Egyptian General Who Destroyed Gaza Tunnels Assasinated

Egyptian General Who Destroyed Gaza Tunnels Assasinated October 23, 2016

Yesterday, militants gunned down Egyptian Army Brigadier General Adel Ragai in front of his home in Cairo, Egypt. He was commander of the Ninth Armored Division that had been deployed in Egypt’s chaotic North Sinai, between Gaza and the coastal city of El Arish, the capital of North Sinai. Three militants believed to have committed the killing were seen with assault rifles in a vehicle in front of Ragai’s home.

For the past three years, ISIS has been seeking to take over the North Sinai between Gaza and El Arish. This assassination of General Ragai is believed to have been a joint operation of Muslim Brotherhood groups and Hamas terrorists from Gaza. Ragai apparently was targeted because his Ninth Armored Division had undertaken a campaign to destroy all tunnels under the Gaza-Rafah border. The city of Rafah is split, so that part of it is in the Gaza Strip and the other part is in Egypt’s North Sinai. These sophisticated tunnels are important to the survival of residents in the Gaza Strip for the smuggling of materials, and weapons are included.

It is getting more difficult for Egypt to hold onto its coastal region between Gaza and El Arish. Eight days ago, a gun fight broke out at a southern Gaza border checkpoint in which twelve Egyptian soldiers and fifteen militants were killed. And yesterday, an Egyptian court upheld the 20-year prison sentence of Egypt’s former President Mohamed Morsi (reign: June/2012 to July/2013) of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in the Gaza Strip in the 1980s.

I blog about this turmoil in the North Sinai because, as I state in my book, Palestine Is Coming: The Revival of Ancient Philistia (1990), I believe a Palestinian state will be established on the coastal plain south of Tel Aviv and Israel will keep the West Bank. As my subtitle indicates, I think this Palestinian state will include coastal territory south of the Gaza Strip in Egypt’s North Sinai. Why do I think all of this? As I state in my book, I believe it is indicated in some biblical prophecies, especially Isaiah 11.4 and Zechariah 9.5.

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