Trump Is Dumber than a Stick!

Trump Is Dumber than a Stick! July 22, 2018

U. S. President Donald Trump says he’s “a stable genius” in response to questions about his psychological well being. I beg to differ. He is a classic narcissist and thus a psychologically sick man. This really gets him in trouble as president of the leading nation of the free world. He claims he is going to Make American First; but in reality, I think he is trying to make Donald Trump First.

This scenario was played out loud and clear by Trump’s activities and pronouncements during the past ten days, when he traveled to Europe, trashed our European ally nations, held a lengthy and private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and then a most devastating (for Trump) joint press conference with Putin. Trump looked like he was a Russian, not an American. Ever since, he has been backtracking, trying to clean up his mess without convincing many Americans.

Trump is dumber than a stick because he decided to enter the race for U.S. president even though he had such a history as a womanizer and shady business tycoon. Both of these have now landed him in trouble with the law, and who knows about his marriage. We don’t know how all of this will turn out. It could be pretty bad, so that Mr. Trump will regret ever having become president.

Trump is dumber than a stick because he does not read books. If you don’t read nonfiction books, you can’t be very smart. Books are knowledge. It’s mostly only experts who write nonfiction books. Publishers don’t publish books written by dummies. Publishers are in business to make money, and when people want to learn about subject, they want to know what the authorities on that subject say. Authorities who write books are people who spend their lives learning about the things they write about it. Every time we drive past a library, we are passing a reservoir of knowledge.

Yeah, Trump says he wrote The Art of Deal. His author, Tony Schwartz, says that is a lie. He says Trump didn’t write any of it. Schwartz says he wrote the book and Trump approved of the manuscript. Schwartz says he’s not sure The Donald even read it.

Trump may be dumber than a stick because he has invoked a trade war with not only China but our allies including Canada and Europe, claiming they all treat the U.S. unfairly in trade. Most of that is questionable, since the U.S. pays only 2.1% in tariffs whereas Canada and Europe pay nearly a 1% more. Trump says, “trade wars are easy to win.” How does he know. So, he puts it as though its a game or sporting contest. Being a golfer, he knows full well that in golf tournaments, there are not only winners but losers also. Thus, in a trade war, there usually are losers. A trade war helped propel the U.S. in The Great Depression. Ouch!

Plus, as is so often the case with Trump, he makes such statements as if he is an expert, and most of the true experts–people who are professionals–disagree with him. Most authorities on trade, such as professors and CEOs of multi-national corporations, contend that trade wars are not good. For example, they say it would be much better if Trump would work more conciliatory in trying to get China to stop stealing the intellectual property of American businesses and do so through the World Trade Organization (WTO), which Trump also trashes. Yet Trump has no experience whatsoever in conducting trade wars. He talks like he’s won a few and yet he’s never even played the game.

Trump is also dumber than a stick for constantly criticizing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of supposed Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election. He does it all the time, especially on Twitter. I think such acts could be used against him legally as obstruction of justice.

President Trump is also dumber than a stick for repeatedly saying the U.S. media is “the enemy of the people.” That’s what a dictator says, not the president of the greatest democracy in the land. If he keeps on with such rhetoric, I think a large majority of Americans could turn against him and call for his impeachment in Congress. But he seems to be doing such things to win over more people to his side in an effort to get Congress to extinguish the Mueller investigation. In reality, narcissist Trump says this, and identifies so much churned out by the press about him as FAKE NEWS merely because it either disagrees with him or criticizes him.

Trump’s wall that he wants to build is already built–in his head. His antipathy toward the press is due to his psychological illness. Narcissism builds a wall against objective thinking. But the newspapers, magazines, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC News will all still be here after Mr. Trump exits the White House; then let’s look back and see if Mr. Donald Trump was right, that these are “the enemy of the people” that turn out FAKE NEWS.

Trump is dumber than a stick because he has been a notorious liar, apparently all of his professional career. Due to this, top lawyers refuse to represent him. The reasons are obvious. How can a good lawyer represent a client who lies all the time? Also, it would hurt the lawyer’s reputation and that of the law firm with which he or she works. And Trump hiring Rudy Guiliani as his lawyer and sort of spokesperson is turning out to be a farce. Rudy has only gotten The Donald deeper in quicksand. I think Trump’s legacy will be him saying, “So sad, no good lawyers.”

