What I Will Tell My Children about Billy Graham

What I Will Tell My Children about Billy Graham February 21, 2018

Since the news broke this morning of the death of Dr. Billy Graham at age 99, news and social media have been filled with running commentary about his life and legacy. The world-renowned evangelist may have been ailing and secluded from the public eye for the last few years, but no one has forgotten him. His passing catapulted him back into the headlines, radio waves, and carpool conversations. I haven’t been able to look away. I’ve been moved to tears by hearing a short audio recording of his preaching over the radio and by some of the quotes and photos others have shared. Finally I decided to compile some of today’s outpouring. For you, for me, for my kids one day.

#BillyGraham is trending on Twitter. Facebook posts abound, sharing quotes from his preaching, biographies and obituaries, goodbye letters from his family members. 100% of the coverage (minus disrespectful haters) has been positive.

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