What’s Your Hat? One Teen’s First Sermon Illustration

What’s Your Hat? One Teen’s First Sermon Illustration March 19, 2018
Nate preaching. See the hat?

He had no training, no experience. His introverted personality did not lend itself to the task. But last week, a teenager preached the gospel and saw lives changed immediately.

How did it happen? A large group of teens from McKinney, Texas, descended upon Chichigalpa and Leon, Nicaragua, last week. Their mission: to share the gospel door-to-door, speak to classes, and conduct Bible studies at local (tiny) churches.

The fledgling preacher, Nate, explained how the event unfolded: “Our group leader was telling us how that night we would have a big group of kids over at our host home for a Bible study. We knew these were possibilities, so I had developed an idea the day before, but it wasn’t much. Then Jared (our leader) looked around at our [four-person] team and asked who wanted to speak that night. After a couple of seconds I thought, well, why not? So I said I would. And then I had to really figure out what I was going to say.”

And that evening, with about eighteen kids gathered around the cement-wall, dirt-floor room, and his beloved interpreter, Charlie, by his side, Nate preached this short sermon:

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