April 2, 2019

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  1. Great article..loved this! I would say..with this list…Atala for sure, and a lot of times Taurakarenos!

  2. Kleidoukhos (Keeper of the Keys)
    Don’t touch anything on that altar. Control freak. Key collection is sorted by color and shape. Best astrologist you’ll ever find. Has a regular appointment with the esthetician. The Keeper of the Keys might seem aloof, but you’ll want her by your side when things fall apart.

    Loads of black eyeliner. Keeps graveyard dirt in the car, just in case. Draws sigils made of blood on everything. Sleeps with a mandrake root. You’re are the Queen of your own Underworld…and you like it that way.

    Those two.

  3. I have a strong affinity for Brimo, Chthonia and Lampadios.
    Of course, being an Aries with a Leo ascendant…

  4. Arístē [ᾰ̓ρῐ́στη] (best)
    Others are just imitators. Has UPG that the Hecate that someone else is worshiping is secretly a name-stealing bitch from the Etruscan pantheon *cough*Diana*cough*. Tells everyone else who the best around is, but should probably shut up about it already, because it is obvious. Cheats on diet plans and messes up spells, because who are written instructions to tell you what to do!?