, ask Hekate to accept this vessel, now full of your release, as an offering.

She will be well pleased by this. Express your gratitude for her acceptance.

Otherwise, envision the full vessel being drawn up to the waning moon through the candle-connector. Once the candle is extinguished, the vessel is fully released into the waning moon.


Letting Go of Toxic People

keeping her keys banish spell
Use this incantation to activate your spell to banish toxic people.

Take an image of the person and black, red and white string. As you chant each part of the spell, wrap the string in the corresponding color around the image three times. Wrap clockwise for protection and counter-clockwise for the remaining parts of the incantation, except at the end when you seal it clockwise. Knot three times. When completed, keep it outside your home or by a window. Because this is something I get asked about A LOT, I made a video of a proper spell that will definitely remove the toxic person from your life – click here to watch.

Other Ways to Let IT GO

“Bad habits. We all have them. While no one is perfect, there comes a time when our bad habits need to go. Only you can know when the time is right for letting go. When the time is right, a removal spell can help us to let go of our baggage, like bad habits. You’ll need paper, pen, black fabric or black tape, a candle (black if possible) and a black rock. A shovel would be helpful, too. Create your protective circle as you usually do. A simple technique for casting a protective circle is to sweep your space clean with three rounds in a clockwise direction before beginning the spell using either a clean broom or freshly washed dominant  hand.”

Read more: Three Simple Personal Development Spells to do During the Waning Moon


“To the south, the land of fire, burn my pain.

Replace the fire bowl. Pick up the water bowl, hold at heart center. Concentrate on the liquid. Once connected, release your pain out through your breath into the water. Do this three times, then say:

To the west, the land of water, drown my pain.

Pause here to continue to release into the elements. When ready, begin the healing section of the ritual.”

Read the entire Elemental Healing Ritual here.

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