Problems With “Sending Energy” And Ways to Practice Remote Witchcraft For Others

Problems With “Sending Energy” And Ways to Practice Remote Witchcraft For Others March 14, 2019

In the ever evolving world of modern witchcraft, requests for remote witchcraft for others hundreds of miles away are becoming increasingly common, especially on social media. While there are problems with white-lighting and vagueness, the practice can be incredibly effective.

Practicing remote witchcraft on others involves directing energetic currents towards a destination, just like all magick does. The ever evolving world of modern witchcraft includes, for many, the practice of various energetic healing methods, especially Reiki. Along with these new methods being employed by witches has come the rise of social media. Together, they have combined into the common practice of distant energy work that is often seen on social media.

However, a lot of what happens with social media energy work is not witchcraft at all, but the requesting and sending of vague positive vibes. As a witch who’s concerned with such things as authenticity, this is problematic for many reasons, especially in the way that these pithy examples can make energy work, thus of all witchcraft, look trite. While I’m generally in favor of accessible witchcraft, these sorts of posts concern me. Those seeking energy may become discouraged and the senders can also lose faith.

Requests for remote energy range from those wanting to recover from the common cold to help with personal transformation. Typical replies include cute memes, declarations of “sent” and images of candles. While there are many witches out there practicing authentic energy work, this sort of cavalier approach demeans their attempts. I’m all for positive support, but there’s a huge difference between sending nice thoughts and really sending energy. Fact is that any reasonably skilled witch can do this. There are also practices the recipient can use to increase the effectiveness of the energy being sent.

Remote Witchcraft For Others Is 100% Real

Way back in the days before social media, I was involved in a distance healing project using email. I was stunned by the accuracy of my own experiences and the reports of others. The scientist in me was fascinated. How did this work? I embarked on a journey to find out that’s so far led me through Reiki, Quantum Touch, Reconnective Healing, shamanism and other modalities. I’ve experienced and witnessed countless examples in the decade that I’ve been practicing witchcraft to help others hundreds of miles away. I’ve been part of large group spells and individual sessions. I’ve seen these techniques perform miraculous feats, but also witnessed them being used in ways that are willfully ignorant.  I’ve experienced and witnessed countless examples in the decade that I’ve been practicing witchcraft to help others hundreds of miles away. I’ve been part of large group spells and individual sessions.

The witches’ mind is often our most powerful tool, sending out energy across the waves to reach its destination.

How Sending Distance Witchery Works

Distance energy works just like spells: travelling over the energetic currents joining all things. These are the “witch waves” our spells ride as they find their targets. These waves are as real as they are invisible, although some of us do see them. The waves connect us to the forces, souls and spirits we work with in witchcraft, often by connecting our spirit-self to these forces. We are made of these waves as well, they comprise our spirit-self. In distant energy work, the spirit of the recipient and the sender connect.

Our energetic self is usually merged with our physical body, so that the energies are combined. In some energy work, we separate from the body, but there’s no requirement for doing this in spells or in sending distance energy. Our combined selves have a unique signature that varies according to many factors, including emotions and health conditions. Many witches are particularly skilled at reading these energy signatures and their fluctuations. When we request healing energy, we’re asking for others – often hundreds of miles away – to alter these signatures. Our human energy field fluctuates based on our health, mood and other factors. What impacts our physical being is felt by our spirit-self. Sending energy across the energetic currents impacts both as well. For those who work with auras, the colors seen are evidence of the general energy signature combined with these influences.

I’m including the image below to demonstrate that humans have an innate understanding that emotions have locations in the body. Sending energy to the regions associated with feelings and thoughts increases accuracy. These physical manifestations are deeply entwined with our spirit-selves. All is one, even when we can’t consciously understand this.


Many factors influence our energy signatures. In this study, participants indicated where they felt these emotions. Read more:

Problems With “Sending Energy”

When we send energy to another person, we use these waves, extending our own energies out into the ether, merging and mingling, pushing it towards the recipient. On their end, the recipient accepts this energy. Their energy signature recognizes what’s going on, absorbing it where needed.

Being Insincere

If we are merely sending good wishes, then let’s say so. In addition to falsely claiming to have sent energy but actually doing nothing, there are several other issues with this practice. All of them undermine both the effectiveness of remote witchcraft and the reputation all of us who practice it.

