Wonderfully Hekatean Ways To Celebrate Spring

Wonderfully Hekatean Ways To Celebrate Spring March 16, 2019

Witches, spring is upon us. While I’ll always prefer the glorious darkness of autumn, the wheel has turned. It’s time to lean into the airy wonders of the season of becoming. There’s much Hekatean witchcraft to be worked during the spring, from celebrating her seasonal roles and companions to sowing the seeds for our own Hekate’s Garden. Hail the Hekate of Spring!

Hail Hekate, Her Companions And Correspondences

Here on the Atlantic coast I’ll be leaning into the fierce storms that usher in the seasonal transition. As the winds blow and the rains fall, I’ll be collecting their energy. This is the pure force of Brimo, Hekate at her fiercest.

May those tempests wash away all that bind us. Hekatean energy transitions towards that of the Great Mother, lighting the fires of burgeoning new life. Dance in the delight of the primal mother, whether Hekate herself or through that wondrous goddess closely connected to her, Kybele (Cybele). Go boldly forth as Persephone did upon her return to the Middle World, guided by Hekate and greeted by Demeter. Connect with Circe for practicing pharmakeia. Join this original witch and our ancestors as we dance on the Witches’ Grand Sabbat. Celebrate them all, yourself and the magick of witchcraft by creating your own kroki, a magickal bracelet connected with the vernal equinox.

Turning Hekate’s Wheel of the Year

There’s a great tale from the Orkney Islands where the goddess of the winter sea battles the goddess of the calmer ones heralded in by the arrival of spring. As I sit here writing this article, I can hear that raging Brimo on my left side where the open ocean is and feel the calm of the cove on my other. When the Atlantic ceases to roar, I know that spring has truly arrived. There is a shift in the energy of the landscape and atmosphere.

Spring around here is most reflected by the element of air, the winds of change that blow away the last vestiges of winter. The landscape slowly returns to green. The smell of salt, mud and decay fill the air. Attune with these signs where you live, performing a ritual to honor the element of air and the return of Hekate as life-giver by creating a spring altar to give her wheel a push in the right direction.

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