A New Season Brings New Life

A New Season Brings New Life September 24, 2019

It’s fall, my favorite season of the year. Even if it still feels like summer, I can anticipate the lovely coolness to come. The Mathews household is excited more than usual this year: so much newness to celebrate! We are awash in the happy hormone. Just five days ago, our chocolate labrador, Cocoa, presented us with ten chocolate-colored puppies. This is her third litter, and usually she includes a dash of vanilla, but this group stuck with the rich dark hue. Eight boys, two girls, and infinite smiles and coos. We are all in love and can’t wait to hold and play with them for the next few weeks. Stay tuned for future cuteness overload.

Count’em! Can you find all 10?


Barely a day old, snuggling close to mama.


Yes, they are AKC and we do sell them to families who will love them as pets and family members. We partner with Branam Labs, a nationally-respected breeder with a beautiful line of chocolates and silvers.

Two days old in their favorite place  

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