Using Binding In Witchcraft

Using Binding In Witchcraft February 7, 2019

Lately it seems like binding spells have gotten a bad reputation. Far from being merely used for cursing, binding is an essential part of all witchcraft, beyond restraining undesirables or compelling a lover. We bind the ingredients in our spells to each other, to objects, to ourselves and others. All witchcraft, at least the effective kind, is spellbinding.

I recently wrote about the truth of the statement, “a witch that can’t hex, can’t heal.” In that article I talked about the widespread misrepresentation of hexing, especially that this type of witchery should be avoided. Binding is often viewed as part of hexing or cursing, but it’s so much more than that. Why is it that this type of powerful witchery that’s been around for thousands of years has gotten a bad reputation? Perhaps it’s because binding magick has received so much attention throughout the centuries where it has almost unanimously been seen as evil. If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that the more evil a form of witchcraft is perceived by the power structure, Christian or otherwise, the more powerful it is. Added to this is that the way it’s portrayed by the power structure is usually an attempt to vilify what works by twisting it into so many knots that it’s hardly recognizable by practitioners of the craft. Those knot spells of ours are mighty, indeed. Terrifying to some.

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Cyndi Brannen is a witch and spiritual teacher, a trained energetic healer, psychic and herbalist. Merging together her training in shamanism, Tarot, past life work, meditation and psychology, she teaches and writes about better living through witchcraft. Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft explores Hekate from her ancient origins to modern understanding through magic and personal development is available now for pre-order from Moon Books. True Magic: Unleashing Your Inner Witch uses the magic of the elements and the three realms to activate your true witch powers and will be available later in 2019 from Moon as well. Connect with her on Facebook or at to learn more about her teaching and writing. Cyndi lives in rural coastal Nova Scotia with her two sons where she can often be found wandering the cliffs or wild foraging plants. She lives what she teaches: fierce love, emotional courage and true magic. You can read more about the author here.

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