The Necessity of Baneful Witchcraft

The Necessity of Baneful Witchcraft March 26, 2019

Banishing, binding, cursing and hexing. Some consider these forms of witchcraft “baneful,” implying that these practices are inherently harmful. There are those who avoid these types of workings, instead focusing on “blessings.” However, baneful spells and spirits are a necessary part of witchcraft as a whole. Denying this is dangerous, much more so than working with such fierce energies.

“I’m Saying This Out of Love” Usually Means The Opposite

Whenever I read the words “I’m saying this out of love,” I instantly start to twitch. The comment on a social media post went on…and on…about how baneful witchcraft was completely wrong. Saying all this “out of love” when it was very critical. Of course, it’s a personal choice to engage in any form of witchcraft. The post went dangerously into the arena of toxic positivity by claiming that anyone who feels they’ve been cursed is letting this happen to them. It continued to say that hexing and binding were wrong, proclaiming that “blessings” were the only acceptable form of witchcraft. This post got me to thinking about why baneful witchery is necessary.

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2 responses to “The Necessity of Baneful Witchcraft”

  1. An excellent post. To think that we can do anything, magic or non, and it won’t affect anyone else is illogical.

  2. I think the idea that baneful magick is seen as “bad” stems partially from ignoring that we live in a world of duality. There will never be only light. Dark and light are conjoined twins. The nature of our realm is such. Bad are not ever going away. People who abuse and exploit, will always be here. Just like martial artists can use their amazing training for defense, they are also the same powers that can be used for offense, when the situation demands it.

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