Plants, Puppies, and Parenthood

Plants, Puppies, and Parenthood July 12, 2018

“The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field. . .” (Psalm 103:15).

Time is tricky. I’ve been reminded lately that life plods along while simultaneously galloping down the stretch. Perhaps it’s a product of being forty-something, when my oldest child anticipates his senior year of high school while I’m having lunch with old high school friends of my own. I might not feel old enough for this stage of life, but the number of my age reveals how many years are gone. Do I have anything to show for all that time? What sort of memories will carry me into the future? Have I made the most of my moments?

I think the key to that question is the word “moments.” Memories are made in snapshot moments that imprint an emotion into our psyche. They don’t have to be grand or exaggerated. God (and a few friends) reminded me that temporary wonders are still wonderful. Beauty that lasts for a moment is still beautiful and worth savoring. Nature bursts with examples.


My hibiscus has been blooming almost daily for the last few weeks. As a perennial plant killer, I’d never attempted to own such a delicate flowering plant before, but my husband had bought and potted it on a whim one day. We gave watering responsibilities to our pre-teen daughter, and under her care it has thrived. After repeatedly posting photos of the peach and red blooms, I apologized to my Facebook friends for all the flower pics. Every response? Keep posting! We love them!

Some folks shared their own flower photos. We sometimes marveled over the intricate detail of each bloom, or the hardiness of seemingly delicate petals in the Texas heat. One friend’s comment struck me: “The craftsmanship in just one blossom and poof! It’s gone.”

That reminded me of our “puppy summer” last year.

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