Did Trump Know His Team Did No Collusion?

Did Trump Know His Team Did No Collusion? January 21, 2019

I’ve been trying not to post about the White House lies. (I call it “the Black House.”) But the last few days just strain credulity as never before. The Trump-Giuliani team lies like a rug.

All the time Donald J. Trump has been the U.S. president, he has publicly stated repeatedly, “no collusion.” Sometimes, he explained what he meant. He would say there was no collusion between him or his political operatives and Russians representing the Russian government in an attempt to get Trump elected president. Of course, the reason he has done this is that there is a special counsel, Robert Mueller, investigating this very question, and Mueller may be close to issuing his report about it. The closer he gets, the more the lie-ing rug moves.

Anyone who believed Trump about “no collusion” was a fool! It was a great big lie! Thousands of people worked for Donald Trump on his political campaign to get him elected. How could he have possibly known what all of those people were doing all of the time? It’s ludicrous! So, he could not have known there was no collusion. About all he could have known was that he himself did not collude. But I suspect he did.

This weekend, Giuliani admitted for the first time that some members of Trump’s team may have colluded with the Russians. That is obvious to me why he said that. He’s retreating from the almost two years of Trump saying “no collusion” because he, Giuliani, and Trump know that Mueller has solid evidence that some members of the team colluded. There is a pattern here: Trump and Giuliani are backtracking their lies when they know Mueller has the evidence to prove they are lies.

Giuliani now says, “I never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign.” And he added, “if the collusion happened, it happened a long time ago.” Oh, that really helps! The election campaign was a long time ago, as if there is a statute of limitations about it so that the president can no longer be charged with such a crime.

This soap opera goes on and on. But it’s about to explode when the Mueller report issues. Except for one thing–will we the public get to see it. That is a worrisome question in my opinion.

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