INNER CIRCLE: Preach To Yourself

INNER CIRCLE: Preach To Yourself December 9, 2022

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SAYING 33: Jesus said, “Whatever you hear with your ear, proclaim upon your rooftops into the other ear. Indeed, no one lights a lamp and puts it under a vessel, nor puts it in a hidden place. Rather it is put on a lampstand so that each who enters and leaves might see its light.”

In contrast to our previous saying, this one seems to advocate for spreading the secret or hidden wisdom as loudly as possible. But, is that really what he’s saying?

Let’s note the progression of the actions here. First, Jesus says that “whatever you hear with your ear, proclaim upon your rooftops into the other ear.”

Does that make any sense? You hear something in one ear, and then you go up on your rooftop and proclaim that message “into [your] other ear.”

So, the instruction seems to be for those of us who have heard or understood the message of truth to go and loudly proclaim that truth…to ourselves. 

From one ear into the other ear, but both ears are your own.

If anything, Jesus seems to be subverting the notion that, once you have heard the message, the first thing you should do is to go out and “shout it from the rooftops.”

In other words, don’t be so quick to switch from student to teacher. You’ve only just heard the message, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have understood it well enough to begin proclaiming it to everyone else. 

The message you have received, if it is true, must first make it’s way into both of your ears, and settle deeper into your own heart, and seep into your mind, and permeate your entire being, first and foremost. 

The most important thing, then, is to become transformed by what you have heard, not to spread it around to anyone and everyone you meet…and certainly not to random strangers who live within earshot of your voice as you shout the message from your rooftop.

This saying, like our previous one, seems to be affirming the importance of guarding the message and preserving it for those who are seeking and knocking, rather than casting it as “pearls before swine.”

It’s also emphasizing the importance of taking the time to marinate in the reality of our Oneness with God and with one another a good long time before we even begin to think about proclaiming it from the rooftops.

When Jesus says, “Indeed, no one lights a lamp and puts it under a vessel, nor puts it in a hidden place. Rather it is put on a lampstand so that each who enters and leaves might see its light”, the point seems to be that the flame must first kindle within your own life until it begins to shine forth – silently and unmistakably – to those around you who are still living in the darkness.

The illumination is not accomplished with shouts or with loud sermons, but with the burning of the light of truth within us that catches fire and blazes forth without anyone needing to say a word. 

So, when you hear that breath-taking message of truth that Christ has whispered into one of your ears, proclaim it to yourself; speak it into your other ear, until eventually, that truth begins to spark the wick within your soul and shine forth “so that all who enter and leave might see its light.”



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