Welcoming Winter: Elemental Correspondences, Witchery & A Ritual

Welcoming Winter: Elemental Correspondences, Witchery & A Ritual December 15, 2018

Hail Winter, season of earth! To the darkness from which the light returns. To snow, ice and water and the emotional depths of the season. To fire, the waxing sun and the warm of the hearth and good company. To the wintry winds blowing away all that no longer serves. Connect to the energy of the season through exploring elemental witchery, including a table of correspondences and a ritual.

There’s so much attention paid to the joyous festivities during the holiday season that the turning of the wheel of the year to winter often gets overlooked. I can’t help but notice when the first snowflakes start to fall. Those magical flakes call me to the woods where the drastic transition to the winter is well underway. The pond is frozen, the trees barren, and my animal companions are dressed for the season as they forage for sustenance. Such is the season of earth in her early days. This peace shall soon be replaced by raging nor’easters who rage until all is covered in white, bringing with them much destruction. 

The beauty of the first snowfall. Collect snow for all sorts of witchery later on.

The Elemental Magick of Winter

The barren earth holds the secrets of rebirth, what is it that you need to return to her dark embrace? From the fires that warm and the waxing sun, to the brilliance of The Starry Road on a winter’s night, the element of the south is a cold flame this time of the year. Turn to your inner spark for introspection. The winds of winter blow fierce, petition her power to remove barriers and to blow away psychic blockages. Water, whether ice, snow or slush, offers the promise of cleansing and freezing spells.

Winter’s beauty can be as quiet as a frozen pond or as loud as 90 mph wind here on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. The winter solstice may be the astrological beginning of the season, but here the meteorological commencement date of December 1 makes more sense. That places the solstice at midwinter (more or less) which makes more sense for the place I call home. Wherever you are, I urge you to step away from the business of the holidays to welcome winter and her elemental energies. I love studying how the landscape changes with the seasons. It’s striking here, but wherever you are there will also be differences, even if they are subtle. Explore how the elemental forces change before your eyes during winter. Draw these changes into your spells, rituals and practice.

Greeting Winter

I greet the seasons with the simplest approach, by calling upon the elements and their dominant energies in the season. I don’t believe that the seasons begin on their astrological time. They start when they will, whether it’s with the first snowfall or the first taste of arctic temperatures. There’s a change in the wheel that varies greatly based on where we live. The elements to me are the fundamental ingredients in all things magickal. They remind me that the world is enchanted, that it’s up to me to reach out to their energies as they live in the animals, plants, stones and more that seek out the witches’ touch.

Being disconnected from the energy of the elements leads to blocks in our witchery. Taking time to perform a simple ritual that’s about really reaching out to the energy of the elements reinvigorates my witchcraft. I’ve offered a short ritual text below, but the whole point of me writing this article is to remind you to get out and connect with the elements as they present themselves in early winter.

Earth is the dominant element of winter. She calls back her plants and creatures into her darkness. There is much work for them to do during their time of rest. This is the season of root work, of rebirth and introspection.

Connecting to the Elements of Winter

Greet winter with open arms, drawing unto you all her elemental powers. Whether you do this with the sun or under the pale moonlight is up to you. I like to practice this technique at different parts of the day, taking in how the elements vary depending on the dominant energies far above.

Concentrate on connecting with each of the four elements. Reach down into the stillness of the earth, stretch up into the winds, expand your inner warmth out to the sun and The Starry Road, and draw in the snow, ice and water. Feel them combine within you, creating the fifth element of spirit. Spin this spiral outward pulling in all these forces from their material manifestations. Release excess energy into a winter talisman, such as a silver star (one of the dominant colors of the season). Make a simple one from a disposable baking sheet, add sigils and symbols of the elements.

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Table of Elemental Correspondences


Download the Table of Elemental Correspondences from The Sacred Seven:

Table of Elemental Correspondences

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  • JudithAnn L

    This is the perfect way to embrace Winter and all the elemental magic of the season! Thank you for sharing. Love the star, btw.

  • Wolf

    Excellent article! I also feel the pull to step away from the holiday hysteria and go into the woods, or even if it’s just to stand at my bay window and study the bare bones of the forest I live in. Thanks!

  • Chelle Thomas

    Another excellent article! <3 Loving the star! I may have to look how to do one similar 🙂

  • Elaine Kolp

    The call to the elements is lovely; I just used it in my Solstice ritual.