July 10, 2018

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  1. What an awesome article!! You have NO idea how many ‘aha!’ moments you just sparked inside my head and heart with this piece!! Thank you!!

  2. As a non-religious witch, the word to me conjures the image of the older woman living in a cabin at the edge of the village. She is the one people come to for healing remedies and counseling. There are no devils or almighty monotheistic gods, but nature in all its manifestations that guide and empower us.

  3. It is all that! It has aided me in transforming my life so powerfully, it boggles my mind! Years ago, I was forced to start my life over when almost everything was taken away from me. The Craft was all I had. I allowed it to guide me towards a better way of life featuring love, finances and more! I could never leave it under any circumstances!

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