Trump is dumber than a stick in that Michael Cohen was his “fixer” as his “personal lawyer” for the past ten years, yet since Trump became president he has distanced himself from Mr. Cohen. Worse yet, Cohen–who once said he was so supportive of Donald Trump that he would “take a bullet” for the man–reportedly begged Trump to give him a job/position in the White House, and he didn’t. That is so dumb because Cohen apparently has the goods on Trump. The FBI raided Cohen’s places to get millions of documents, emails, etc. regarding communications and business dealings between Cohen and Trump. Friday, it was reported that among this cache there is a tape recording of Cohen and Trump discussing one of the alleged affairs Trump had without Trump knowing Cohen was taping them. When The Donald learned of this recently, he reportedly said, “I can’t believe Michael did that to me.” Moreover, there may be lots more such tape recordings between Cohen and Trump that the FBI has.

That is also dumber than a stick because it is hypocritical thinking. Trump himself has a reputation for making tape recordings in conversations with people without them knowing it. In fact, after he fired James Comey as his FBI Director, Comey released notes of conversations he had with Trump. Trump then accused Comey of lying and threatened him by saying, “there may be tapes.” Trump never said he taped any of those conversations and still has not said so. It appeared to be a bluff. Trump also does that a lot when he makes his many threats. Take for example the dozens of women who spoke out during Trump’s presidential campaign by saying he groped them unwantingly or otherwise made sexual advances against them. Trump then declared multiple times that it was all lies and threatened to sue every one of them, which he has not yet done. When it comes to them telling lies or Trump doing so, who do you believe?

Trump also said of Cohen taping him that it is “inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client.” Wow! No more inconceivable than many things Donald Trump has done in his professional and personal career. Why did Cohen do that? You don’t have to be “a stable genius” to figure it out. Cohen obviously didn’t totally trust his client and therefore did it to legally protect himself.

After the FBI raid on Cohen, Trump also said of the possibility of Cohen cooperating with the Mueller investigation and another by the FBI’s Southern District of New York, called flipping, “most people will flip if the Government spares them punishment. I don’t see Michael doing that.” I think that’s wishful thinking. Cohen reportedly had been complaining for weeks after the raid that he wasn’t hearing from Trump, expecting to Trump to phone him and sooth his worries perhaps by promising he’s grant him a presidential pardon if he winds up in prison. Thus, in recent days Cohen has indicated that he has changed his mind and therefore appears to have flipped. It looks like Tump really blew it there.

Trump is dumber than a stick in his constant tweeting. He does it almost every day and multiple times per day. Many of Trump’s Republican supporters are saying they wish he’d quit tweeting. Why? He constantly sticks his foot in his mouth by looking so unpresidential when he kicks up these tweet storms. Furthermore, everything Trump says and writes publicly can be used against him in a charge of obstruction of justice in the government. I think he obstructs justice constantly.

The biggest thing that now makes Donald Trump dumber than a stick is that his strategy is to turn the American people against the Mueller investigation into alleged Russian meddling in our politics and thereby pressure Congress to end it. That looks to me like obstruction of justice in itself. Like trade wars, Trump must think war with the special counsel is easy to win. He has even had lawyers that told him that, but they are gone. Trump claims he has uncanny tuition, and this is what apparently causes him to often reject the advice of his White House Cabinet members, other aides, and perhaps his lawyers.

Instead, Trump should have followed the advice of a non-professional, Ivana, his ex-wife. When he decided to run for president, she said he has a lot of money, good health, and that in his old age he should just go enjoy his life by playing golf all the time.

It’s not too late, Donald. You can still resign the presidency. I doubt it would clear you of all these troubles you’ve gotten yourself into. But I think it would be smarter than the path you are taking, which is, to say it one more time, DUMBER THAN A STICK.

(I call Donald Trump “dumber than a stick” because he has it coming for so arrogantly claiming that he is “a stable genius” whereas he is desperately lacking in wisdom due to his pride. Why do I speak out in this blog so much against President Trump? I actually wish him well in his job as our president. But it ain’t happening. And it’s getting worse. He is throwing our nation into a crisis. Yes, U.S. voters had become increasingly divided politically before Trump entered the White House. But he has exacerbated it enormously. I think therefore that Americans should stand up and be heard in an effort to preserve our democratic values and our reputation as “the shining city on a hill.”)

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