Using Sacred Fires in Witchery

Using Sacred Fires in Witchery January 24, 2019

Connect to the Hieros Pyr, the Sacred Fire, that is Hekate and burns within her witches through incense and ritual. Through the flame, smoke and ash, we work our magick. It is what fuels our cauldron, what lights our way, and what burns away all that would cause harm. Hail Hekate, Hieros Pyr!

The Hieros Pyr

Hekate’s dual torches have been written about and illustrated for over two thousand years. In The Chaldean Oracles, she is called the Hieros Pyr, the Sacred Fire. Moreover, she is described as Anima Mundi, the very soul of the world, in these ancient fragments. It is through her sacred fire that all the material world is birthed and sustained. How very fitting for the Witch Mother to serve this role.

“Thou hallowed fire, weapon of Hecate the road-goddess, that she bears when ministering in Olympus on high and in her haunts by the sacred cross-ways on earth.” – Sophocles, Fragments, Vol. 2 (Pearson, 1917 translation)

Fire wields the power of creation and destruction. It can be a force beyond our comprehension or a quiet spark. Such is the experience of Hekate.

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