Prophets in Our Hometown

Prophets in Our Hometown June 15, 2020

For the next few months, I’m turning over my blog to my friends of color, Black women whose voices deserve a wider audience. Each of them is seminary-trained, adept at reading and interpreting the Bible’s message of dignity, truth, grace, and justice. I’ve given them permission to write about anything, not just racially-charged topics, though those are welcome too. I pray you’ll welcome them with listening ears and soft hearts. Check out their blogs, follow them on social media. They are amazing women.


Sharifa Stevens

Today, meet Sharifa Stevens. Sharifa is a daughter of Jamaican immigrants, born and raised in New York, currently residing with her family in Dallas, TX. She is a conglomeration of intersections: Bronx wisdom and prep-school understatement; smoke shop Now-and-Laters and church peppermints; hip-hop and hymnals. Sharifa graduated from Columbia University in New York with a bachelor’s in African-American Studies, before earning a master of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Intersections can be deadly, holy, unifying—rife with opportunity and movement. Sharifa hopes that her writing is a vehicle towards fostering the sacred and the honest. Sharifa is married to a Renaissance man and is mother to two vivacious boys.

Her post today was originally published May 12, before the death of George Floyd, which became a catalyst for the protests against police brutality we continue to see across the nation.

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