Advent Is Not for Sissies: a Review of Fleming Rutledge’s New Book

Advent Is Not for Sissies: a Review of Fleming Rutledge’s New Book November 27, 2018

All summer, I itched to get my hands on Rutledge’s latest offering, Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ. As a former Catholic, I grew up practicing the liturgical church calendar. The rhythms of church seasons were formational in my early spiritual life. When I transitioned to a Bible church and eventually to the Baptist tradition, those rhythms ceased. I didn’t miss them, but I still paid closer attention to Lent and Advent than did my lifelong evangelical friends. In recent years, those seasons of church life have enjoyed a renewed focus within evangelicalism and Rutledge has much to offer the church universal with her explanation of Advent’s theology, focus, and relevance today.


This book was a joy to read. Find the rest of my review at Fathom Magazine.


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