Five Strategies to Ruin Your Kids’ Summer

Five Strategies to Ruin Your Kids’ Summer May 14, 2018

Around here, summer break looms close—our kids’ schools let out before Memorial Day. Will we enjoy—or endure—a full twelve weeks of summertime? Several factors play into the eventual outcome, and only one of them depends on the children. Of my seventeen summers of motherhood, some have been more pleasant than others. I’m talking about for me, not the kids, because we all know that if mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy. When mom counts the summer a success, the kids likely do too. And when mom is ready to kick her children out the door on the first day of school (lifting all the hands, waving goodbye then dancing her way back to the coffee pot), chances are the kids were just as ready to escape.

Learn from experience, folks. Preferably, from someone else’s. Let me count the ways I have sabotaged what could have been a fabulous summer. If you too want to ruin your children’s summer, try these:

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