Satanic Stuff in Today’s News

Satanic Stuff in Today’s News March 2, 2018

Russian Missile Satan 2

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech Wednesday in which he claimed that Russia has developed a new generation of a hypersonic ICBMs that can reach almost anywhere in the world and avoid radar detection and thus being shot down by defensive missiles, of which the U.S. is the world’s leader. He said they have done this because the U.S. has been supplying some of it allied nations with these anti-missiles. Putin named these new weapons RS-28 Sarmat. NATO calls these new nukes Satan 2. One thing new about it is that he said it is nuclear-fueled.

In Putin’s speech, he made a veiled threat against the U.S. regarding these weapons. He said that because of them, the U.S. will no longer dismiss Russia as an important nation. He said of the U.S., “You will listen to us now.” He boasted that a single missile RS-28 Sarmat missile could completely destroy an area the size of France or Texas in the U.S. The only thing about this threat is that Putin’s claims could not be verified.

Jared Kushner and 666

U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner continues to be engulfed in troubles such as a lack of security clearance in the White House even though he is the president’s primary liaison person for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as the Middle East in general. Jared Kushner is believed to be compromised due to his having purchased some time ago on behalf of Kushner Companies a 50% stake in an office tower located at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhatten, New York City, that has turned into a serious financial liability for the Kushner family.

Special counsel Robert Mueller–who is conducting an FBI investigation into Russian meddling in our election process and possible colluding of Trump operatives in it–is looking into Jared Kushner having used his White House influence in borrowing two huge loans of over half a billion dollars to keep the 666 property afloat. Worse yet, it is now being reported that he earlier was rejected of a loan request by the Middle East country Qatar and that President Trump then retaliated against Qatar by acquiescing to Saudi Arabia and its allies by imposing a blockade against Qatar.

Kushner should have known better (just kidding), that any real estate property with the address 666 would be a dog. Why? The book of Revelation in the Bible predicts that by applying the ancient practice of Gematria to the name of the future Antichrist, who will be Satan’s supreme man, adds up to the total number 666 (Revelation 13.18).


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