‘Sanctified Sexuality’: A Needed Book for Our Times

‘Sanctified Sexuality’: A Needed Book for Our Times August 31, 2020

The book title, Sanctified Sexuality: Valuing Sex in an Oversexed World, is also the theme of the book. Drs. Sandra Glahn and Gary Barnes bring together more than twenty Christian experts in relevant fields of study—such as biblical languages, counseling, theology, and medicine—to discuss many of the most challenging and controversial sexual issues that Christians face. Sanctified Sexuality provides an ideal handbook for Christian leaders who want to promote healing in one of the most crucial and debated aspects of human identity.

Engaging contemporary as well as ancient cultures, the authors unite to celebrate human sexuality and provide reliable biblical answers about sexual ethics. Protestant and Catholic thought leaders address such issues as the theology of the human body; male and female in the Genesis creation accounts; abortion; celibacy; sexuality in marriage; contraception; infertility; cohabitation; divorce and remarriage; same-sex attraction; and gender dysphoria. The reader encounters uncompromising scholarship, able advice, and gracious engagement in every chapter. Each chapter closes with questions for individual reflection or group discussion.

With permission, I’m posting a Q&A with Dr. Glahn to give readers the author/editor’s perspective on why and how this book came about.

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