Lacking Consent

One of the biggest concerns is sending any sort of energy to another without their express consent. For energy work to be truly effective, the recipient must willingly accept it. This gets into a huge discussion about whether it’s ever ethical to do witchcraft involving someone else without their knowledge. I believe there is a time and place for this, but only in very specific situations, such as to reduce imminent risk to the person or when the person’s actions could harm another. Hexing and other forms of offensive witchery are in order in such cases.

Shielding And Passivity

Recipients need to open up to receiving the energy as well, lest their shields protect them from what it is they have requested. There’s a lot going on with real energy work. Remote witchery that works requires the recipient to create a way for the energy to reach them. Those of us sending the spell need to do more than think good thoughts.

Memes Are Wonderful, But Not Witchcraft

A personal gripe I have with the prevalence of online energy exchanges on social media is that there’s the risk of reducing what is a powerful technique to a level of shallowness that is embarrassing to those of us who have an authentic practice. While I don’t doubt that cute memes can lift a person’s spirits , I seriously dislike the banality of some of this so-called “energy sent.”

Always White-Lighting It

Not all situations benefit from sending positive energy that’s white. I seriously dislike the practice of some who are always sending “love and light.” It’s dismissive of what the seeker actually needs. Perpetual white-lighting can be just as toxic as gaslighting. 


Another potential problem is vagueness, whether from the one asking for energetic help or on the part of the sender. Like I wrote in “Witches Are Not Lightworkers. We Are Deathwalkers,” effective witchery is specific. Vague energy work is often done from the perspective that the energy “knows” where to go and how to be applied. There’s also the idea held by some that spirit allies will automatically adjust the energy to where it needs to go. Yes, general energy – like positive vibes – can be helpful. But if what you want is specific, be concise with your requests and strategic with your transmissions.

Reiki Isn’t Witchcraft

With easy access to training like Reiki, many practitioners can easily achieve a certificate claiming their proficiency in energy work. However, performing distance witchcraft isn’t the same as using a New Age healing modality, although there is much we can learn from such techniques. Witchcraft uses spirits, from plants to thought-forms, providing a much more potent source of energy which to send. We have a much bigger selection to draw upon, enabling us to craft remote spells that are effective.


I’ve witnessed this so many times. A practitioner is convinced of their prowess, making others feel incapable of joining in any distance work. While training is great, any reasonably skilled witch can practice remote witchcraft. Isn’t that what almost all spells are? Across all the different techniques I’ve studied and practiced, there are common components that are very similar to the parts of a well-woven spell.

Practicing Authentic Remote Witchcraft

If you want to give and receive remote witchcraft, there are many ways to boost the efficacy of the practice. In general, the more specific the request, the better the results. Incorporating spirits will always strengthen the practice whether you are the giver or receiver.

Receiving Remote Witchcraft

If you’re asking for remote witchcraft from others, develop a clear intention that you share. Setting a time limit, or, better yet, a specific time period for receiving energy boosts accuracy. If you are constantly shielded, ensure that you adjust them to let the requested energies permeate your boundaries. Getting into a calm, but aware state through meditation is greatly helpful. Creating a receptive altar including a containment vessel is a very effective technique.

A bowl of water with corresponding herbs, stones, symbols, etc. as a target for the incoming witchery is most helpful in my experience. Sharing a photo of this in your request gives the senders a focal point. After the energy is sent, direct it towards where it is required. If using the container, wash yourself in the energy. Finish by expressing gratitude. Don’t forget to record your experiences.

Sending Remote Witchcraft

I have, at times, succumbed to the temptation to merely type “healing sent” instead of actually doing some remote witchery. I had a moment of realization a few years ago when I vowed to either not respond or to actually do the witchcraft being requested. The basic technique is to activate your own internal forces, summon the external ones appropriate to the request and then send them to their destination. Just like all spells. Focus your energy flow using a candle, evoking the element of fire. Build an energy grid for specific requests then funnel the forces evoked through it. Create a “take what you need” altar that you make available to those seeking assistance. Mind your own business – don’t go scanning others’ energy unless specifically asked.

A “take what you need” altar comprised of most of the various types of energy commonly requested. Authors photo. Please, take what you need.

I teach remote witchcraft with others in my courses. Learn more at 

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