Hekate And September: Beginnings, Endings And The In-Between (Suggestions for Correspondences, Rituals and More)

Hekate And September: Beginnings, Endings And The In-Between (Suggestions for Correspondences, Rituals and More) September 3, 2018

September is the month of the final harvest from the land. Labor Day is connected to Hekate via her role as a champion of the common people, as she was in ancient Greece and Rome and remains today as Guardian of the Marginalized.  The Fall Equinox marks the return of Hekate Chthonia as the Wheel of the Year turns to decreased daylight and our energy shifts inward, towards the emotional depths of the Under World. As we move towards the Season of the Witch, the energy of September offers an excellent opportunity to contemplate endings, beginnings and the space in-between. 

Aster, Globe Amaranth, Toad Flax and Witherod.

My brain works on an annual calendar that begins tomorrow – the first day of the school year. Of course, my heart works on a different one that starts November 1. Then there is that annoying calendar beginning January 1. Perhaps by body works on that one, I know I get motivated to workout after too much holiday indulgence. Back to the present moment, between my brain and my heart calendars, there is an in-between space of September and October. September is the month of endings, when we say goodbye to summer’s splendor, from precious vacations to longer hours of daylight. It’s just as much the time of beginnings, especially for those of us who go back to school or ramp up our work schedules.

Hekate’s Energy and Epithets During September

As a Triple Goddess, Hekate has been viewed since ancient times as one who can see all things, including the past, present and future. As Keeper of the Keys, we can turn to her for wisdom on how to understand the past, live in the present and prepare for the future. The epithet I chose to represent this month is Propylaia, meaning “She Who Stands Before the Gate.” This is the gate of the Under World as Hekate descends from her summer role as Kleidoukhos, Keeper of the Keys, when all the gates of creation of flung open wide. This aspect of Hekate reflects her Upper World energy found in The Chaldean Oracles. Hekate is a complex goddess whose origins reach back to an Anatolian Under World Sun Goddess, so it’s not surprising that she continues to have energetic currents that stretch from the heavens to the depths of the ocean. September is the time when we stand before the gate of the Under World.

Read more about the Modern Hekatean Witchcraft Wheel of the Year here.

Regarding pronouncing the epithets:

You can use various websites that offer Greek pronunciations. While it’s good to listen to these being said, I don’t believe that the modern way to say an epithet in Greek is the same as how the ancients would have said it. Just like the English we speak today sounds much different than that during Shakespeare’s time. I say follow your heart and what fits best on your tongue.

Hekate’s Correspondences for September

Hekate is associated with yellow, including wonderful saffron. 

Yellow and gold are the colors that I associate with September. The sun is still the dominant energy. I’ve been wild harvesting many yellow and golden plants. Soon the first tinges of gold will appear on leaves. Traditionally, gold is the color of the final harvest. Wheat shafts and corn ears are appropriate for adding to your altar this month. Further in the article you can find the yellow and golden hued plants I selected for my altar. Keeping it strictly ancient Hekatean, we can turn to her ancient garden as a guide for selecting botanicals to include in our September witchery:

“In the innermost recess of the enclosure was a sacred grove, shaded by green trees. Therein were many laurels, cornels, tall shoots, and grass, within which grew short plants with powerful roots: asphodel, beautiful maidenhair, rushes, galingale, delicate verbena, sage, hedge-mustard, purple honeysuckle, healing cassidony, flourishing field basil, mandrake, hulwort; in addition fluffy dittany, fragrant saffron, nose-smart; and also lion-foot, greenbrier, chamomile, black poppy, alcua, all-heal, white hellebore, aconite, and other noxious plants which are born from the earth. In the middle, the trunk of a great oak reached high, and the tree’s branches overspread the grove.” – Orphic Argonautica, 4th C CE

Gold is associated with Hekate through epithets, such as one of my favorites:

Chrysosandalaimopotichthonia which means –

Goddess of the Under World Wearing Golden Sandals and Drinking Blood

I really like this as it reflects the liminality of September. We may still be wearing our flip flops, but our minds have shifted to the delicious darkness of the season ahead. This wonderful epithet comes to us from an ancient curse tablet.

Golden epithets from the Greek Magical Papyri:
Chrysopis: Golden Faced
Chrysosandalos: Golden Sandals
Chrysostephanos: Golden Crowned

Incorporate these in your rituals celebrating the lunar events and seasonal change as well as for petitions and personal development contemplation. Maybe even journal about your own inner Chrysosandalaimopotichthonia.

