Will Suicide Bombers Blast Donald Trump into the White House?

Will Suicide Bombers Blast Donald Trump into the White House? March 23, 2016

Muslim suicide bombers of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) killed 130 people and injured almost 400 on November 13 last year in Paris, France. And yesterday, they killed 31 and injured 270. This increase of attacks on Europe worries the U.S. because it could happen here, too. Such activity favors Donald Trump being elected as the next president of the USA in November.

Three candidates remain in the race for the Republican nomination for president: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. Trump has an overwhelming lead that seems insurmountable after yesterday’s primaries. And Hilary Clinton appears to be a shoe in by defeating Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

It appears that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for U.S. President. He may not get the required number of delegates in the primaries, but he will be close. However, the party could try to select someone else at the convention this summer. If that happens, it likely would damage the Republican party’s future.

So, it looks like it’s going to be Donald Trump as the Republican nominee and Hilary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. Although Clinton has been the U.S. Secretary of State, Trump is much stronger than her on border security and overall protection of U.S. citizens. Although I have blogged about how I think Trump is not a presidential person, who I think would be a poor model as U.S. President, I do think his two main points about U.S. security have some merit. They are: (1) building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, and (2) a tougher policy regarding Muslims. Trump first called for not allowing any Muslims to immigrate to the U.S. I wouldn’t go that far, not up to now. But today, Trump also called for surveillance of Muslims in the U.S.

Now, there are many Muslims in the world who are peace-loving people and therefore do not advocate violence against people of other faith traditions. And many Muslims have lived peaceably with neighbors who have other religions. Nevertheless, there is a problem with the Muslim holy book. And Egyptian President el-Sisi, a Muslim with a strong family background of Muslims, made an important speech at the most Muslim university in Egypt last summer calling for a revision of the Qur’an because of this very issue.

Some readers of this will strongly object to my advocacy of a stronger U.S. policy toward Muslims. But I have blogged multiple times concerning radical Muslims and organizations of them, such as al-Qaida and ISIS, that the world needs to focus more attention on the source of this radicalism, which is the Qur’an. (In Archives, see especially my posts on 12/9/15 and 1/11/16.) There are several very disturbing verses in it that call for physically fighting and warring against people who reject Islam, and it even names Christians and Jews as such people. “Cut off their heads,” it says. So, that’s why ISIS fighters are beheading people–they’re simply following the Qur’an.

When I write about this, I sometimes get comments by people who then cite violence in the Bible. I think the circumstances are quite different. For one, Jesus taught turning the other cheek, loving not only your neighbor but your enemies, thus doing good to those who persecute you and despitefully use you. Of any famous religious leader in all of history, Jesus was the greatest example of non-violence.

And what about Donald Trump calling for a wall on the entire U.S.-Mexico border? Many say it won’t work, that illegal immigrants will still find a way to overcome it, such as with tunnels. But Israel has been very successful keeping out Palestinian attackers with its West Bank Security Barrier. I say if Israel can do it, then the U.S. can too. And if the White House gets Trump, who knows a thing or two about building things, I think at least that job will be successful. But I’m still not voting for him.

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