You can read more ways to include the epithets in witchery and rituals here.

Hekate’s Animals for September: Bear is an excellent animal spirit energy for this month. Bear prepares for the months ahead. Connect with Bear energy for guidance on your own plans for the year ahead. Fresh fish are an excellent offering in September as they represent the harvest and her role as a Goddess of the Sea. Read more about Hekate’s Animal Horde here.

Ways to Practice Hekatean Witchcraft in September

  • A ritual seeking her blessing over your career on Labor Day. Read my article “The Workers’ Petition to Hekate” for my ritual that you can follow in its original form or get inspiration to create your own.
  • Bless your beginnings and those of others. For children going back to school, there’s the Ritual to Hekate as Guardian of the Children and for all other sorts of fresh starts, get inspired by my blog about Hekate and Beginnings.
  • Hekate’s witches have long been collecting the plants found near their homes. This month connect to Kirke while wild harvesting local magical botanicals. See below for my tips on making your own bundles.
  • September Dark Moon. Hekateans observe what’s known as the Deipnon on the last/first day of the lunar cycle. Construct an altar of local botanicals associated with Hekate. Honor her as the Goddess of Past, Present and Future and Propylaia. Create a simple anointing oil by macerating locally available Hekatean correspondences like oak or rushes (marsh and coastal grasses) into high quality Greek olive oil. Cleanse and then dress your statue or image with the oil in the traditional way by leaving on the bits of plant matter.
  • September Noumenia. The New Moon is the day when the first sliver appears. The theme for our monthly live circle in The Witches’ Realm is Self Love (not that kind;). Consider joining us (link at the end of this article) or create your own ritual for enhancing self-acceptance, confidence and reliance.
  • The Fall Equinox is about balance. On the day of equality in daylight and darkness, contemplate balance in your own life. Honor Hekate as Key Holder for the Seasons and hail the return of Hekate Chthonia, Dark Mother. Don’t forget to celebrate the new season, perhaps with a Tarot Tea Party like the one I’ll be hosting. I’ll be writing an entire article about Hekate and the Fall Equinox soon.
  • Virgo is the astrological sign for most of September. I’ve been creating an infographic for each sign with epithets reflecting the dominant characteristics of each one.

Botanicals Featured In My September Hekatean Altar

White Aster: Small white flowers. Element of earth, Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Flower of September. Burn to ward off evil spirits. Loads of ancient Greek and Roman aster lore, especially the tale of Astraea. For Hekate Chthonia, to not be haunted by the past.

Witherod: Berries and leaves. Element of air, Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Roman plant similar to the version of verburnum growing on my land was called by Virgil “lenta viburno” which may have meant “flexible tree of the road.” For Hekate Propylaia Enodia, She Who Stands Before the Gates of the Road. Since this plant is ruled by Air, I honored the aspects of the mind and mysticism associated with Gates and Roads. Belongs to the honeysuckle family, part of Hekate’s ancient garden.

Toad Flax: two-toned yellow flowers. Ruled by Mars. Scorpio. Element of fire. I used this to honor Hekate of the Middle World, Torch Bearer, Breaker of Hexes and Remover of Barriers (properties of toad flax aka wild snapdragon).

Globe Amaranth: I honestly don’t know why this is growing on my property. Spent hours researching it. I’m still not entirely convinced that this is what it is, but I’ve consulted with others who agree. The regular amaranth was associated with eternal love and immortality. Was associated with Ephesian Artemis (the one with the bees and the many boobed statues). Ruled by Saturn, also associated with Venus and Mars. Can be linked to Capricorn. I added this for Hekate the Unknowable, the Mysteries. Symbolic of fire, water and air. I focused on the Venus aspects of water, emotional mysteries of love and death.

The herb bundle: mugwort, lavender (french), lavender (sea), saltwort and juniper. Making your own bundles is easy. Choose plants that have rather solid leaves, small or no flowers and have slender but solid stalks. Avoid “flaky” plants with bits that fall of easily. Consult a book for plant properties or follow your intuition. Tie with natural cotton cord (burns well). Allow to air dry for until stiff or dehumidify in the oven at low temp on parchment paper (absorbs water).


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